Thomas Jefferson Woolfenden Sr.
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Husband:  Thomas Jefferson Woolfenden Sr.     
Birthdate: December 7, 1843
Birthplace: Cantonsville, Maryland
Death date:  April 26, 1926
Place of death:  Knopp Virginia
Father:  Eli G. Woolfenden
Mother:  Sarah Bailey
Marriage date: September 29, 1869
Marriage place: Baltimore, Maryland
Wife:  Isabelle “Belle” Jones
Birthdate:  June 6, 1846
Birthplace:  Baltimore County Maryland
Death date:  February 22, 1916
Place of death:  Knoop, Virginia
Father: Jacob Jones
Mother:  Catherine S. Bailey
Child No. 1: Infant Woolfenden
Sex:  M
Birthdate: August 1, 1873
Birthplace:  Baltimore, Maryland
Death date:  August 1, 1873
Place of death:  Baltimore, Maryland
Marriage date:  
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:
Child No. 2:  Lizzie Woolfenden
Sex: F
Birthdate: May 7, 1874
Death date:
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:
Child No. 3:  Bertha H Woolfenden
Sex:  F
Birthdate:  June 8, 1875
Birthplace:  Baltimore Maryland
Death date:  June 10, 1948
Place of death:  Dumfries, Virginia
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:
Child No. 4:  Thomas Jefferson Woolfenden, Jr.
Sex:  M
Birthdate: December 7, 1877
Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland
Death date:  April 18, 1952
Place of death:  Manassas, Virginia
Marriage date:  1900
Marriage place:  
Spouse's name:  Mabel Mary Agnes Wright
Child No. 5:  Sarah Catherine “Katie” Woolfenden
Sex: F
Birthdate:  June 20, 1880
Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland
Death date: February 21, 1955
Place of death: 
Marriage date:  24 Jan 1900    
Marriage place:  Belle Haven Missionary Baptist Church, Kopp, VA
Spouse's name:  James Luck, Jr.
Child No. 6:  Hattie Irene Elizabeth Woolfenden
Sex:  F
Birthdate:  January 2, 1884
Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland
Death date:  June 30, 1884
Place of death: Baltimore, Maryland
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:
Child No. 7: Walter Milton Woolfenden
Sex:  M
Birthdate: September 10, 1886
Birthplace:  Joplin or Knopp, Virginia
Death date: March 8, 1951
Place of death: Aquia district, Stafford, Virginia
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:
Child No. 8:  Raymond Marsden Woolfenden
Sex: M
Birthdate: April 26, 1890
Birthplace:Knopp Prince William County, Virginia  
Death date:  October 6, 1916
Place of death: Knopp, Prince William County, Virginia
Marriage date:  02 September 1915
Marriage place:  Midland, VA
Spouse's name:  Hattie May Abel
Child No. 9:  Carl W. Woolfenden
Sex: Male
Birthdate:  01 Aug 1899
Birthplace:  Kopp, VA  
Death date:  10 June 1900
Place of death:  Kopp, VA
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:
Notes:  Birth and Childhood
On December 7, 1843, Thomas was born in Catonsville, MD.  By 1844 Maryland had a population of 526,526.
In 1850 Thomas was living on his father Eli's farm in Catonsville, MD on the Frederick Turn Pike Road 
which connects Ellicott Mills with Baltimore.  The road is now known as Route 144.  Thomas was 7 years 
old on the day that his household was counted in the 1st District of Baltimore County, MD for the 1850 
U.S. Census.  He was listed as having attended school in the past year.
In the 1860 U.S. Census for the 1st District of Baltimore County, MD, Thomas was still living on his 
father's farm in Catonsville and was 16 years old.  He was listed as a farmhand.  
Military Service, War Between the States, 1862-1865
On September 28, 1862, Thomas enlisted in Company C, 8th Maryland Regiment (U.S.) in Washington County, 
Maryland.  His rank was private and his enlistment was for three years.  This is according to the State 
of Maryland records, which are located in the City of Baltimore.  However, the U.S. Army records from 
the National Archives in Washington, D.C. state that Thomas mustered in on August 18, 1862 at Camp 
Bradford, Baltimore, MD.  The regiment took the field on September 18, 1862 with the Army of the Potomac, 
then on the banks of the Potomac, in Western Maryland, in response to General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern 
Virginia which had invaded Maryland and made a demonstration in the direction of Baltimore.  
The 8th Maryland Regiment, part of the Maryland Brigade, was part of the Army of the Potomac (U.S.).  
In January of 1863, Thomas is listed as absent, on January 24, 1863, he is listed as deserted.  His 
January and February 1863 Company muster roll lists him as present, with the remarks that he forfeits 12
days pay by regimental order, dated November 13, 1863.  The unit served briefly during April of 1863 in 
West Virginia where it operated around Clarksburg, West Virginia.  The unit returned to Bolivar Heights, 
Virginia on May 27, 1863.  In June and July, 1863 the 8th Regiment was held as a reserve to the Army of
the Potomac and to protect Washington during the Gettysburg campaign.  The unit participated in skirmishes 
at Maryland Heights, July 7, 1863, and Funkstown, MD, July 12, 1863.  
The unit was in the line of battle at the Wilderness, VA on May 5-7, 1864.  The unit also participated 
in the battle of Spottsylvania Courthouse, VA, May 8-20, 1864.  Other battles it was in were Harris' Farm, 
VA, May 19, 1864; North Anna, VA, May 23-27, 1864; Shady Grove, VA, May 30, 1864; Bethesda Church, VA, 
May 31 and June 1, 1864; Cold Harbor, VA, June 2-5, 1864, Petersburg, VA, June 17-18, 1864; siege of 
Petersburg, VA, 1864-1865; Weldon Railroad, VA, August 18-21, 1864 (Thomas was listed as sick in the 
Division Hospital in August, 1864.  The number of days is not given.); Poplar Springs Church, VA, 
September 30, 1864; Chapel House, VA, October 1-3, 1864; Peeble's Farm, VA, October 7, 1864; Hatcher's 
Run, VA, October 27, 1864; Hicksford, VA, December 7-12,  1864; 
Dabney's Mill, VA, February 6, 1865; White Oak Road, VA, March 31, 1865 (Thomas is listed as absent on 
furlough on the March and April, 1865 Company muster.  The length of the furlough is not given.); Five 
Forks, VA, April 1, 1865; and, the surrender at Appomattox, VA, April 9, 1865.  After Lee's surrender, 
the unit returned to Washington, D.C. and took part in the grand review of the Army of the Potomac before 
President Abraham Lincoln.  
Thomas was mustered out at Arlington Heights, VA on May 31, 1865.  He received $75.00 dollars and his 
discharge.  The unit then returned to Baltimore, MD and was received by the Governor of Maryland, the 
Mayor of Baltimore, and a large group of people.  
By 1867-1868 Thomas appears in the Baltimore City Directory at 461 W. Lomard Avenue.  Thomas was a member 
of the Odd Fellows Lodge during the period of September 1867 to September 1870.  It is believed that Thomas' 
father-in-law, Jacob Jones, was also in the Odd Fellows Lodge.
In the 1868-1869 edition of the Baltimore City Directory, Thomas' father Eli is also listed as living at 
461 W. Lomard Avenue.  This is also true for 1870.  On September 13, 1869 signs a lease for a part of the 
property known Mount Clair with Daniel Sheehan.  
Marriage and Family Life, Baltimore City Years
On September 29, 1869 Thomas, age 23, married Isabella Jones, age 22, in the city of Baltimore, MD.  The 
official was Jno. J. Murray.
In 1871 Thomas is listed in the Baltimore City Directory as a carpenter residing at 437 W. Lomard Avenue.
In 1872 Thomas is listed in the Baltimore City Directory as living at Millred lane near Frederick.
In 1873 and 1874 Thomas is listed in the Baltimore City Directory as living at Loudon Avenue near Millington.
In 1876 Thomas is listed in the Baltimoe City Directory as living at Millington lane near Frederick Avenue.  
On November 15 of this year, Thomas and Isabelle, for the price of $472.00 dollars, purchased 140 acres in 
Prince William County, Virginia from Benjamin P. and Mary A. Ledley.  Baltimore City tax records for 1876 
show that Thomas and James owned a 14 x 100 lot on Marriott Street with assessments of $125.00 dollars, land; 
$400.00 dollars, house; and, $40.00, furniture.
In 1877 and 1878 Thomas is listed in the Baltimore City Directory as living at McHenry near Millington lane.
In 1879, 1880, and 1881 Thomas is listed in the Baltimore City Directory as living at 7 Marriott.
In 1884 and 1885 Thomas is listed in the Baltimore City Directory as living at 6 Marriott.  Thomas and Isabelle 
were attending The Church of the Holy Cross (Episcopal) at this time.  Their records show that the sixth child of 
Thomas and Isabelle, Hattie Irene Elizabeth Woolfenden, was baptized at Holy Cross on April 16, 1884.  On March 
26, 1885, Thomas deeded his lease to the part of Mount Clair that he leased on September 13, 1869 to Hennitta 
Schlens and Gustav Adolph Schlens.
Move to Virginia, Later Family Years
It is most likely that Thomas and his family moved to Virginia sometime during the spring of 1885.  The first 
documented evidence of their Virginia residency listed below.
By February 15, 1886 Thomas, Isabelle and their surviving children were residing in Prince William County, 
Virginia on the property that they purchased in 1876.  This is evidenced by the deed for one acre to the trustees 
of Bellehaven Missionary Baptist Church.  
In 1889, for the price of $325.00, Thomas purchased 124 1/2 acres from Mary Wait in Prince William County, Virginia.
In 1910, for the price of $100.00, Thomas sold 6 1/2 acres to P.M. and Maggie Cole in Prince William County, Virginia.


In the Manassas Democrat on March 24, 1910 appears an article regarding a lemon tree at the Belle Haven Farm.  The tree was described as having nine perfert lemons.  One weighted one and one half pounds.  Another on the tree will weight about two and one fourth pounds.  Mr. Woolfenden is quoted to say, "Tell the folks we can raise anything down here." 

In 1911, for the price of $10.00 and other considerations, Thomas purchased 140 acres from C.F. Stoll in Prince William 
County, Virginia.
Until his death on April 26, 1926, Thomas and his family continued to reside on this farm .  His children continued to 
own the farm until it was purchased by the U.S. Navy as part of the expansion of the Quantico Marine Corps Base in the 
1940's.  They attended church during these years at Bellehaven Missionary Baptist Church, which was named after Isabelle
Jones Woolfenden, Thomas' wife.    
Death On April 26, 1926, Thomas died at Kopp, VA.  He was buried in the Belle Haven Missionary Baptist Church graveyard.  
The graveyard is now a part of the Quantico Marine Corps Base, which is located in the southeastern part of Prince 
William County, Virginia, just a few miles west of Quantico National Cemetery.
Documentation:  R.C. Woolfenden, various US Census records for Prince William County, VA and Baltimore, MD, various 
Baltimore City Directories, marriage records, birth records, death records


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