Baltimore Sun January  10,1874
Submitted by: Meriah Willaims

This one’s cut off at top:

WEBSTER-MITCHELL…January 7, 1874, at St. John’s church, Havre de Grace, Md., by Rev. Dr. Martin, JOSEPH P. WEBSTER, OF Baltimore, to LAURA C., daughter of Bernard Mitchell, of Havre de Grace, Md.

WAIDNER-SNYDER-On December 24, 1873, by Rev. Dr. F. Swentzel, GEORGE W. WAIDNER  to Miss LAURA M. SNYDER, both of this city.

Baltimore Sun January  26,1874
Submitted by:  Lynn Smith

BURGOS-STEPHENSON-On the 24th of Jan at the parsonage by the REv J.H.C. DOsh,
Captain Pastor Burgos of Cuba, to ELIZABETH VIRGINIA, youngest daughter of
the late Joseph B Stephenson of this city (New York and Armstron PA papers
please copy)
GADD-BELL- At the parsonage on the 19th inst. by Rev R.S. Rowe, SAMUEL H of
this city to Miss MAGGIE A of Virginia.
HOEN-CAREY-On the 29th inst at St Ann's R.C.Church by the REv,Father Burlett,
GEORGE H of Waverly Baltimore county, to JENNIE M of Baltimore
LOVE-JACKSON-On the 15th inst. by Rev Dr Hodges, ALBERT T to ELEANOR BOND,
daughter of the late Henry Jackson ESQ.
ROBINSON-LLOYD- On the 22 nd inst. at the residence of the bride's mother in
Philadelphia  by Rev Thomas Murphy, GEORGE W of New York formerly of Baltimore
to ANNE R formerly of Wrightsville OA

Baltimore Sun April 2 & 3, 1874
Submitted by Irene

ADAMS - SMITH On the 10th of March, by the Rev, W. F. Speake, Andrew J. Adams to Louisa C. Smith, both of Baltimore city.

KELLY - HARRISON March 30, by Rev. W. F. Ward, Jackson Kelly and Virginia Harrison, all of Baltimore city.

PRENDERGRAST - WEAVER March 27, by Rev. W. F. Ward, Philip Prendergrast and Miss Mary Weaver, both of Baltimore.

On the 30th of March, by Rev. C. T. Stearn, Henry E. Poulton and Emily E. Jenkens

SMITH - WRIGHT On the 26th of March, by Rev. Henry A. Carroll, Franklin Smith to Mary Wright, both of Baltimore. 

TAYLOR - MILLER In Richmond, Va., March 31, 1874, by Rev. J. L. Burrows, D. D., Richard M. Taylor, of said city, to Gertrude Miller of Baltimore county, Md. 

Baltimore Sun Sept 15.1874
Submitted by Lynn Smith

HANNA-SEITZ- On the 8th inst. by the Rev James E. Aiford,JAMES A HANNA and
MARY LOUISA SEITZ,both of this city.

- on the 13th inst. at New Christ Church, by Rev
A.M.Randolph,ROGER WOOLFORD of Somerset Co. and CLARA C HICKS of Baltimore City, formerly of
Virginia (Princess Anne and Annapolis papers please copy

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