Baltimore City Directories
Carter Wm. -
Castle Mitchel
Submitted by:  Rose Hatten


Carter Wm. plasterer, 112 Gough st
Cartman John, laborer, 65 French st
Carusi Samuel, music store, 187 Baltimore st
Cardwordon James I. cabinet maker, 114 L. McElderry st
Cary W. F. belt, brace, suspender, and stock manuf. 51 n Gay
Cary Mrs. corset maker, 51 n Gay t
Casaday Bartholomew, weaver, 300 Mulberry st
Casady John, grocer, 15 Ros t
Casady James, shoe store, 26 e Pratt st
Casey Charles, carter, 30 Perry st
Casey Thomas, laborer, 125 Madison st
Casey Owen, laborer, 1 e Centre st
Casey Joseph, carpenter, 83 gardn st
Casey John, tinner and plumber, 202e Eastern av
Casey Charles, carter, 30 Elbow lane
Casey Wm. 80 Hillen st
Casey Patrick, laborer, 149 n Front st
Casey Daniel, oil and candle manufacturer, Boston st. Canton
Casey William, laborer, Chesapeake st. n of Boston, Canton
Casey Margaret, Chesapeak st. n of Boston
Cashman William, baker, 215 n Exett st
Cashmire Philip, cooper, 19 Concord st
Cashmire Peter, laborer, 26 Concord st
Caskey Samuel, boiler maker, 10 L. Church st
Caspar Mrs. Harriet, 48 Chatsworth st
Caspari charles, druggist 34 n Gay st
Cass George, 249 n Howard st
Cass William, hair dresser, 6 Penn avenue
Cassady Owen, laborer, 150 Pearl st
Cassady Patrick, grocer, 50 s Frederick st
Cassard G. & Son, bacon and provision merchants, 87 e Pratt st
Cassard G. dw 93 Hillen st
Cassard Lewis, 94 e baltimore st
Cassard Gilbert, jr. lumber merchant, w Falls avenue, dw 100 e Pratt st
Cassard Gilbert, cooper, 4 w Falls avenue
Cassard George & Thomas, provision and com. mer. 44 South st
Cassel Jahn, portable desk maker, 37 n Eutaw st
Cassell Edward, bricklayer, 239 Biddle st
Cassell J. F. dentist, s w corner Baltimore and Liberty sts
Cassell George, bricklayer, 239 biddle st
Cassell Abraham, bricklayer 130 Pine s
Cassell Mrs. Margaret, 164 Madison st
Cassell Mrs. Mary, 19 Union st
Cassell Henry, bricklayer, 140 Mulberry st
Cassell Joseph, carpenter, 262 Saratoga st
Cassell Leonard, carpenter, 166 Raborg st
Cassidy Owen, laborer, 150 Pearl st
Cassidy Luke, grocer, 49 Harford avenue
Cassidy Mrs. Margaret, boarding house keepe, 80 e Lombard st
Cassilly Thomas, grocer, 60 Spring st
Cassner Henry, laborer, 233 bond st
Castle Henry, bricklayer, 140 Mulberry st
Castle Mitchel, wheelwright, 57 Mulberry st

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