Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence
3/10/1934 Strupp, Jacob A Baltimore Beatty, Henrietta Baltimore
9/29/1934 Hammer, John Baltimore Beecher, Mary Baltimore
9/29/1934 Smith, Milton R Baltimore Behulen, Edna M Baltimore
6/30/1934 Blockinger, Oliver Baltimore Blockinger, Carrie Baltimore
6/30/1934 Cohen, Leon P Baltimore Boone, Marie Baltimore
3/6/1934 Ricker, William F Baltimore Borleis, Mildred Baltimore
7/31/1934 Germans, Joseph Baltimore Burns, Katherine Baltimore
8/11/1934 Stanton, Donald A Bronx, NY Clark, Anna M Elaine Baltimore
7/25/1934 Burche, Carl L Baltimore Cody, Frances W Baltimore
6/2/1934 Dieter, John H Baltimore Cook, Florence E Baltimore
2/17/1934 Moler, Howard G Washington, DC Cosato, Josephine D Washington DC
4/26/1934 Finnegan, Peter Baltimore Crest, Margaret Baltimore
5/5/1934 Weidner, William F Baltimore Curnoles, May L Baltimore
11/17/1934 Dargus, Alexander S Baltimore Davis, Ida E Baltimore
5/23/1934 Hahner, Alexander Baltimore Diddlemeyer, Mary Baltimore
8/9/1934 Malcolm, Lovett A Baltimore Ellicott, Maude E Baltimore
12/9/1934 Gerhold, John C Baltimore Eugel, Marie J Baltimore
9/1/1934 Sawyer, Francis N Baltimore Genovese, Dorothy E Baltimore
6/30/1934 Zoran, Leonard Baltimore Goff, May Baltimore
11/24/1934 Neary, John J Baltimore Griffin, Ruth Baltimore
11/2/1934 Rochi, Harry Baltimore Grochowski, Bertha Baltimore
4/22/1934 Finnegan, William A Baltimore Gunther, Elizabeth B Pikesville, MD
1/14/1934 Mantell, George Baltimore Harris, Nora L Baltimore
11/24/1934 Roseneraus, Keith F Baltimore Hartzell, Evelyn M Baltimore
4/3/1934 Gilbert, Thomas J Baltimore Holland, Thelma M Baltimore
4/17/1934 Evans, William R Baltimore Hurgel, Ella Baltimore
6/21/1934 Burger, Daniel L Baltimore Icenroad, Eliza M Baltimore
2/1/1934 Johnson, Hershel Dundalk, MD Iceroad, Evelyn Baltimore
11/24/1934 Driscoll, Russell Baltimore Johnson, Julia Baltimore
6/2/1934 McCullough, Thomas H Baltimore Kessler, Margaret M Baltimore
9/1/1934 Granath, Albert C Rochester, NY Knipper, Genevine Rochester, NY
6/29/1934 Guidice, Paul P Baltimore Kohlman, Louisa G Baltimore
2/23/1934 McDaniel, Ralph E Washington, DC Matheny, Gladys L Charleston, WV
8/4/934 Care, Atroll S Baltimore Oliff, Clara Baltimore
7/1/1934 Griscek, Walter Baltimore Parks, Clara Baltimore
8/1/1934 Mullin, Bernard J Baltimore Phillips, Wilsie Baltimore
9/27/1934 Moore, William H Baltimore Proctor, Doris Baltimore
7/3/1934 Middendorf, Geroge Baltimore Raymond, Nancy Baltimore
12/25/1934 Pettit, Homer T Baltimore Schultz, Thelma R Baltimore
4/7/1934 Isom, Roscoe W Baltimore Smith, Alice K Philadelphia, PA
9/25/1934 Schleeter, Charles  Baltimore Straub, Mildred Baltimore
11/17/1934 Fisher, William Baltimore Vecher, Barbara Baltimore
11/22/1934 Clair, William D Baltimore Walters, Margie M Roanoke, VA
8/18/1934 Ruppert, Charles G Baltimore Winkler, Anna L Baltimore
7/11/1934 Palchei, Joseph Baltimore Wise, Laura J Baltimore
2/1/1934 Credidis, Richard Fort Hayle, MD Zellus, Ann Baltimore
12/31/1934 Phillips, Clayton F Baltimore Zueck, Elsie H Baltimore

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