Marriage Index 1863
Submitted by:  Kim Danielsen


Date Groom Bride Performed by
Jan 3 McInnany Owen Anne Byrne   McColgan
Jan 10 McKenny Patrick Mary McFall  
Jan 13  McNally Henry R. Louisa Ducatel   
Jan 23 McCole Thomas Elmina Wilhelm  Triope
Feb 4 McDermott James Ellen Quinn Walden
Feb 16 McIntosh Daniel Catharine Miller  
Feb 19 McCormick Archibald  Ellen Hughes McManus
Feb 20 McClelland John T. Sarah Jane Dick  
Feb 20 McCadden James A.  Mary Epping   
Mar 2 McCullough William Bridget Barry McManus
Mar 17 McElroy William  Mary Lawless Kirkland
Mar 21 McKnew Henry H. Isabella Haslup  
Mar 23 McCarty Peyton L. Sarah L. Walker Cummins

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