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Left Column:

Getty, David A., packing box shop, 15 Cowpen al, dw 149 Saratoga

Getty, Jas, dry goods dealer, 105 N Gay, dw 67 N Howard

Getty, Robt, storekeeper, cor Lombard & Frederick

Getz, Christian, grocer S Eutaw cor Henrietta

Getz, C.S., 109 N Calvert

Getz, Henry, laborer, 269 Ann

Getz, Jas, 149 Saratoga

Getz, Lewis, pedlar, 261 N Gay

Geyer, Geo., carter, 74 Cross

Geyer, Jno. Machinists, Raborg W of Republican

Ghaele, Lewis, piano maker, Carpenter al between Greene & Fremont

GHEO, Andrew, fruit & confec. Dealer, 70 Balt.

Ghering, Fredk., cooper, al S of Cross W of Light

Ghering, Jas., chair maker, 355 N Gay

Ghermanhousen, Lewis, grocer, 1 Vine

Gibb, Jno., blacksmith, 28 Somerset

Gibbons, Mrs. Arcadia, boarding house, 23 S Gay

Gibbons, Elizabeth, 162 N High

Gibbons, F.A., contractor, 36 York Av

Gibbons, Joseph, 227 Alice Anna

Gibbons, Capt. Samuel, E Fayette W of Broadway

Gibbs, Edward A, firm G. & Smith, N Exeter

Gibbs, Emily, dairy, NW cor Eutaw and Marion

Gibbs, Mary, Tailoress, 169 Light

Gibbs and Smith, regalia flag and banner manufac. 73 Baltimore

Gibney, Richard, dentist, 96 N Gay

Gibson & Co., auctioneers, 7 N Charles

Gibson, Edward, drayman, 4 Saratoga

Gibson, Elizabeth, 16 Fell

Gibson, Geo., firm Gibson & Co., 56 Biddle

Gibson, Dr. Geo. S., 106 Park

Gibson, Henry W., painter, 66 Ross

Gibson, James, laborer, 71 Richmond

Gibson, James A., turner, 166 N Caroline

Gibson, Capt. James, wharfinger, 45 Fell st.

Gibson, John R., laborer, 267 N Eden

Gibson, John, cooper, 180 Raborg

Gibson, John, 128 S Exeter

Gibson, Joseph, shoemaker, 2 Ensor

Gibson, Margaret, 247 Franklin

Gibson, Mary, 115 N Calvert

Gibson, Mrs., dressmaker, 240 N Gay

Gibson, Patk. in Com & Farmerís Bank, 29 Cathedral

Gibson, Robt., plumber, cor Charles and Saratoga, dw 52 Fremont

Gibson, Thos. chandler, 121 Albermarle


Right Column:


Gibson, Wm. S., teacher, 176 Chestnut

Gibson, Wm. H., clerk, 29 S High

Gidder, Jno., tailor, rear 127 Ensor

Giddings, Mary, Harford av extended

Gidelman, Morris, tavern, 5 South

Giebrihtz, Joseph, tailor, 153 Alice Anna

Giese, Christopher, tailor, 1 Marion

Giese, Henry, shoemaker, 348 Saratoga

Giese, J. Henry, agent Balt. Coal yard, Spearís whf, dw 271 N Howard

Giese, Lewis, W.H., lumber mt. E Falls av, dw 254 N Howard

Giegerich, Ignitius, laborer, rear 305 Dallas

Giese, Wm. H., coal dealer, S end Spearís whf/dw 40 S High

Giesring, Powles, carpenter, 99 S Spring

Giffen, George, cabinet maker, 59 German

GIFFORD, A. & J.J., builders Union al

Gifford, Alexander, firm A & J.J.G., 129 Orleans

Gifford, Hugh, potter, 188 E Fayette

Gifford, James J., firm A & J.J.G., Fayette E of Broadway

Gifford, Thos., carpenter, 131 Orleans

Gifford, Thos., Orleans, 4 doors from Caroline

Giger, Dr. Frederick, S 79 N Eutaw

Gilbec, Catharine, NE cor Parkin and Lombard

Gilbert, Mrs. Amelia, milliner, 185 N Eutaw

Gilbert, Aquilla, carpenter, 90 Pearl

Gilberthorp, Catherine, Register, S of Pratt

Gildea, Ann, milliner, 4 Mulberry

Gildea, Francis, bricklayer, 101 St. Maryís

Gildea, John, 145 Monument

Gildersleve, Geo., coml. mt. and public weigher, 63 Gay, dw 20 Mulberry

Giles, Ann, 40 Liberty

Giles, Gustav, agrieol. impl. Maker, Lee W of Eutaw

Giles, John R., tavern, 28 W Fayette

Giles, John R., confectioner, 124 Baltimore

Giles, Walter, book binder, 3 E Fayette

Giles, William, oak cooper, 273 Franklin

Giles, Wm. F., attorney, 38 Law Buildings Lexington st, dw 26 Franklin

Gill, Absalom, shoemaker, 76 Peirce

Gill, Bryson, dentist, office and dw 52 Sharp

Gill, Charles, confect. & fruiterer, 85 Light st whf, dw 112 Lee

Gill, Elisha P., Canton

Gill, Elisha H., ship carpenter, 118 Bank

Gill, Elizabeth, 118 Bank

Gill, George, huckster, 185 W__?__

Gill, George, M. attorney, 36 St. Paul, dw 38

Gill, Henry, type founder, 28 East

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