Land  "KA"
1798 - 1803

Submitted by:  Pattie Causey

Kall, Johann T. - Nicholas Lantz, Asst., Lot E.S. Howard St., Book 64, Folio 83
Kaefel, Nicholas - David Williamson, Lease, Lot W.E. Goodman St., Book 64, Folio 439
Kaefel, Nicholas - Peter Forney, Release, Lot S.E. German St., Book 74, Folio 110

Kalbfoos, Ludwick - Jacob Leib & wf., Deed, pt Chatsworth on New Forest Rd., Book 74, Folio 662

Kandel, Margaret - Henry Keerl, Marriage Contract, Book 79, Folio 263

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