Death List

Baltimore News 9/8/1931
Submitted by:  Kathy

Official Death List (I guess these were in place of death notices).  These are the listings in
their entirety- there are no more details shown.  Some of the numbers are hard to read...

WITTKA, Joseph, 64, 244 East ave

POPPLEIN, Nicholas, 54, 2423 Everton rd

BECK, Nettye R, 55, 3404 Ewing ave

WILKENING, Elizabeth R, 64, 1216 E Fed st

BONDAY, Charles E, 69, 5515 Roland ave

HARTMAN, Nannie, 67, 3300 Elmley ave

KELLY, Henry, 70, 1527 Bush st

SMITH, Leona,  2 months, 2629 Loretta ave

ROSS, Evelyn P, 24, 864 W 27th

GUARDINA, Josephine, 72, 4704 Harford rd

PEREGOY, Cynthia, 57, 3504 Spaulding ave

AVLAMIN, Gus, 44, 805 Hamilton Terr Apts

GOLDSMITH, Earl M, 2 ,Owings Mills, Md

O'CONNOR, Patrick, 51, 2704 Boston st


SMITH, Wilbur, 9 months, 1725 Edmondson ave

WOODSON, Mary, 3,  1037 N Eutaw st

TAYLOR, Guandarian?, 1 month, 913 s. Fremont av

FIXER, Peter, 51, 704 Born ct

JOHNSON, Hamilton E, 18, 482 N Bruce st

ALLEN, Andrew, 47, 219 Cove alley

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