Death List

Baltimore Sun 4 Aug 1926
Submitted by:  Bonnie

Deaths reported to the Health Department from 4 P.M. Monday until 4 P.M. yesterday were:
Name year age except 1 residence

Adler or Adlar, Carrie looks like 27 213 N. High st.
Allen, William (can t read middle initial) looks like 35 1627 N. Wolfe st.
Boulden, Henrietta looks like 50 looks like 910 N. Arlington av.
Bub(u or a or o)is, Lenora M. 1 421 S. Paca st.
Byrnes, James 67 Little Sisters Of the Poor
Fehlu(e or u or o)r, Ernestine 42 Stemmers Run, MD
Gorsuch, George two digits, ?2 255 S. Broadway
Gro??(h or k)opf, John two digits, ?0 3421 Foster ave.
Ha???s, Paul looks like 1 looks like 1110 Carroll st.
Horn, Margaret G. 71 4321 Garrison ave.
Harold, Marian G. looks like 50 3408 E. Pratt st.
Jarrett, Mildred 2 ?633 Friendsbury st.
Johnson, Baby 1 day Glenburnie, Md.
Janowski, Felix E. 4 months ???4 Nicholson st.
Jenkins, Joseph either 12y or 2 days 2?? N. Rose st.
Knight, Maurice L. 46 1??? W. North ave.
Kopicki, Jadwig(a or n) 8 months 111 Durham St.
Maciolek, Stanislaus (James) 7 (8 or 3)15 S. (B or R)(e or o)inord av
Stier, James J. 64 1809 Wilkens av
Thearle, Olga 23 2302 C(a or u)lverton Hgts. Av.
Tomalski, Janina 13 221 S. Ch(?)ster st.
Weaver, Catherine W. 60 311 E. 31st st.
Whitmore, Carrie 78 German Aged Women s Home

Carroll, Laura 40 Baltimore City Hospitals
Green, Ellen 68 702 Raborg st.
Looks like H(a or u)(d or ?l)ey, Oliver 1 day 214 Montford av.
Jones, William looks like 52 looks like Ke(n or ?)eth, MD
Pinkney, Emma 42 1800 Maryland av.
Smith, Dennis 68 516 Pearl st.


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