Baltimore Sun February 13, 1875
Submitted by:  Meriah Williams

ROHR-NAYLOR-On Tuesday, November 10, by Rev. W.H. Lane, GEORGE ROHR to Miss HESTER NAYLOR, both of Baltimore City, Md.  [Frederick papers please copy.]

SLAUGHTER-TAYLOR-On the 11th instant, at home, by Rev. Joseph Jones, THOMAS H. SLAUGHTER, Jr., of Caroline county, to Miss GEORGIA TAYLOR, of this city.  [No cards.]

Baltimore Sun April 27.1875
Submitted by Lynn Smith

ENGLE-SAUERS- On Thursday, April 22, by the Reverend S.W. Hartsock, JOHN
ENGLES to Miss KATE SAUERS, both of Baltimore.

GOSDEN-DONOHUE- On Monday, April 19 at St. Vincent de Paul Church, by Rev.
Michael Dausch, THOMAS GOSDEN to Miss HELEN V. DONOHUE, daughter of John
Donohue, Esq. all of this city.

MILLER-KREMER- On April 20, at First Baptist Church, by Rev. J. W. M.
Williams, D. D. W. H. Miller, Jr. to ANNIE A, daughter of the late James C. Kremer.

RUTLEDGE-RENSHAW- On Dec 9, by the Reverend S.D.Noyes, E. HALL RUTLEDGE,
M.D., of Harford to ELIZABETH R, daughter of Lemuel Renshaw, formerly of Somersett

Baltimore Sun  June 11,1875
Submitted by:  Lynn Smith
EMERY-TREGO- On Tuesday June 8 at St Peter's Protestant Episcopal Church by
Rev DR. Grammer, JOHN H to KATE J, daughter of John W Trego all of this city.
HAMP-JACOBS-On Wednesday June 9 by Rev C.Rause, JOHN W to ELIZABETH both of
this city.
HARMAN-BARTHOLOW- On the 10th of June 1875 by Rev Uriel Graves, EBENEZER to
Miss BRITY all of Baltimore city
HEALY-CURRAN- At the Cathedral on the 25th of Mary 1875 by the
Rev,Father,Starr,  EDWARD J and Miss CLARA E both of this city.
LATROBE-GRAHAM- On the 5th inst at the Gait House,Louisville KY by the REv
Bishop Dudle, HENRY B of Baltimore MD to MATTIE E daughter of Andrew Graham of
Louisville KY
MCDONALD-O'NEILL- On Wed May 5 at St Peter's church by the REv Edward
McColgas, JOHN to SARAH ANN both of this city.
ORRICK-SCOTT- On Tuesday June 8,1875 at the Madison ave M.E.Church by Rev
A.E. Gibson, OLIVER S to SARAH ANN both of this city.
WOOTEN-WEAVER- On March 15th,1875 THOMAS S to MAGGIE A all of Baltimore

Baltimore Sun December 8, 1875
Submitted by: Christine Schott


FRISSELL-NORRIS On November 24, by Rev Uriel Graves, GEORGE L FRISSELL to LOUISA NORRIS, both of this city.

HAYNIE-BULLOCK At the residence of the bride's parents, on 25 November, by Rev Father Gaitley, Captain JOHN A HAYNIE, of Northumberland county, VA, to KATE S, only daughter of Daniel Bullock, of this city.

KERNS-BINYON At Saint Martin's Church, on November 30, by Rev Father Foley, WILLIAM P KERNS and MOLLIE E, daughter of B F Binyon, Esq, of this city.

KLAGES-JOHNSON On December 5, 1875, by Rev F Ph Hennighausen, HENRY E KLAGES and LAURA V JOHNSON, both of Baltimore. [Annapolis (MD) and New York papers please copy.]

NELSON-HITCH On 24th November, at Bethel parsonage, No 53 South Broadway, by Rev C McElfresh, Captain WILLIAM J NELSON and Miss ROXEY A HITCH, all of Baltimore.

SCHULZ-BILLUPS On August 31, by Rev Wm F Ward, HENRY V SCHULZ to Miss BETTIE BILLUPS, all of this city.

On December 1, in the Franklin-street M E Church, by Rev E E Shipley, CHARLES M WELSH and IDA V GOLDSMITH, all of Baltimore.

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