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Submitted by:  Tina McKie

I hereby certify that the attached is a true copy of a record on file in the division of Vital Records. (signed: Geneva G Sparks)
State of Maryland
Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene
Certificate of Death
Reg. No. 87-??400
Name: Elsie Zametzer
Date of Death: 12/11/1987
Sex: Female
Race: White
Date of Birth: 8/22/1908
Age: 79
Birthplace: Maryland
Citizen of what country: USA
Baltimore City or county of death: Baltimore City
City or Town of death: Baltimore
Name of Hospital, Nursing home or other institution: Key Medical Center
Usual Occupation: Own Home
Usual Residence: Maryland
County: Baltimore
City or Town: Dundalk
Inside city limits: No
Street Address: 6816 Brentwood Ave 21222
Father’s name: Stanley Matuszewska
Mother’s Maiden name: Anastasia A. ??
Was deceased ever in Armed Forces: No
SS# 215-05-9175
Informant: Laura Lengrand
Address: 7943 Wise Ave. 21222
Cause of Death: Acute MI (four days)
I certify that this hospital attended the deceased from 12/7/1987 to (blank) and that I last saw the deceased alive on (blank) and that in my opinion death occurred on the date and from the causes stated above.
(signed) Dr SS Dang (?)
40 Dundalk Ave.
Baltimore, MD. (Blurred)
Burial: 12/15/1987
Name of cemetery: Oak Lawn
Location: Baltimore, MD
Funeral Director: Duda-Ruck Funeral Home
7922 Wise Ave (Dundalk)
Date received by Regirstar: 12/17/1987
Registrar’s name: (blurred)
[note: Surname is also spelled as “Matuszewski”]

Submitted by Tricia Fortney

CERTIFICATE #:    D23596
DECEDENT:   George Zellner
PLACE of DEATH:   2036 Eastern Ave.
DATE of DEATH:  Oct. 21, 1918
CAUSE of DEATH:  influenza                         CONTRIBUTORY CAUSE(S):
bronchial pneumonia
USUAL RESIDENCE:     2036 Eastern Ave.
SPOUSE:   Emma Zellner
EMPLOYER:    not given
DATE of BIRTH: 1887
BIRTHPLACE:   Michigan
AGE:  31y
FATHER’S NAME:  unknown
BIRTHPLACE:    unknown
MOTHER’S NAME: unknown
BIRTHPLACE:    unknown
PLACE of BURIAL:   Oaklawn Cemetery
DATE of BURIAL:   Oct. 23,1918
UNDERTAKER:   Peter Nicolaus
ADDRESS: 2046 Eastern Ave.
INFORMANT:   Emma Zellner
ADDRESS:  2036 Eastern Ave..

Submitted by:Shannan Hinners
Decedent's Name:    Peter Paul Zuromski       
Date of Death:        March 24, 2004       
Time of Death:        8:17 am   
Facility Name:        3510 Wheelhouse Road
City:                      Baltimore
County of Death:     Baltimore
Sex:                      Male
Age:                      80
Date of Birth:         Jan 26, 1924
Birthplace:             Maryland
Usual Residence of Decedent:
State:                    MD
County:                Baltimore
City, Town:            Baltimore
Inside City Limits:    No
Street and Number:    3510 Wheelhouse Road
Zip Code:                21220
Citizen of What Country:    USA
Marital Status:            Married
Was Decedent Ever in US Armed Forces:    Yes
If Yes, Give Dates:            1943-1936 (Army during World War II)
Race:            White
Decedent's Education:    Elementary/Secondary (12)
Decedent's Usual Occupation:    Salesperson
Kind of Business:            Carpet
Father's Name:        Peter Adam Zuromski
Mother's Name:        Laura Anne Tyszkiewicz
Informant's Name/Relationship:    Maxine Zuromski/Spouse
Method of Disposition:        Donation
Signed by: Ronald S. Wade, Director
Facility:    State Anatomy Board; 655 W. Baltimore St. Baltimore, MD 21201
Immediate Cause of Death:    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Due as a consequence of:        Diabetes Mellitus (Type II Diabetes)
Other significant conditions:    Coronary Artery Disease and Hypertension
Was Autopsy Performed:    No
Was Case Referred to Examiner:     No
Place of Death:            Home
Certifier:        Certifying Physician - Eugene Craig, M.D., VA Maryland Healthcare System, Perry Point, MD 21902
Date Filed:     Apr 22, 2004
Registrar's Signature:     Geneva G Sparks.


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