Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence
4/20/1936 Fadeley, Clayton Baltimore Becher, Katherine Baltimore
5/16/1936 Boebel, Roland L Baltimore Belzner, Marie R Baltimore
6/3/1936 Maddox, Albert C Baltimore Biedenbach, Mabel M Baltimore
4/27/1936 Gardner, James M Baltimore Carmon, Jesse K Baltimore
6/27/1936 Davis, William B Baltimore Fucher, Mary Baltimore
2/15/1936 Latorre, Michael Baltimore Galls, angela Baltimore
6/27/1936 Lups, Casmire Baltimore Hall, Esther Baltimore
6/20/1936 Weber, Henry A Baltimore Herbert, Mildred L Baltimore
6/10/1936 Melvihill, John E Baltimore Hurst, Margaret M Baltimore
6/20/1936 Juaty, Robert E Baltimore Lovejoy, Estelle Baltimore
6/22/1936 Simon, Arthur Baltimore Newberger, Lillian Baltimore
7/3/1936 Bach, Norman E Baltimore Norwood, Evelyn V Baltimore
6/15/1936 Steiner, Carl L Wardour, MD O'Neill, Helen R Wardour, MD
5/28/1936 Mattingley, John M Baltimore Pettit, Virginia V Baltimore
1/11/1936 Hart, Clarence B Baltimore Richards, Doris C Baltimore
3/31/1936 Allen, Gerald H Baltimore Roberts, Ellen Baltimore
3/23/1936 Meyers, Fred Lee Baltimore Sala, Gertrude Sharpsburg, MD
1/18/1936 Mason, Henry Philadelphia, PA Schnaithman, Anna Baltimore
8/22/1936 Beitz, Frederick W Baltimore Snyder, Margaret  E Baltimore
5/30/1936 Witter, William C Baltimore Thayer, Doris K Baltimore
7/21/1936 Mitchell, Jonah Baltimore Thompson, Helen Baltimore
7/3/1933 Bolander, Raymond E Baltimore Thuror, Jeanette Baltimore
1/3/1936 Waseman, Joseph W Baltimore Waseman, Anna Baltimore
6/22/1936 Kavanaugh, Gerald Baltimore Weiman, Elizabeth C Baltimore
6/13/1936 Hunter, Charles W Columbia, PA Yeager, Nancy M Columbia, PA
4/1/1936 Barnes, Henry W Baltimore Ziech, Dorothy C Baltimore

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