Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name
12/14/1919 Bloom, John L Baltimore Engerhardt, Mary E
10/9/1919 Decker, Samuel Baltimore Gross, Elizabeth
10/3/1919 Fewster, Edward Baltimore Schuster, Margaret E
12/31/1919 Forbes, James H Baltimore Bennett, Viola
11/30/1919 Hohman, Robert J Baltimore Edwards, Fannie M
12/15/1919 Humphreys, Maurice E Baltimore Jones, Hilda M
11/26/1919 Lautenschlager, John E Baltimore Coulson, Ida M
11/19/1919 Monroe, Paton Baltimore Wilson, Elizabeth
11/21/1919 Nies, roland J Baltimore Schmitt, Rita J
4/3/1919 O'Donnell, Barney V Baltimore Moon, Tenna E
12/1/1919 Pfeiffer, John G Baltimore Krauss, Anna M
12/25/1919 Sanders, Linden L Baltimore Buschman, Anna M
10/8/1919 Siller, William J Baltimore Reely, Margaret
10/19/1919 Wheeler, Harry L Baltimore Trabert, Anna
11/2/1919 Whiting, Joseph G Wash DC Dreher, Eva
12/31/1919 Wolfe, Charles J Baltimore Baer, Margaret O



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