Death List

Baltimore Sun May 12, 1938
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

BAYER, Stanislaus J.  Age 47, Official Death List, 315 S Washington street.
B News 05/12/1938

CAGER, Ernest. Age 25, Official Death List, 416 Myrtle avenue.  B News

CHASE, Carey.  Age 38, Official Death List, 837 Coloney street.  B New

CORSE, Florence M.  Age 69, Official Death List, 2001 North Park avenue.  B
News 05/12/1938

COX, Bernard C.  Age 55, Official Death List, 1804 Harford avenue.  B News

CRISP, Marietta E.  Age 74, Official Death List, 2709 St Paul street.  B
News 05/12/1938

DABKOWSKI, Frances.  Age 67, Official Death List.  B News 05/12/1938

DEBAUFRE, John.  Age 11, Official Death List.  B News 05/12/1938

FABULA, John L.  Age 16, Official Death List, 1209 South Smallwood street.
 B News 05/12/1938

GLADDING, Charles A, Jr.  Age 57, Official Death List, 2311 Eisinor
 avenue.  B News 05/12/1938

, Johanna. Age 77, Official Death List. B News 05/12/1938

GROSS, Maggie. Age 64, Official Death List. B News 05/12/1938

HASKINS, Joseph. Age 61, Official Death List, 1611 E Preston street. B News 05/12/1938

HOFSTETTER (infant), Age X3, Official Death List. B News 05/12/1938

JACKISCH, Theresa. Age 33/55, Official Death List, 1735 E Lafayette avenue. B News 05/12/1938

JETERS (baby). X12, Official Death List, 1106 Barnes street. B News 05/12/1938

JOHNSON, Helen T. Age 72, Official Death List. B News 05/12/1938

KEYSER, John B. Age 61, Official Death List. B News 05/12/1938

KLEMM, Mary. Age 48, Official Death List, 508 Rappolle street. B News 05/12/1938

LANE, Henrietta. Age 83, Official Death List, 3107 Echodale avenue. B News 05/12/1938

LEMON, James S. Age 5 days, Official Death List, 519 W Saratoga street. B News 05/12/1938

MCBRIARTY, Catherine. Age 68, Official Death List, 3411 University place. B New 05/12/1938

MITCHELL, Edward H. Age 54, Official Death List, 3517 Menlo drive. B News 05/12/1938

MONKS, Katherine. Age 77, Official Death List, 211 S Castle street. B News 05/12/1938

MONROE, William. Age 2, Official Death List, 1017 Linden avenue. B News 05/12/1938

, Annie C. Age 76, Official Death List, 2227 N Calvert street. B News 05/12/1938

PERRY (infant). Age X4, Official Death List, Jessup MD. B News 05/12/1938

ROBINSON, Mattie. May 10, 1938, MATTIE, wid/o the late Cornelius Robinson…interment Center Cross VA. B News 05/12/1938

ROCKLIN, Leonard. Age X2, Official Death List, 2836 Edmondson avenue. B News 05/12/1938

RYON, Clarence. Age 81, Official Death List, 4300 Grandview avenue. B News 05/12/1938

SHANKLIN, Mary A. Age 74, Official Death List, 3107 Wisteria avenue. B News 05/12/1938

SIMCOE, Walter. Age 39, Official Death List, 762 Bartlett avenue. B News 05/12/1938

THOMAS, Anna. Age 59, Official Death List, 703 N Caroline street. B News 05/12/1938

THOMAS, Nick. Age 43, Official Death List, 637 W Lombard street. B News 05/12/1938

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