Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence
9/4/1920 Breedon, Emerson Baltimore Enders, Madeline M
3/12/1920 Brewer, Earl A Baltimore Haddaway, Hazel
10/7/1920 Burn, Frank Baltimore Crawford, Mildred P
1/6/1920 Dassler, Herman Baltimore Moon, Susan A
12/2/1920 DePlo, Rocco Baltimore Kerieiro, Mary
4/12/1920 Eisenhauer, Louis P Baltimore McLaskay, Mary E
1/5/1920 Gurbelski, Joseph P Baltimore Kucharski, Mary
7/11/1920 Haines, Edwar F Baltimore Triany, Virginia S Cleveland
2/4/1920 Hartlove, James H Baltimore Groves, Malbe I
9/16/1920 Hartman, Paul C Baltimore Meyer, Lucy
12/27/1920 Heinmiller, George C Baltimore Steinmetz, Grace E
4/4/1920 Hubroeck, Peter Baltimore Fiechley, Lilliam
2/29/1920 Icenroad, Charles Baltimore Kahler, Mary
6/4/1920 Jones, Wilford C Baltimore Hamilton, Lydia L
9/1/1920 Murch, Herman Baltimore Schafer, Edith K
8/17/1920 Phillips, Clarence W Baltimore Betzie, Charlotte S
9/7/1920 Pittinger, George F Baltimore Hedle, Emma
1/9/1920 Poehlman, Anton Baltimore Proell, Elsie
6/22/1920 Prell, Charles Baltimore Hughes, May E
12/24/1920 Sevick, Harry Baltimore Simpson, Carrie
6/6/1920 Starkey, Matthew Baltimore Schutz, Thelma
12/28/1920 Triolo, Michael Baltimore Bernard, Anna
4/4/1920 Wenchel, Lawrence Baltimore Yearley, Irene H
6/30/1920 West, Carlton V Baltimore Surendorf, Anna C
12/12/1920 Wiethierger, Henry T Baltimore Dawes, Augusta
3/30/1920 Wilcke, Enich A Baltimore Liebigott, Frieda H
3/7/1920 Witter, James T Baltimore Richter, Emma M

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