Death Certificates

Submitted by:  Lisa Asbury


 Health Department, City of Baltimore
Certificate of Death   A72947
Marital Status:  Married
Occupation:  Laborer
Duration of Residence in the City of Baltimore:  21 years
Place of Death:  1727 Aliceanna St.
Place of Burial:  St. Stanislaus
Date of Burial:  Jan 8, 1895

Baltimore City Health Department

             Certificate of Death G53005
Place of Death:  2006 Duker Court
 Full Name:  Josephine Sachczynski (or) Sinsky
 Social Security No:  217-05-3054
 Marital Status:  Widow
Name of Husband:  James
 Birth Date of Deceased:  March 4, 1878?
 Birthplace:  Poland
 Usual Occupation:  Housewife
 Father's Name:  John Lorek
Birthplace:  Poland
Mother's Maiden Name:  Mary Mrowczynski
 Birthplace:  Poland
 Burial:  July 1, 1947
 Cemetery:  St. Stanislaus
 Funeral Director:  George A. Weber, 705 S. Ann Street
Date of Death:  June 28, 1947 at 12:30 A.M.
Cause of Death:  Cerebral Hemorrhage
Rheumatic arthritis

  Submitted by Lester

Betty Ruth Sacks
sex : Female
age : 66
born : 2 May 1920 Johnstown, PA
death: 2 may 1986 Baltimore, MD
father: Charles Brockunier
mother: Cora Blanche Follmar
SS# : 172-18-90
Cause of death: massive aspiration of blood due to
ruptured thoracic aortic aneurysm
into the esopagus.
( severe atheroclerosis)
Occupation: clerk in drug store
Place of death: St. Agnes Hospital
Attending physician: James E. Taylor, M.D.
Funeral Director: Hubbard Funeral Home, Inc
Burial: 6 May 1966 @ Glen Haven Memorial Park
Glen Burnie, MD

Submitted by: Joann Wheeler

Adam Schmidt
race/sex White, Male
birth:  1843
death: 4/10/1915
age  72
birthplace: Germany
place of death:  City Hospital
occupation:  Blacksmith
last residence:  205 Register St.
Fathers Name: Adam Schmidt
Mother: Annie Simarmin
cause of death: senility, old cerebral hemmorage
Interred: Holy Rosary Cemetary

Clara Myrtle Simkin

Submitted by:  Peggy Miller-Hornick

Certificate of DeathName: Clara Myrtle Simkin
DOB: December19, 1875
Sex: Female
Birthplace: Baltimore, MD
Father’s Name: Edward Albert Miller (born in MD)
Mother’s Maiden Name: Wilhelmina Logan (born in MD)
Married to Lemuel T. Simkin
Occupation: Housewife
DOD: July 6, 1919
Age: 43 years
Cause of Death: Pulmonary Tiberculosis
Place of Death: 902 McCullough St
Place of Burial: Baltimore Cemetery


Submitted by:  Joann Wheeler

Edward Smith (Schmidt)
race/sex White, Male
birth:  7/17/1916
death:  6/15/1917
age  11 mo
birthplace:  Baltimore MD
place of death:  Baltimore, Md
occupation:  none
last residence:   611 S. Bethel St., Balto MD
Fathers Name: Leo Smith (Schmidt)
Father's Place of Birth Russia Poland
Mother:  Agnes Chmielewski
Mother's Place of Birth Baltimore
cause of death:  Lobeer Pneumonia,
other conditions: cardiac oclatelion
Interred: Holy Rosary Cemetary

Submitted by:  Joanne Wheeler

Name: Josephine (Niska) Schmidt Olezewski
race/sex white female
birth:  1863
death:  12/31/1936
age  73
birthplace: Poland
place of death: Balto MD
occupation: housework
last residence:  816 S. Bond St., Balto MD
Fathers Name: Jakob Niksa
Father's place of birth: Poland
Mother: Franciszka Sinki (last name spelling?)
cause of death: arteriorlerous (spelling?)
other conditions:
Interred: Holy Rosary Cemetary

Submitted by Joann Wheeler, Pasadena, MD

Katherine Koziol - Schmidt
female, white
birth: Nov. 25, 1889
death: Nov 14, 1987
age 99
birthplace: Poland
place of death: Eastpoint Nursing Home, Balto, MD
occupation: homemaker
last residence: 224 S. Madera St., Balto, MD 21231
Fathers Name: Paul Siwik 
Mother: Josephine Nix
cause of death: cardio-respiratory arrest due to atrial fiffiullation(spelling?)
due to ASPVD
other conditions: severe dementia-osteoporosis

Submitted by Joann Wheeler, Pasadena, MD

Walter M.Schmidt

white male
birth: 9/29/19 Baltimore, MD
death: 11/3/1989
church home hospital, Baltimore City
last address: 719 Aldworth Rd, Baltimore, MD
served WWII
Occupation: steelworker Bethlehem Steel
Parents: Walter Schmidt & Katherine Siwik 
Buried: Oaklawn Cemetery Balto., MD
Cause of death: sepsis
Other conditions: stroke, shortbowel syndrome nephrotic syndrome

Submitted by:  Margaret Davis

Name   Harry Joe Sealock
Date of Birth   February 21, 1931
Date of Death December 24, 1987
State of Birth  Maryland
Died Vet Hospital Loch Raven
Buried Maryland Vet. Cemetery Garrison Baltimore Md
Father  Joseph E. Sealock
Mother  Dora Riley Sealock
Death certificate number 35212


NAME: Joe Perry
Shannon, Mildred
Death Certificate
Baltimore City Health Department
Date of Death: 3 Oct 1944
Location of Death: University Hospital, Baltimore City, Maryland
Usual Residence: 1039 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore City, Maryland
Marital Status: married
Name of Spouse: Caswell J. Shannon (50 years old)
Sex: female
Race: white
Date of Birth: 17 May 1890
Birthplace: Woodlawn, Baltimore County, Maryland
Father’s Name: William Euler (Maryland)
Mother’s Name: Elizabeth Younger (Maryland)
Informant: patient previous to death
Cause of Death: Cerebral vascular accident due to hypertension due to hypertension
Cemetery: Mt. Olive Cemetery, Randallstown, Baltimore County, Maryland
Date of Burial: 5 Oct 1944
Funeral Home:

Submitted by:  Joanne Wheeler

John Smites (Schmidt)
race/sex:   white male
birth:  2/22/1918
death:  10/17/1918
age  9 mo
birthplace:  Balto MD
place of death: Balto MD
occupation: none
last residence:  2022 Aliceanna St. Balto MD
Fathers Name: Walter Smith (Schmidt)
Father's place of birth:  Poland
Mother: Katie Shevia (Siwik)
Mother's place of birth:   Poland
cause of death: Influenza
other conditions:
Interred:Holy Rosary Cemetary

Death Certificate for Antonia Springer

Health Department – City of Baltimore
Record: G 02670
Place of Death:
Baltimore City, MD
Street Address:  809 N. Belnord Avenue
Usual Residence:
  Baltimore, MD
  809 N. Belnord Avenue
Full Name:  Antonia Springer
Sex:   Female
Color or race:  White
Marital status:  widowed
 spouse name:  Frank Springer
Date of Birth:  11/-/1869
Age:   73 yrs,  4 months,
Birthplace:  Czechoslovakia
Occupation:  Housewife
Name of father: Unknown
Birthplace of father: unknown
Mother’s name: unknown
Birthplace of mother: unknown
Informant:  Frances Sladek (daughter)
   809 N. Belnord Avenue
Burial   3/29/43
Cemetery:  Holy Redeemer, Belair Rd., Balto. Md.
Funeral Director: Charles E. Schimunek
   2601 E. Madison Street
Date of Death:  March 25, 1943
Cause of Death: Coronary ??? [difficult to read following words]

Submitted by: Joann Wheeler

Adam Siwik
race/sex white male
birth:  8/7/1905
death:  8/9/1905
age  2 days
birthplace: Balto MD
place of death: Balto MD
occupation:  none
last residence: 1708 Aliceanna St. Balto MD
Fathers Name:  Apolinary Siwik
Father's place of birth: Russia Poland
Mother: Josefa Niksa
Mother's place of birth: Russia Poland
cause of death: Convalsion
other conditions: Exhaustion
Interred: Holy Rosary Cemetary

Submitted by: Joanne Wheeler

Apolanary (Apolinary) Siwik
race/sex:    White male
birth:  1869
death:  10/11/1927
age  58
birthplace:  Poland
place of death: Balto MD
occupation: none
last residence:  816 S. Bond St.
Fathers Name:  Frank Siwik
Father's place of birth: Poland
Mother: Frances Niksa
Mother's place of birth: Poland
cause of death: Bronchopneumonia
other conditions: emphasema
Interred: Holy Rosary Cemetary

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