Marriage Index 1862
Submitted by:  Kim Danielsen


Date Groom Bride Performed by
May 14 McCubbin Thomas Agnes E. Wiger Hickey
May 30 McCauley Horace J. Sarah R. Seymour  
May 31 McCullough John Haines Maria A. Tubman Corkery
June 13 McMahan Andrew Catharine O'Leary  
June 20 McKenna James Bridget Donnily King
June 21 McMahon Martin Mary Dunn McCarty
June 28 Mclane Patrick Mary A. Nolan Slattery
July 10 McCormick Francis Ann McHale  Dolan
July 14 McCarthy Florence T. Ann Maria White Burdett
July 19 McCurdy Dennis Annie McKinley Dolan
July 22 McElroy John Isabella McKelvey Calloway
July 23 McFaden George W.  Laura Lambright  
July 24 McCulloch George Ada Johnson Leakin
July 25 McCormick Patrick Ann Sweeney Slattery
July 30 McCauley John ?T? Mary J. Johnson  
Aug 9 McNamara Matthew Catharine Feeny Guistinani
Aug 11 McMerrick Ezra Virginia Ann Haywood  
Aug 15 McCabe James Ellen Gibson  
Aug 16 McCormick Joseph Ann Cannon King
Sep 8 McCambridge John  Cordelia Mitchell ?Cox?
Sep 9 McCauley George H  Elizabeth Robertson Stevens
Sep 20 McLaughlin John Sarah Byrd  
Sep 22 McIlvaney Richard Margaret Carson Bruce
Sep 30 McDonnell James Catharine Ryan  
Oct 6 McCurdy John H Ruth Whiteside Pritchard
Oct 16 McHale William Ellen Welsh Myers
Nov 6 McLaughlin Robert Rebecca E. McFadden Mills
Nov 28 McCann James Catharine Campbell  
Dec 15 McGee William H Sallie M. Robinson Dunning
Dec 23 McClally John Wesley Louisa Plummer Schwartz
Dec 27 McLaughlin William Mary Anne Kerney  
Dec 31 McCullough George Luna F. Alden Fuller


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