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Submitted by:Lisa Asbury

Health Department - City of Baltimore
               Certificate of Death  C-89977
Place of Death:  2112 Fleet St
Full Name:  James M. Fairley
Residence:  not known
Sex:  Male
Color:  White
Marital Status:  Married
Date of Birth:  Dec 9, 1859
Age:  55 years 11 months 21 days
Occupation:  Driver of wagon
Birthplace: Scotland
Name of Father/Birthplace:  Robert Fairley / Scotland
Maiden Name of Mother/Birthplace:  Martha Mulholland / Scotland
Informant:  Catherine Hasel / 826 S. Kenwood Ave
Date of Death:  Nov 26, 1915
Cause of Death:  Organic Heart Disease
Dr. Jones / O'Donnell St
Burial / Date:  Oak Lawn Cemetery / Nov 29, 1915
Undertaker:  Lilly & Zeiler / 403 S. Wolfe St.

Submitted by:Lisa Asbury

Certificate of Death - City of Baltimore|
Certificate #:  F-03187
Place of Death:  128 S. Rochester Pl (Ward 1-01)
Full name:  Lena Fairley
Marital Status:  Widow
Husband:  Robert Fairley
Date of Birth:  August 6, 1857
Age:  76 years 11 months 8 days
Occupation:  Retired
Birthplace:  Baltimore, Maryland
Father's Name:  John Biggermann
Birthplace:  Germany
Mother's Maiden Name:  Unknown
Birthplace:  Germany
Informant:  Anna Winks (daughter)  128 S. Rochester Place
Burial:  Mt. Carmel on July 17, 1934
Undertaker:  Lilly & Zeiler

Submitted by:Lisa Asbury

Health Department - City of Baltimore
Certificate of Death   Certificate #C - 91922
Place of Death:  City of Baltimore No:  826 S. Kenwood Ave, Ward 1
Full Name:  Martha M. Fairley
Residence in Baltimore:  826 S. Kenwood Ave
Marital Status:  widow
Date of Birth:  Month Day (Unknown), 1824
Age:  92
Occupation:  None
Birthplace:  Glasgow, Scotland
Name of Father:  Arthur (?) Mulholland
Birthplace:  Scotland
Maiden Name of Mother:  Martha Cotter
Birthplace:  Scotland
Informant Name / Address:  Catherine Hasel / 826 S. Kenwood Ave
Date of Death:  Feb 1, 1916
Cause of Death:  arteriosclerosis
Place of Burial / Date:  Oak Lawn / Feb 3, 1916
Undertaker Name / Address:  Lilly & Zeiler / 403 S. Wolfe St.


Health Department, City of Baltimore
Certificate of Death, Registered No. B 94083 
Place of Death:  625 S. Bradford
Full Name:  Robert P. Fairley
Residence (if in Baltimore):  625 S. Bradford St.
Duration of Residence in Baltimore:  lifetime
Sex:  Male
Color:  White
Date of Birth:  Dec 9, 1861
Marital Status:  Married
Full name of Father/Birthplace: 
Maiden Name of Mother/Birthplace:
Occupation of Deceased: Fisherman
Informant:  Lena Fairley
Date of Death/time:  Oct 1, 1906 / 11 A.M.
Due to:  exhaustion
    contributory:  Acute pneumonia and psthisis
Burial:  Mount Carmel Cemetery
Date:  10/3/1906
Undertaker:  Germanus France    Band 7 Wolfe Sts.

Submitted by:  Nancy Beatty

Name: Bernard Flanigan
Died at: BayView Junction
Baltimore, Maryland
Date: 1908, December, 13
Age: 25 about
Sex: Male
Color or Race: White
Birthplace: Maryland
Occupation: Laborer
Where residing if not at place of death: 5 Bartlett Ave.
Married, Single or Widowed: Single
Name of wife or Husband: None
Father's Name: Patrick Flanigan
Father's Birthplace: Ireland
Mother's Maiden Name: Unknown
Mother's Birthplace: Unknown
Name of person giving information: E.A.Wiedefeld
How Related to Deceased: None
Cause of Death: Shock to being run over by R.R. Train
Are the name, age, sex, color, date and place correctly given above: Yes
Signature of Physician: Unable to read
Address: 3326 E. Baltimore Street

Submitted by:  Nancy Beatty

Place of Death-Hill and Boone

Full Name-Margaret Flannigan
Residence in Baltimore-512 23rd street
Color or Race-White
Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced-Married
Date of Birth-November 20,1847
Age-67 yrs, 8 months, 3 days
Name of Father-Thomas Sharkey
Birthplace of Father-Ireland
Maiden Name of Mother-Catherine Kelly
Birthplace of Mother-Ireland
Informant-Margaret Beatty
Address-Hill and Boone
Date of Death-July 23, 1915
I hereby certify that I attended deceased from June 10, 1915 to July 23, 1915
that I saw her alive on July 23, 1915 and that death occurred on the date above at 7 PM
Cause of Death-Chronic Bronchitis
Place of Burial-Texas, Baltimore County, July 27


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