Baltimore City Directory

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Silver Jos, talor, h 111 w Barre
Silver Jos M, shoemkr, 1428 Hempel al
Silver Louis, salesman, 430 n Bdway
Silver Louis tailor, 1126 Low
Silver Margt Mrs, 2056 Kennedy av
Silver Max, tailor, 1044 Pa av, h do
Silver Max, tailor, h 17 n wolfe
Silver Morris L, clk, 1209 McElderry
Silver Pearl Mrs, h 1219 McElderry
*Silver Saml, lab, 327 forrest
*Silver Spring Social, 1229 Mulliken
Silver Star Council No 24 (D of A), 2801 Elliott
SIlver thos J, grocer, 1800 thomas av
Silver Yetta, dressmkr. 34 s High, h do
Silverberg Harry, plasterer, h 1424 e Fayette
Silverberg Saml, farmer, h 1411 e Fayette
Silverberg Simon, student, 1411 e Fayette
Silverberg Theresa Mrs, h 13 n Washington
Silverblatt Jacob, janitor. h 32 s High
Silverfarb Louis, dairy, 707 n Eden, h do
Silverfarb Morris, bkpr, 707 n Eden
Silverman Aaron, buyer, 3312 Auchentoroly ter
Sillverman Aaron, tailor, 311 n Bdway
Silverman Abraham, tailor, 820 e Lombard
Silverman Anna, grocer, 200 s Eutaw
Silverman Annie, grocer, 30 e York
Silverman Annie, genl mdse. 1424 Gough
Silverman Bernd, express, 1304 May
Silverman Carrie Mrs, h 1913 n Monroe
Silverman Cecelia Mrs, 1230 McElderry
Silverman Chas, blocker. 205 s Eden
Silverman chas, ctr. 501 n Central av
Silverman David, clk. 905 Arllington av n
Silverman David, tailor, 127 w Barre
Silverman David, tailor h 131 n Front
Silverman David, varnisher, 112 n Exeter
Silverman Dora Mrs, grocer, 1420 gough
Silverman Ella Mrs, h 1005 e Pratt
Silverman Esther Mrs, h 9 Eden
Silverman Harris, pres Silverman & sons co, h 3312 Auchentoroly ter
Silverman Harry, com trav. 501 n Cenral
Silverman Harry. tailor, 117 s High
Silverman Herman, clk, 239 s Exeter
Silverman Hyman. tailor, h 127 w Barre
Silverman Isaac, paperhngr, h 302 n Exeter
Silverman Israel, designer. h 501 n Central
Silverman Israel, tailor, h 1304 May
Silverman J & Co (Jacob silverman), tailors, Main nr Garrison av
Silverman Jacob (J Silverman & Co), h main nr Garrison av
Silverman Jacob, clk, 200 s Eutaw
Silverman Jacob, tailor, h 905 n Arlington
Silverman Jos. driver, h 1105 e Madison
Silverman Julius, tailor, h 215 w Barre
Silverman Leha, dry gds, 501 n Central av
Silverman Lipman, tailor, h 132 Aisquith
Silverman Louis, driver, h 215 w Barre
Silverman Louis, shoes, 1625 Wilkens av
Silverman Louis, tailor, 910 e Fayette, h 509 n Wolfe
Silverman Louis, tailor, h 1000 Granby
Silverman Louis, treas Silverman & Sons co, h 2916 Parkwood av
Silverman Louis P, ctr, 618 s Charles
Silverman Mark, grocer, 601 Aisquith
Silverman Mary, prod, 1304 May, h do
Silverman Max, grocer, 1710 Lorman
Silverman Max, junk, 1711 w Mulberry, h 514 n Mount
Silverman Max, tailor, 908 w Balto. h 12 s Poppleton
Silverman Max, tailor, 525 n Howard
Silverman Morris, electrn, 905 n Arlington av
Silverman Morris, tailor, 139 n Exeter
Silverman Moses (Silverman & Sons co), h 3312 Auchentoroly ter
Silverman Nathan, carp, h 1808 e Fayette
Silverman Nathan, tailor, h 1424 Gough
SIlverman Nathan, tailor, 260 n exeter
SIlverman Saml, capmkr, h 205 s Eden
SIlverman Saml, clk, 314 s High
Silverman Saml, confr, 15 s High, h do
Silverman Sarah, drygds, 1400 Laurens
Silverman Simon, tailor, h 1518 e Fayette
Silverman Solomon (Cohen & Silverman). h 2428 Lakeview av
Silverman Solomon, h 1400 Laurens
Silverman Solomon, slsmn, 3312 Auchentoroly ter
Silverman & sons co, Harris Silverman pres, Israel Buckner sec, clothing mnfrs, 423 w Balto
Silvernagel Geo P, driver, 851 w Fayette
Silvernagel Peter. lab, 1538 Light
Silverson Cath Mrs, h 1222 e Biddle
Silverson Chas J, printer, h 2411 Orleans
Silverson Henry, lab, 2403 e Monument
Silverson John L, clk, 1222 e Biddle
Silverson Philip, clk, h 2526 Ashland av
Silverson Wm, mach, 1233 Columbia av
Silverstein Bernd, clk, 132 n Front
SIlverstein Harris, tailor, h 1427 Gough
Silverstein Harry, clk, 132 n Front
Silverstein Harry, presser, 222 s Caroline
Silverstein Ida Mrs, h 103 s Spring
Silverstein Jacob, painter, 5 Irvine pl
Silverstein Jacob, tailor, h 242 n Exeter
Silverstein Jacob D (Silverstein & Schlossberg), h 1625 e Monument
Silverstein Jos, saloon, 1521 Winchester
Silverstein Morris, mngr, h 1821 Moreland
silverstein Morris, tailor, 253 n Exeter
Silverstein Myer, tailor, 1608 e Pratt
Silverstein Saml. h 6 n Ann
Silverstein Saml, carp, 132 n Front
Silverstein Saml, physician, 1135 e Balto
Silverstein Sophia, grocer, 265 East, h do
Silverstein & Schlossberg (Jacob D silverstein, Jos Schlossbert), tailors, 239 n Gay
Silverwood Harry E, clk, 2909 Clifton av
Silverwood John W, clk, h 2909 Clifton av
Silverwood Rbt d, collr. 1612 Harlem
Silverwood Sarah E. bkpr. 1612 Harlem
Silverwood Wesley, bkpr, 1720 n Caroline
Silverwood Wm A, electrn. 2909 clifton
Silvester Domenico. lab. 207 slemmer al
Silvester Peter, lab. 207 slemmer al
Silvester Reuben, cigarmkr. 531 s Luzerne
Silvester Richd, student. 817 n Bdway
Silvester Vincenzo, lab. 207 Slemmer al
Silvestri Bosi. lab. 305 s Exeter
Silvestri Louis, carp. 1844 c Chase
Silvestri Nicola, barber, 396 Forrest, h do
Silvestri Vincent. barber, 396 Forrest
Silwright wm H. comm mer, h Penhurst av c Gwynn Oak
Sim J glenn, clk, 304 Presstman
Sima Aug, h 2036 Ashland av
Sima chas E. student, 830 n Bond


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