Marriage 1820



Baltimore Patriot & Mercantile Advertiser
February 16 1820

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 Married, last evening, by the Rev. Dr. ELBERT, Mr. George PEASE, to
Miss Louisa URIE, both of Baltimore.
 Married, at Washington city, Mr. Marthias Mankin ROBY to Miss Harriet
 POSTON, both of that city.

Married in Georgetown, (D.C.) Thomas H. HANSON, Esq. to Miss Elizabeth
 HOWARD, daughter of Colonel William Dent BEALLE all of that place.

Married in South Salem, Mr. Hezekiah R. POD to Miss Sally BEAN.

 Here POD and BEAN united are,
In the cold clime of winter
A tender vine that grows so rare,
Since frost and hail can't hinder!

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