Marriage 1887


Baltimore Sun April 23, 1887
Submitted by Pam Scott

GOLDER-CRETIN--On April 13, by Rev. Charles P. Grannan, D.D. of Mount St. Mary's College, G. LAWRENCE GOLDER to ANNA L, daughter of the late A. J. Cretin, of Frederick County.

ROSE-ROSE--On April 20, 1887, by Rev. L. Kuhlman, ALBERT ROSE to Miss ANNIE ROSE, both of Baltimore.

SOUTHARD-RILEY--On April 11, 1887, by Rev. Father Foley, SAMUEL L.
SOUTHARD to Mamie A. RILEY, of Baltimore.

Der Deutsche Correspondant
Submitted by:  Christine Schott

Wedmann-Deder Hermann M Wedmann & Pauline M Deder 25 Sep 1887
Taffell-Gorgulis  Elmer Taffell & Bernhard D Georgulis 2 Oct 1887 (sound like 2 men's names, but hard to read)
Mangers-Woolford  Wilhelm Mangers & Anna S Woolford 6 Oct 1887
Meyer-Hunes Georg H Meyer & Alice Hunes 9 Oct 1887
Thursby-Jordan Robert M Thursby & Callie C Jordan 4 Oct 1887
Vinson-Meyer James Vinson & Anna Meyer 6 Oct 1887=

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