Marriages Performed by
Henry Willis--1790

Submitted by Eloise Oster

1. John Grimes, and Nancy Garrett Licensed May 22,

2. Moses Rutter and Eliz Hubbert March 30

3. Nelson Reed, and Nancy Steyer June 08*

4. James Mifflin, and Catherine Potter July 08

5. William Taylor and Barbara Lymes July 19

6. James Pleasant, and Deborah Brooke Aug. 07

7. Jacob Rogers, and Elizabeth Lymes Aug. 10

8. William Duncan and Martha Talbott Sept. 04
9.  --------Crossed out----------------
10.  Ruben Gilder and Mary Asbury Alkin

On this fifth day of October 1790, appeared before me, one of the

Magistrates of the County of Baltimore, Henry Willis, member of the

Gospel, and made oath upon the Holy Evangelist that in the above

list are contained all the Marriages which have been celebrated by him

within the said County of Baltimore from the commencement of the present

year until this day.

Sworn to before Isaac _______


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