Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence
6/16/1928 Bittel, George Baltimore Butler, Virginia A Baltimore
1/26/1928 Wurzbacher, John L Baltimore Disney, Rebecca Baltimore
9/27/1928 Weiterbacher, Martin Baltimore Faitag, Anna Baltimore
2/15/1928 Schultheis, Raymond W Baltimore Gately, Thelma A Baltimore
10/20/1928 Weber, Carl T Baltimore Gordon, Catherine Baltimore
2/10/1928 Laski, Robey Baltimore Harris, Alam E Baltimore
12/25/1928 Kemloms. Eugene Baltimore Hasel, Katherine C Baltimore
2/14/1928 Venalainer, Pete Baltimore Kaivisto, Anna Baltimore
9/2/1928 McCarney, Austuk Blue Ridge Pa Kennell, Hazel A Waynesboro, PA
11/9/1928 Seebeiger, Frank J Baltimore Lockman, Jeannie H Baltimore
6/21/1928 Scheafer, Elmer G Baltimore Matthews, Myrtle Baltimore
10/1/1928 Tabeling, Raphel Baltimore Morris, Araminta Baltimore
12/18/1928 Chawpress, John H Baltimore Noellert, Louisa Baltimore
4/3/1928 Shepperd, Geroge Baltimore Phillips, Emma C Baltimore
4/7/1928 Money, Edwin J Baltimore Rexroth, Anna Baltimore
12/3/1928 Craniblitt, Frank J Baltimore Schmidt, Margaret W Baltimore
10/6/1928 Haver, Joseph M Baltimore Simpson, Antoinette M Baltimore
7/21/1928 Ziegler, Jacot Woodstock Smith, Mary P Woodstock
11/7/1928 Swann, Alton D Baltimore Sobus, Mary E Baltimore
10/31/1928 Smith, Louis Baltimore Spangerberger, Bertha L Baltimore
8/25/1928 Smith, William T Philadelphia, PA Stanley, Clara V Baltimore
12/19/1928 Hutchman, John H Baltimore Wehland, Matilda Baltimore
6/21/1928 Parris, Rufus O Baltimore Yeager, Ethel M Baltimore

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