Marriage 1838


Baltimore Sun Jan 5 1838
Submitted by Lynn Smith


On the 24th ins by Rev Daniel Thomas,Mr ferdinand Smith to Miss Mary Ann
Hubert of Baltimore co.

On the 2d inst by the Rev S.P.Hill,Mr George W Walker to Miss Emily J Leirlie
all of this city.

Baltimore Sun, Monday, 30 April 1838
Submitted by Anne Marie Willis

MILES-HARIG - On the 29th of April, by the Rev. Mr. Debarth, Mr. George M. Miles, of Baltimore, to Miss Johanna M. Harig, of Hanover, Germany.

LANEHART-MCCALL - On Thursday evening last, 26th April, by the Rev. Mr. Edwards, Mr. Jonathan Lanehart, to Miss Sarah E. McCall, both of this city.

WEBSTER-CROSS -   On 26th April, by the Rev. R.J. Brechenridge, Rev. Richard Webster, of Ma?ch Chunk, Pa., to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Wm. S. Cross, of this city.

MONTGOMERY-KIMMER - On 26th April, by the Rev. John G. Smart, Mr. Stewart Montgomery, late of Lynchburg, to Miss Mary Kimmer of Baltimore.

MILLER SIMMELS - On the 19th inst., by Mr. Kline, a worthy 'squire of our place, Mr. Jacob Miller, a colored man, aged 70, to Miss Mary Simmels, a white lady, 21, both of this borough. Unfortunately for the youthful bridegroom, the inconstant bride forsook him a few hours after the nuptials, leaving him almost inconsolable, having a short time before placed into her hands, the whole of his worldly goods, amounting to about 70 dollars. - Harrisburg Chronicle.

Baltimore Sun, Sept 12, 1838
Submitted by:  Jean Johnson

HANSON-PENNINGTON - On Tuesday, 4th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Rawleigh, Mr. BENJAMIN F.
HANSON to Miss MARY A. PENNINGTON, both of Kent county, Md.

GILMORE - BUTLER - At Cincinnati, on the 6th inst., Mr. GORDON R. GILMORE to Miss MALVINA BUTLER, youngest daughter of the late James Butler, Esq., of Baltimore.

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