Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence Brides Residence
2/7/1929 Chastine, Coates T Baltimore Ambrose, Grace L Baltimore
1/5/1929 Derr, Lewis E Baltimore Bisesi, Pauline Baltimore
1/5/1929 Harding, Horace Baltimore Brocato, Rose Baltimore
4/10/1929 Daniza, James Baltimroe Buddenbohn, Ruth Baltimore
7/27/1929 Rodgers, Paul H Baltimore Cress, Betty E Baltimore
6/4/1929 Warner, Lewis D Edgewood, MD Daney, Irene Baltimore
10/1/1929 Ruhaw, George H Baltimore Deuling, Florence Baltimore
8/6/1929 Kone, William L Texas, MD Ellcott, Hanne E Baltimore
11/16/1929 Crossely, Unit F Washington DC Foote, Dallas M Baltimore
4/4/1929 Winarski, William A Baltimore Hayes, Stella Baltimore
6/4/1929 Moffett, Thomas J Baltimore Hildebrandt, Ida Baltimore
5/10/1929 Hemminghausen, Theo J Baltimore Hines, Sarah Baltimore
8/10/1929 Ege, John E Baltimore Hultman, Ktherine A Baltimore
6/3/1929 White, George J Middle River MD Hurst, Mae A Baltimore
9/16/1929 Herman, Richard Baltimore Ikel, Margaret Baltimore
10/14/1929 Julian, Michael A Baltimore Jones, Beulah Baltimore
10/17/1929 Jarrett, Ralph Baltimore Kuessner, Barbara Baltimore
12/18/1929 Griffith, Frank Baltimore Lacher, Mildred E Baltimore
11/24/1929 Gardner, James H Baltimore Martin, Helen Baltimore
11/23/1929 Bachman, Arthur S Camp Holabird McClelland, Mary Baltimore
10/26/1929 Gelhaus, Frederick L J Annapolis, MD Miller, Barbara A Dundalk, MD
3/22/1929 Wuttenberg, John Baltimore Miller, Pauline H Baltimore
6/3/1929 Arnold, John H Baltimore Nelson, Emma E Baltimore
11/30/1929 Hagan, James P E Baltimore Peterson, Agnes C Baltimore
12/10/1929 Morsberger, Frederick Baltimore Pfister, Elizabeth Baltimore Parental Consent
12/7/1929 Lund, Carl A Baltimore Quail, Dorothy O Baltimore
7/2/1929 Yingling, George N Jr Baltimore Rogers, Minnie M Baltimore
9/29/1929 Fisher, Charles R Baltimore Rose, Mamie Baltimore
9/16/1929 Ferguson, Stanley E Baltimore Schroeter, Amelia A Baltimore
5/8/1929 Roberts, Clyde L Baltimore Sebrege, Elaine Baltimore
11/14/1929 Moore, Joseph R Baltimore Sipes, Regina V Baltimore
7/13/1929 Kirby, Arthur A Baltimore Smith, Margaret E Baltimore
7/22/1929 Zeller, William J Baltimore Snyder, Alice B Baltimore
12/17/1929 Hurtt, Joseph E Baltimore Spink, Dorothy E Baltimore
11/27/1929 Miller, Charles C Baltimore Sturgeon, Myrtle Baltimore
7/13/1929 Donato, Frank V D Baltimore Taylor, Catherine E Baltimore St Margarets
6/19/1929 Smith, Frank E Baltimore Tolson, Clara E Baltimore
9/18/1929 Shaprow, Wesley Baltimore Volz, Cornelia E Baltimore
11/23/1929 Hines, Clarence R Baltimore Vreweg, Marion E Baltimore
12/16/1929 Raeke, Theodore Baltimore Waliefield, Catherine E Baltimore
4/27/1929 Ostrorski, John W Baltimore Walter, Virginia E Baltimore
11/2/1929 Pleinka, Frank P Wilmington, DE Young, Marie C Baltimore


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