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Silverman Saml. tailor, 152 n Exeter
Silverman Simon, tailor. 300 n High
Silverman Solomon, pedler, 21 n Eden
Silvers ChasW, soldier. Ft McHenry
Silvrs Danl P, shoemkr. 1215 e Biddle
Silverson Annie M, grocer. 1 n Glover al
Silverson Chas J, printer. 1 n Glover al
Silverson Philip H, brasswkr. 1508 n bond
Silverstein Harris, tailor.  203 s High
Silvrstein Jos, saloon. 301 Rogers av
Silverstein Morris, mngr. 48 w Balto. h 425 n Gilmor
Silverstein Saml, student. 256 n Exeter
Silverthon Josephine Mrs, 1026 Hopkins av w
SILVERWOOD COAL CO. Wm Silverwood, president, Robt D Silverwood, secretary. Coal and Wood. 1068 n Front
Silverwood Lily M, dressmkr. 1819 n Caroline
Silverwood Robt D. sec Silverwood Coal Co. 1232 n Bdway
Silverwood Wesley L. bkpr. 1819 n Caroline
Silverwood Wm, pres Silverwood Coal Co. 1232 n Bdway
Silvester Herman. tailor. 730 s Charles
Silvester Jane, nurse. J H Hospital
Silwright chas A. carrier p o. 518 n Carey
Silwright Mary J Mrs. 518 n Carey
Silwright wm H. mach. 1127n Carrollton av
Silwright Wm H jr. clk. 518 n Carey
Siize f J c. fireman. 1701 Guilford av
Sim Carrie Mrs. 543 w lafayette av
Sim Frank B. 543 w Lafayette av
Sim Jas G. teacher. 543 w Lafayette av
Sim Martha Mrs. 543 w Lafayette av
Sim Robt A jr. clk. 543 w Lafayette av
Sima August, saloon. 2116 e Fayette
Sima Chas M, lab. 1643 Barnes
Sima Edwd, gents furngs. 578 n Gay
Sima Emil, saloon.  900 n Washington
Sima Justina Mrs. 1643 Barnes
Simaeck Frank, tailor. 1420 Anthony
Siman Alex, tailor.  419 s Howard
Siman Mina, grocer. 419 s Howard
Simanek John, blksmith. 941 n Durham
Simcoe Adelaide, dressmkr.  847 Harlem av
Simcoe Fredk, paperhngr.  429 Forrest e
Simcoe Nannie L, dressmkr.  1523 e Chase
Simcoe Walter S, paperhngr.  1523 e chase
Simek Jos, tailor.  1630 Lancaster
Simering Absalom A, car insp. Franklin rd
Simering Annie E Mrs.  1829 Montrose
SIMERING JOHN C Supreme Secretary Order of the Golden Chain, 115 w Fayette. h 1536 Harlem av
Simering John C jr, clk.  1536 Harlem av
Simering John D, clk.  23 n Payson
Simering John T. ctr.  1026 Riverside av
Simering Wm F. eng, 1013 Riverside av
Simering Wm F jr, molder.  1013 Riverside av
Simes' Pharmacy. Edwd C Tragesser. Ph G. mngr.  551 n fulton av c Edmondson av, telephone 689-2
Simes Robtr j, 551 n Fulton av
Simes Robt J jr, clk.  551 n Fulton av
Simkin Annie E, dressmkr.  413 n Stricker
Simkin Carrie Mrs, 413 n Stricker
Simkin Clifford G, ctr.  736 w Franklin
Simkin Emma J. seamstress, 413 n Stricker
Simkin Lemuel T. clk, 413 n Stricker
Simkin Wm J, driver, 413 n Stricker
Simler Wm. lab, 520 s Port
Simmel Jacob. lab, 1902 Wilhelm
Simmel Mchl. packer, 1102 Ensor
Simmen W H & Co (Wm H Simmen). confectrs. 739 Columbia av
Simmen Wm H (Wm H Simmen & Co). 739 Columbia av
Simmer Fredk. lab, 21 Elliott ext
Simmonds Alfred A. salesman. 307 w Hoffman
Simmonds Geo e. grocer, 151 w Lanvale, h 1219 Madison av
Simmonds Jas F. clk, 312 Hanover
Simmonds Paul. electrician, 216 n Schroeder
Simmons Aaron G. blksmith.  1312 Greenm't av
Simmons Adam. lab, 16 Iron al
Simmons Alice. dressmkr, 805 n Howard
Simmons Anderson. steward, 302 n Parrish
Simmons Annie Mrs, 723 Cumberland
Simmons Annie R Mrs, 313 Sycamore
Simmons Calvin C. ins. 115 w Conway
Simmons Caroline M Mrs. 1117 Harlem av
Simmons Cath Mrs. 1110 Hull
Simmons Chas A. electrician 805 n Howard
Simmons Chas G. driver, 1132 Druid Hill av
Simmons Chas P (The Keystone Water Filter). 27 n Bdway
Simmons Cora g. bkpr. 1225 e Preston
Simmons Edmund L. lab, 208 n Central av
Simmons Edwd B, clk.  2034 Druid Hill av
Simmons Elizab. furn. 1748 Eastern av
Simmons Eva B. 935 n Calvert
Simmons Everett B. clk. 1117 Harlem av
Simmons Francis A. carp. 2030 s Chrles
Simmons Frank, carp.  Covington c Donaldson
Simmons Frank. clk. 312 Hanover
Simmons Frank G. carp. 1236 e Madison
Simmons Geo F. harnessmkr, 810 Columbia av
Simmons Geo H. eng. 1408 n 3d e
Simmons Geo H. ins. 305 s Stricker
*Simmons Geo S. lab. 543 Moore
Simmons Geo T. harnessmkr. Mount nr Lexington
Simmons Geo W. fireman, 1722 Gough
Simmons Geo W. painter. 1711 Ensor
Simmons Harry J. eng. 2003 Harlem av
Simmons Henry. lab. 1110 Hull
*Simmons Henry. lab 422 22 1/2
*Simmons Henry J. crabs. 42 w West
*Simmons Home for Friendless Colored Children (The). 122 Pearl
SIMMONS HORACE M. M D Secretary and General Manager The Medical Journal Co. Fidelity Bldg. telephone 1642-2, h 1708 Linden av
*Simmons Hugh W. porter. 1210 Foster al
Simmons Jas B. electrician. 603 w Lanvale
Simmons Jas C. mariner. 15 fait av ext
Simmons Jas E. Police. 860 Columbia av
*Simmons Jas L. barber 1702 Ditman ct
*Simmons Jas L. photog. 162 Rogers av
Simmons Jas L. timekeeper. 2908 Elliott
Simmons Jas M. sailmkr. 1306 w Lombard
Simmons Jas T. lab. 723 Cumberland
Simmons Jas W L, lab. 809 East av
*Simmons John, lab, 117 n Carlton
Simmons John. lab. 1748 Eastern av
Simmons John J. carp. 1200 e North av
Simmons John J. lab. 1111 s Patuxent e
Simmons John R. driver. 125 e Barney
Simmons John W. canvasser, 2656 York rd
Simmons Jos. lab. 1748 Eastern av
Simmons Jos, motorman. 416 e Pratt ext
Simmons Joseph W, printer. 1008 n Gay
Simmons Kate, teacher, 1303 n Stricker
Simmons Levin A. tinner. 2030 s Charles
Simmons Lucy, 520 e Lombard ext
Simmons Lydia M Mrs. 114 w Randall

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