Marriage License 1904


Baltimore American, Apr 21, 1904
Submitted by:  Pam Scott

BANEY-KOHLER-Edward T. Baney, 25, Josephine E. Kohler

---Daniel S. Clark, 24 & Phoebe Masemore, 24

DENNIS-PUBSLEY---Wm J. Dennis, 29 & Emma Pursley, 30 *widow Applicant Nellie Smith, 2000 East Chase.

DIX-JONES-John J. Dix, 25; Irene Jones,?, Applicant, Wm. S. Harris, 428 E. Pratt ??nded.

ERNEST-BROLL: Charles E. Ernest, 25 Mt Vernon avenue; Emma A. Broll, 20

FALTER-WESSEL: George J. Falter, Jr., ? Gilmore street; Mollie W. E.

FISCHER-RITTER: George Fischer, 26, 2435 ? street, Jennie S. Ritter, 21

HUGHES-DAUGHERTY: James Hughes, Lanvale street; Nellie Daugherty, 25, PA

LANGLOTZ-LOWRY: Jacob Langlotz, Jr., E. Preston street; Florence E.

MEADE-REYNOLDS: Charles W. Meade, North Broadway, Yonkers, NY; Mary Reynolds, 21

MINETREE-WARNER: James L Minetree, P street, Washington, D.C.; Louise Warner, 19

: Philip L Mossburg; Laura C. Bordley, 21 applicant, ?
Mossburg, 1309 Linden avenue

PARKER-BURNS: John D. Parker, 22 2813 ??lton avenue; Ida G. Burns, 19.

ROHRBAUGH-HALL: Maurice C. Rohrbaugh, Washington, D.C.; Edith A. Hall, ? Preston street

SCHUSSLER-TICE: John N. Schussler, 22, ?h Chester street; Mabel A.
Tice, 22.

SILVER-GARONZIK: Harry B. Silver, 24, ??sburg, PA; Fannie Garonzik, 19.

WAMSLEY-BURGESS: Edgar M. Wamsley, W. Fayette street; Clara Burgess, 27, ?? City, Md.


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