Marriage 1852


Baltimore Sun  October 21, 1852
Submitted by:  Jean Johnson

JAMART-SEAGER - On the 19th instant, by Rev. Mr. Elder, LOUIS A. JAMART to KATE A., eldest daughter of Thos T. SEAGER, all of this city. [New York and Philadelphia papers will please copy.]

ROBINSON-DEHAVEN - On the 19th instant, by Rev. Mr. Brown, WM. H. ROBINSON to Miss SARAH E. DEHAVEN, both of Baltimore. [Delaware Republican please copy]

BONDAY-BRENNAN - On the 19th instant, by Rev. Mr. Dolan, JAMES BONDAY to Mrs. KATE M.
BRENNAN, all of this city.

ANDREW-WEEDEN - On the 15 instant, rev. Dr. Roberts, SAMUEL ANDREW to Miss LUCRETIA WEEDEN, of West River.

MACUTUHEANS-SEBEH -On the 18th April, 1852, by Rev. C. G. Weyl, JAS. MACUTUHEANS, of Baltimore, to Miss MARY CHRISTINA SEBEH, late of Germany.

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