Marriage 1882

Baltimore Sun  February 25, 1882
Submitted by:  Lisa Asbury

ALLDRIDGE – ZIMMERMAN – At the parsonage of the Second English Lutheran Church, February 15, by Rev. Geo. Scholl, N. ALBERT ALLDRIDGE to IDA M. ZIMMERMAN, both of this city.

 BOREVICH – TRAINER – On February 15, 1882, at the residence of the Rev. J. T. Leftwich, A. G. BOREVICH to Miss ALICE TRAINER, both of this city.

 GAITHER – GRANGER – On Thursday evening, 16th February, 1882, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by the Rev. George Leeds, D.D., GEORGE R. GAITHER, Jr., and FANNIE I. GRANGER, both of this city.

 SMITH – PEARCE – On February 23, by Rev. A. W.  Mather, Rev. S. J. SMITH, of the Maryland Annual Conference M. P. Church, to Miss ROSE E. PEARCE, of Ellicott City, Md.

 WEEDON – GRIFFITH – On February 16, at St. Peter’s P. E. Church, by Rev. Julius Grammer, JAS. C. WEEDON to Miss MINNIE E. GRIFFITH, daughter of  R. R. Griffith, Esq., both of this city.

Baltimore Sun  February 27, 1882
Submitted by:  Lisa Asbury

FOSLER – BURTON --  On January 10, by the Rev. James T. Lassell, JOSEPH M. FOSLER to Miss MARTHA BURTON, both of  Baltimore.

 KRAUSZ – CAULK – On February 22, 1882, by the Rev. D. J. Beale, JOHN KRAUSZ to Miss EMA V. CAULK, daughter of James T. Caulk, Esq., all of Baltimore.

 MAHAN – BOWERS – On February 21, 1882, at the residence of the bride’s uncle, John F. Cook, Esq., by the Rev. P. Wroth, GEORGE A. MAHAN, of Havre de Grace, Md., to ANNIE R. BOWERS, of Balto.

 PARR – BIBB – On February 21, 1882 at Calvary M. E. Church South, by Rev. S. K. Cox, D. D., ROBERT S. PARR, of Virginia, to Miss BELLE BIBB, of Baltimore.

 ULRICH – YAGER – On February 8, 1882, at Emory parsonage, by the Rev. Josiah W. Reeves, WILLIAM ULRICH, of Baltimore county, to LIZZIE YAGER, of Baltimore City.

Baltimore Sun  March 1, 1882
Submitted by:  Lisa Asbury

BACCIGALUPI - GRINDELL --  On February 1?, by the Rev. C. McCoy, LOUIS V.
BACCIGALUPI to Miss LIZZIE GRINDELL, both of Baltimore.
BAUER - STAGMER - On February 22, 1882, at the parsonage of the
Madison-square M. E. Church, by  the Rev. Richard Norris, JOHN H. BAUER to Miss ELLA E.
STAGMER, both of Harford county, Md.
BUCK - VAN BUSKIRK - On February 18, by the Rev. P. Wroth, LEVIN T. BUCK, to
Miss JULIA T. VAN BUSKIRK, all of Baltimore.
GAFFEY - GANNON - On February 19, 1882, by the Rev. M. P. Holden, MICHAEL F.
GAFFEY, of Baltimore, to Miss MAMIE A. GANNON, of Philadelphia. [Philadelphia
paper please copy.]
GRAY - WEBSTER --  At home, February 21, 1882, by the Rev. J. T. Rossiter,
RICHARD L. GRAY to MARY E. WEBSTER, both of Baltimore. [No cards.]
MEYER - BENJAMIN - On February 22, by the Rev. Dr. Sale, LEWIS L. MEYER to
Miss GRACE B. BENJAMIN, both of Baltimore.  [Richmond (Va.) papers please copy.]
MILLS - CRAWFORD - On the evening of February 7, 1882, at the High street
parsonage, by the Rev. E. D. Owen, Captain THOMAS J. MILLS, of Dorchester county,
Md., and Miss MARTHA J. CRAWFORD, of Baltimore. [Cambridge papers please
MULLER - KEENRIGHT - On January 25, by the Rec. L. C. Muller, JAMES C. MULLER
to JULIA M. KEENRIGHT, both of Baltimore.
SMITH - ANDREWS - On Monday, February 20, at Emmanuel Church, by the Rev. Dr.
A. M. Randolph, TUNSTALL SMITH to EMILY ROSALIE, daughter of R. Snowden

August 1882

ADREON-ENSOR--On August 10, 1882, by Rev. Edward L. Kemp, STEPHEN A.
ADREON and NELLIE ENSOR, both of this city.

HECK-SNYDER--On the 28th, at the English Lutheran Church, by Rev. E. L. Tressel(?),
STEPHEN HECK to Miss TILLIE SNYDER, both of Baltimore City.


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