Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence Brides Residence
4/9/1925 Adams, James E Baltimore Bohmer, Ethel
11/11/1925 Ball, Charles J Baltimore Beck Mae E
8/1/01925 Becker, Otto C Baltimore Phillips, Margaret H
6/25/1925 Bennett, Stewart J Baltimore Phelps, Rose E
12/25/1925 Breitschubert, Geo Baltimore Foneilau, Elizabeth
7/13/1925 Burton, Benjamin C Baltimore Mundy, Henrietta
4/30/1925 Busch, Emil Baltimore Johns, Ethel
9/30/1925 Curry, William Howard Church-Baltimore Wolfe, Myrtle D
1/27/1925 Dudley, Bernard Baltimore Popp, Anna
5/12/1925 Eackles, Charles Baltimore Heck, Dorothy
11/10/1925 Fisher, Earl L Baltimore Masel, Marie E
10/3/1925 Goetz, Henry J Baltimore Schelee, Minnie
11/1/1925 Hohman, Conrad Baltimore Pibb, Emelia
1/16/1925 Icenroad, John W Baltimore Heck, Marie C
4/13/1925 Johnson, Elmer Baltimore St Clair, Bertha
10/7/1925 Klausmeyer, Walter J Baltimore Mietzer, Elsie D
3/28/1925 Kline, Edward F Baltimore Knocke, Naomi
12/23/1925 Konig, Ernest Baltimore Kiebler, Estella
11/26/1925 Ledley, Daniel H Baltimore Shanagle, Mamie J
5/30/1925 Meyer, William Baltimore Knochel, Matilda
9/25/1925 Pfluger, George F Baltimore King, Margaret A Washington DC Washington DC
1/14/1925 Pugh, John J Baltimore Hogan, Anna C
9/15/1925 Richardson, Clarence D Baltimore Lacker, Louise
11/7/1925 Roberts, James C Baltimore Selrage, Margaret I
8/29/1925 Robinson, Alfred Baltimore Costner, Ida E
12/24/1925 Simpson, William L Baltimore Lasky, Anna
4/8/1925 Stallknecht, John E Baltimore Eberling, Eleanor
10/22/1925 Steimer, Frederick Church-Baltimore Kibler, Evelyn
10/17/1925 Stout, Elmer T Church-Baltimore Roberson, Ethel
11/10/1925 Woodhead, Leonard H Baltimore Echoff, Catherine D Sparrows Point
8/10/1925 Wreylass, George W Baltimore Trailer, Evelyn A

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