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Mt. Carmel Cemetery Records

Records from 1854-1882.  Lynn Smith

Mt Carmel CemeteryRecords

1854-1936  Mona Everett.

Mount Carmel Cemetery 1905-1936  Jeanette Waggner
Western Cemetery  Vol 1 & 2 1874-1903 Debra Hoffman
Tombstone Inscriptions of St. Stanislaus Cemetery Lisa Asbury
Interments at the Friends Burial Ground, Baltimore Diana Knight
Maryland Mortalities 1876-1915
from the (Baltimore) Sun Almanac                    
- Walter E. Arps, Jr.
Debra Hoffman
Index of Obituaries and Marriages                    
of the (Baltimore) Sun, 1871-1875
- Francis P. O'Neill
Debra Hoffman
Index of Obituaries and Marriages                         
in the [Baltimore] Sun, 1866-1870, with
Addendum, 1861-1865 - Francis P. O'Neill
Debra Hoffman
Baltimore City [Maryland] Deaths and               
Burials 1834-1840 - Henry C. Peden, Jr.
Debra Hoffman
Marriages and Deaths from
Baltimore Newspapers- 1796-1816.
Paul Ely
Marriages and Deaths from Baltimore Newspapers 1796-1816                       
Marriages and Deaths from Maryland Gazette 1727-1839
Marriages and Deaths in the (Baltimore) Sun 1837-1850                           
Marriages and Deaths in the (Baltimore) Sun 1851-1860
 Diana Knight
Marriage Lookups - On CD Jean Alongi
1936 Polk’s Baltimore City directory Michelle
1880 Census Index Karen
Baltimore Directory of 1799 Paul Ely
Baltimore, Maryland 1840 Directory Jenny Scholten
1851 City and Business Directory, 
Baltimore Maryland, by Richard J. Matchett 
Jenny Scholten
Baltimore City directories from 1866 to 1958 –                                                
mostly portions of letters B, C, D, F, G, R, S, T
Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, Baltimore 1880-1899 Tim Endres
1910- 1935 Index of Wills Darcy L. Fritche
Copies of Wills  Nov 1924-Oct 1925 Darcy L. Fritche
Census from any year

Telisa Lopez

 Baltimore City Maryland Deaths and Burials 1834-1840 Gayle Triller

Nancy Beatty has offered to help find graves and Death Certificates in Baltimore City. If she is able to locate a grave for you she will also take a photo.

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