Baltimore Marriages


Submitted by Eloise Oster

HAD?.Capt. William, and Miss Sarah Barrett, all of Balt.; were
married last Sat. by Rev. Glendy. (BA, 5 Aug. 1809)

 HADDAWAY, Capt. William, and Miss Margaret Flannegin, all of Balt.;
were married on Tues. eve. by Rev. Roberts. (BFG, 20 Dec. 1806)

 HADLEY, John. and Miss Deborah Barnes, all of Balt., were wed last
Tues. by Rev. Dr. Wells. (BWA, 9 March 1816).

HADWAY, Daniel, and Miss Clemency Hughes, were married on Thurs. by
Rev. Rattoone. (BEP, 3 Jan 1807)
 HAGE, Hiram, and Elizabeth Murray, both of Balt., were married last
Thurs. by Rev. Healey. ( BT, 24 March 1806).

HAGERTY, Rev. John, and Sarah Dean, were married last Thurs. eve. by
Rev. Coats. (BFG, 6 Feb. 1808)

HAGERTY, John, of Georgetown, and Miss Ann Deaver,dau. of John
Deaver of Balto., were married last Thurs. by Rev. Roberts.
(BFR, 6 June 1812).

HAGNER, Peter, of Washington, and Miss Frances Randall, were wed at
Annap. on the 22nd inst.. by Rev. Higinbothom.(BT, 30 April 1806).

HAINES, Reubin, of Phila., and Jane Bowne, dau. of Robert Bowne of
New York, were married at Friends Meeting, N.Y., 13 th inst. (BFG, 18
May 1812).

HALE, Capt., and Susan, dau. of Aquila Hall, were married Thurs.,
11th inst. by Rev. Wilmer at Long Green, Balto. Co.
(BFG, 15 Sept.1800)

HALES, Charles, and Miss Mary Allen, both of Balto.,were married last
eve. by Rev. Hagerty. (BFG, 12 July 1802).

HALES, Randal, of Balto., and Miss Anna Taylor of Balto. Co., were
married last Thurs. by Rev. Wells. (BFG, 6 Nov. 1802)

 HALEY, Henry, and Miss Ann Holland, both of Balto., were married
last eve. by Rev. Stansbury. ( BA, 29 May 1813 ).

 HALL, Andrew, of Balto., and Miss Ann Gray, dau. of Samuel
Gray, were married in Boston last Sun. by the Rev. Frothingham.
(BPEA< 15 April 1815)

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