Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence Brides Residence
7/17/1930 McClelland, Frederick Baltimore Armstrong, Evelyn Baltimore
3/22/1930 Wefelmeyer, Edward Baltimore Aursley, Louise Baltimore
7/3/1930 Pridgeon, George E Baltimore Berz, Agnes Baltimore
4/19/1930 Bryson, Joseph Baltimore Billte, Bertha Baltimore
9/17/1930 Kaminski, Martin M Baltimore Bonkoska, Laura C Baltimore
3/15/1930 Stearns, Otis O Washington DC Boyd, Dorothy M Washington DC
3/10/1930 Morton, Howell F Baltimore Brocato, Frances Baltimore
4/26/1930 Davis, Albert Baltimore Crawford, Ruth V Baltimore
11/14/1930 Sevick, Harry E Baltimore Edelman, Elizabeth Baltimore
5/28/1930 Salomon, Philip Baltimore Fogel, Anna Baltimore
5/20/1930 Annello, Nickey Baltimore Fraizer, Katherine M Baltimore
6/24/1930 Whitlow, Harry E Baltimore Furlong, Evelyn Baltimore
9/20/1930 Waldt, William H Baltimore Gleitsman, Emma A Baltimore
8/14/1930 Magaha, Bernard H Baltimore Hess, Gladys L Baltimore
9/3/1930 Spangenberger, Geo WF Baltimore Hill, Olga E Baltimore
2/1/1930 Campbell, Grover C Baltimore Kachele, Grace Baltimore
12/25/1930 Moran, Charles Baltimore Kenling, Margaret E Baltimore
12/1/1930 Riley, Louis R Baltimore Lombarski, Sentina A Baltimore
4/30/1930 Reely, Orwin L Baltimore Mercer, Helen B Baltimore
5/17/1930 Schmidt, Joseph G Baltimore Miller, Dorothy Baltimore
6/17/1930 Henry, Earl Wilmington DE Parrott, Blanche Wilmington DE
6/6/1930 LeCompte, Harry T Baltimore Redhead, Marie Baltimore
6/14/1930 Bishop, Milton J Baltimore Rogers, Lillian M Baltimore
2/24/1930 Swice, John Baltimore Schramm, Theresa E Baltimore
7/19/1930 Langelis, Robert L Baltimore Sobus, Viola Baltimore
3/12/1930 Deuling, Andrew C Baltimore St Jean, Anna Baltimore
11/14/1930 Tiletsky, John Baltimore Stackowitz, Lottie Baltimore
7/12/1930 Stout, Charles T Baltimore Stampore, Rose Baltimore
9/6/1930 Taylor, Leroy E Baltimore Stancliff, Hazel Baltimore
6/28/1930 Barrett, Richard Baltimore Steigerwald, Sophia J Baltimore
6/5/1930 Tate, Harry H Baltimore Tate, Hazel E Baltimore
7/17/1930 Orem, Francis L Baltimore Thomasson, Edna Baltimore
10/11/1930 Etzger, John P Baltimore Vincent, Edith L Baltimore
10/4/1930 Lewis, Edward G Baltimore Zeman, Elsie R Baltimore

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