Baltimore City Directory

Submitted by:  Gayle Triller

Schmidt Geo H. baker, h 137 n Patnxent
Schmidt Geo H. clk, h 617 Columbia av
Schmidt Geo H. cabtmkr, 1317 e Eager, h Taylor nr Fillmore
Schmidt Geo H. pipeftr, h 924 w Mulberry
Schmidt Geo H, selector, 2214 w Lexington
Schmidt Geo J. cabtmkr, h 1200 Federal
Schmidt Geo J. clk, 101 s potomac
Schmidt Geo J. electrn, h 2641 e Monument
Schmidt Geo J. paperhngr, h 17 n Hare
Schmidt Geo J. tinner, 249 n Schroeder
Schmidt Geo I., lab, h 1113 s Carey
Schmidt Geo I., lab, h 2240 McHenry
Schmidt Geo M. clk. 2342 Fleet
Schmidt Geo M lab, h 957 n Chester
Schmidt Geo U. clk, 20 e Montgomery
Schmidt Geo W. bkpr, 1225 e Monument
Schmidt Geo w. clk, 2333 Druid Hill av
Schmidt Geo W. clk, 936 w Mulberry
Schmidt Geo W C. dftsmn. h 2719 Orleans
Schmidt Gertrude Mrs. h 2027 Orleans
Schmidt Gertrude Mrs. h 142 n Washington
Schmidt Gertrude, grocer, 343 s East av
Schmidt Gottfried H. tailor, h 529 n Castle
Schmidt Gustav, h 1216 e Fayette
Schmidt Gustav A. ins. h 1333 Webster
Schmidt Gustav E. carp. h 945 Montpelier
Schmidt Gustav H. foreman. h 2304 e Hoffman
Schmidt Gustav H jr. mach, 2304 e Hoffman
Schmidt Gustave, cabtmkr, h 2333 Druid Hill av
Schmidt Gustave,  lab h 617 s Bradford
Schmidt Guy B. clk. 144 n Kenwood av
Schmidt Harry, brakeman. h 1704 Webster
Schmidt Harry, clk. h 929 Hanover
Schmidt Harry, condtr, 2460 Greenmt av
Schmidt Harry, driver, 1535 w Franklin
Schmidt Harry driver 1320 e Lanvale
Schmidt Harry, ironwkr. 1402 Marshal
Schmidt Harry R. clk, h 433 Whitridge
Schmidt Harry, tinner, 303 n Greene
Schmidt Harrry C. clk, h 752 McHenry
Schmidt Harry C I., clk, h 2805 e Preston
Schmidt Harry D. clk, h 3423 O'Donnell
Schmidt Harry E. clk, 12 n Monroe
Schmidt Harry F. bkpr. h 1657 n Milton
Schmdt Harry F. tiner, 1402 Marshall
Schmidt Harry F. tinner, 1402 Marshall
Schmidt Harry G. chemist, h 2218 Oliver
Schmidt Harry G. clk. 213 n Gilmor
Schmidt Henrietta C Mrs. 2024 Orleans
Schmidt Henry (Schmidt Bros), h O'Donnell nr 22d e
Schmidt Henry, baker, 614 Warner
Schmidt Henry, blksmith, h 1009 Leadenhall
Schmidt Henry, bkpr, 1719 n Patterson-pk
Schmidt Henry, boxmkr, h 839 s Dallas
Schmidt Henry, carp, 1750 n Gay
Schmidt Henry, cigarmkr, h 630 e 28th n
Schmidt Henry, driver, h 1919 Montrose
Schmidt Henry, driver h 309 s Wodyear
Schmidt Henry, druggist, 1501 Hanover
Schmidt Henry jr, coal, 1008 Leadenhall, h 1007 do
Schmidt Henry A. cooper, h 3126 Elliott
Schmidt Henry C. tireman, h 3417 Piedmont av
Schmidt Henry C. lab, Gardenville
Schmidt Henry E. chef, 1025 Warden
Schmidt Henry F, boxmkr, h 1149 Nanticoke
Schmidt Henry G. The Sun, b 1215 Federal
Schmidt Henry H. oils, 1423 Hanover
Schmidt Henry H. plumber, h 1909 Oliver
Schmidt Henry J. dried beef, 1410 n Gay
Schmidt Henry L. lab, 1022 e Chase
Schmidt Henry L. slsman, h 41 Butcher lt
Schmidt Henry W. carp. 507 n Rose
Schmidt Henry W. lab, h 3106 Fait av
Schmidt Herman, lab. h 1420 Andre
Schmidt Herman, mach hd, 1225 w Lombard
Schmidt Herman E. Lab, h h 310 e Hamburg
Schmidt Herman F, clk, h 1301 n Washington
Schmidt Herman W. woodwkr, 528 n Kenwood av
Schmidt Hermann, druggist, 2400 e Monument, h do
Schmidt Hubert, painter, 704 n Stricker
Schmidt Hugo, printer, n 2532 Oliver
Schmidt Hyman, cabtmkr, h 196 n Eden
Schmidt J & Son (Agnes Schmidt), excavator, 246 s Castle
Schmidt J Adam, driver, h 1633 n Bradford
Schmidt J Fredk, driver h 1023 Easters
Schmidt J Henry, clk, h 132 n Curley
Schmidt J Paul student, 1935 w Fayette
Schmidt J Wm, pkr. h 503 n Streeper
Schmidt Jacob, h 528 w Cros
Schmidt Jacob, barber, 1011 Hillen, h do
Schmidt Jacob, elev opr. 644 Portland
Schmidt Jacob, fireman, 616 s Bdway
Schmidt Jacob, lab, 2407 Foster av
Schmidt Jacob, painter, 529 n Eden
Schmidt Jacob, slsmn. h 232 n Milton av
Schmidt Jacob F. driver, Wastport
Schmidt Jas A. pkr. 1443 n Gay
Schmidt Jas E. woodwkr, h 1727 Hollins
Schmidt Jas H. mngr. h 1529 n Eden
Schmidt Jennie, dry gds, 2060 Eastern av
Schmidt Jerome E, roofer, 1443 n Washington
Schmidt Jesse B. lab, 2246 Wilkens av
Schmidt Johana Mrs. 1718 n Washington
Schmidt John (Geo Schmidt & Sos) Eastern av ext
Schmidt John 9J Schmidt & Son), h 707 Greenmt av
Schmidt John, 2660 Wilkens av
Schmidt John, baker, 2446 w Balto
Schmidt John, baker, 516 s Wolfe
Schmidt John, barber h 210 s High
Schmidt John, blksmith, h 227 n Patteron-pk av
Schmidt John, butcher, h 2023 Clifton av
Schmidt John, butcher, h 1842 Pa av
Schmidt John, carp. h 2013 Spruce al
Schmidt John, ???  h 1024 Briscoe

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