Marriages 1876


Baltimore Sun, Feb. 19, 1876
Submitted by: Mona Everett

ZEPP-HARTMAN--On January 20, at the Scott street M.E. Church, by Rev. B.G.
Huber, WILLIAM H. ZEPP to ANNIE E. HARTMAN, all of this city.

MILLER-McFAUL--On February 15, 1876, by the Rev. Father Myers, IRVING C. MILLER
to Miss MAMIE C., daughter of the late Charles McFaul.

News American Feb. 22, 1876
Submitted by:  Mona Everett

BALDWIN-THOMAS--On February 9th, at the ---Street Methodist Episcopal Church
by Rev. H. (or B.) Edwards, D.D., Rev. CHARLES W. BALDWIN of the Baltimore
Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, to Annie M., daughter of the late
Samuel Thomas, of Anne Arundel county.
** The H. or B. may have been a middle initial as a little of the side part
rest of the paper was cut off.

Baltimore Sun, March 31, 1876
Submitted by: Meriah Williams

WELCH-ASKEW-At the parsonage, on March 15, by the Rev. Job A. Price, HENRY F. WELCH to Miss KATE B. ASKEW, both of Baltimore.

From Baltimore Sun, April 26, 1876
Submitted by: Christine Schott

ETCHBERGER-MARSHALL On February 28, 1876, by the Rev A Gibson, of Exeter-street M E Church, J W ETCHBERGER to ANNA F MARSHALL, both of Baltimore city.

On April 20, 1876, by the Rev R J Cester, of Pittsburg, PA, J CHAPMAN HUGER, of Charleston, SC, to RECHELLE HOPE, of this city. [No cards.]

On the evening of Monday, 27th of March, 1876, at the parsonage, by the Rev D A Shermer, MD, JAMES C HILL to MARY MATILDA, second daughter of the late Dr. Frederick Prutz, both of Baltimore.

In Baltimore, on 23d April, by the Rev Dr Szold, DAVID KATZ, of Philadelphia, to Miss ZERLINA COHEN, of Baltimore.

On 11th September, 1875, by the Rev William T D Clemm, WILLIAM F MACCUBBIN to FRANCES STAYLOR.

Baltimore Sun, June 27, 1876
Submitted by: Meriah Williams

LUDWIG-DISNEY, On 25th May by Rev. J.P. Schnatz, WILLIAM F. LUDWIG to Miss MOLLIE DISNEY, both of Baltimore.

 RIGBY-DEBRING-On January 26, 1876, by the Rev. Father Myers of the Immaculate Conception, Philip T. Rigby to M. Therese Debring, all of Baltimore.

 ROTTANZI-BYRNE- On May 24 at St. Vincent de Paulís Church, by Rev. Father E. Didier, LEOPOLDO ROTTANZI, to Miss JOHANNA M. BYRNE, both of this city.  [New York papers please copy.]

Baltimore Sun, Sept. 5, 1876
Submitted by:  Mona Everett

This was a poor copy, so I am doing my best.

(Partial) Rev. Father Malloy. LEMUEL T. BRADEN to Miss/Mrs?? MARY E. GLENN
DEMPSTER, both of this city.

--On 22nd of August, at Emmanuel Church, by Rev. Dr. A.M.
Randolph, assisted by Rev. George Leakin and Rev. Charles A. Holt,
Lieutenant EMIL C.P. KAUFMANN, of Copenhagen, Denmark, to ELLEN S., daughter
of the late Fred A. C. Uhthoff, of Baltimore.


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