Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence Brides Residence
12/31/1924 Connors, Thomas s Aponyok, Antoninette Baltimore Baltimore
9/25/1924 Winfield, Charles Leo Biedenback, Margaret Baltimore Baltimore
8/30/1914 Treidel, George J Briddenbohn, Edith Baltimore Baltimore
2/23/1924 Gross, Joseph Parsonage Collins, Anna M Baltimore Baltimore
8/7/1924 Ross, Levin G 1301 Janes St Cornelius, Lois A Baltimore Baltimore
8/16/1924 Segal, Max Parsonage Goldstein, Serena Phila, PA Phila, PA
6/12/1924 Snodgrass, Stanley S Parsonage Hellwig, Rose Baltimore Baltimore
12/10/1924 Holler, Harry J Holler, Marie J Baltimore Baltimore
12/31/1924 Grove, Robert M Kennell, Mayola G Hanover, PA Waynesboro, PA
12/28/1924 Koerber, William P Lilley, Bessie Baltimore Baltimore
7/19/1924 Hartner, William J parsonage Martin, Emma C Baltimore Baltimore
6/8/1924 Kwasnick, Stanley 2117 Moyer St Paul, Mae Baltimore Baltimore
8/29/1924 Parker, William Parsonage Perry, Hattie E Baltimore Baltimore
2/20/1924 Smith, Charles R Brides Home Rappold, Margaret Baltimore Baltimore
4/24/1924 Schultz, David Parsonage Rubran, Elsie J Baltimore Baltimore
6/25/1924 Goetz, Christopher J 1502 N Montford S Schoelian, Mary Baltimore Baltimore
12/31/1924 Leonard, George Steinbaugh, Louisa M Baltimore Baltimore
1/23/1924 Conroy, James J Brides Home Stiemly, Mary Baltimore Baltimore
6/28/1924 Noxon, Joseph 408 N Washington Wells,Agnes (age 17) Baltimore Baltimore
4/29/1924 Robinson, Augustus P Church Wooden, Florence E Baltimore Baltimore

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