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Long Mrs. Mary - Lyons Samuel
Submitted by:  Rose Hatten

Long Mrs. Mary, 171 N. Gay st.
____Conrad, ladies' shoemaker, 52 E. Balto. st.
____George, car driver, 26 s. Schroeder st.
____John, bricklayer, 25 Perry st.
____Richard D., carpenter, 59 N. Gay st., h. 47 N. gay st.
____Robert Carey, architect, office Law Buildings, h. 123 Fayette st.
____Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 35 south st.
____Mrs. J. H., 350 w. baltimore st.
____Levi, boot and shoe maker, Calvert st., under city Hotel
Longcope Capt. Wm., 58 s. Exeter st.
Longley Samuel, clerk, 108 Pine st.
Loockerman Dr. T. G. surg. dentist, 27 N. Gay
Lorentz John G., coach trimmer and harness maker 561 W.Balto. st., and 26 penna. av.
Loritz  Jacob, cabinet maker, 65 Harrison st.
Lorkin Wm., grocer, 45 Marsh Market space., h. 11 S. High st.
____Isabella, washerwoman, 271 forrest st.
Lorman alexander, shipping mer., c. Charles & Lexington sts.
____Joseph, drayman, 18 Block st.
____John, drayman, 84 Block st.
Lottery commissioners' Office, 42 fayette st.
Loud Joseph, 29 Lexington st.
____Mrs. E., boarding house, 29 Lexington st.
Louderman Henry R., baker 238 Broadway.
Loughran Patrick, laborer, 191 Ensor st.
Louman Mrs. Louisa, 212 S. Bond st.
Louphamma Jacob, pedler, 249 S. Bond st.
Love Wm. S., druggist, 166 Lexington st.
____Jos. K., boot and shoemak., 69 Hanover st.
____Henry, brick maker, 146 Columbia st.
____Thomas, printer, c. Cove and Franklin st.
Lovegrove James, bookseller and stationer, 23 S. Calvert st., h. 69 N. High st.
____Folger P., att'y, 4 Courtland st.
Lovejoy Samuel, hosiery & trimmings store, 33 N. Howard st.
____Amos, hosiery and yarn store, 123 W. Baltimore st.
Low Capt. cornelius, 175 Aisquith st.
____Henderson P., carpenter, 33 Hollins st.
____H. W., carpenter, 60 Biddle st.
Lowberry Isaac, clothier, 17 w. Lombard st.
Lowe Wm. A., firm Battee & Lowe, 32 Stiles.
____Mrs. Sarah, 182 Lexington st.
Lowman & Bro., dry goods mers., 13 E. Balto.
____Isaac, of firm, h. 34 E. Lombard st.
Lownds James, teller Chesapeake bank, 156 N. Exeter st.
Lowry & Browne, hardware mers., 113 W. Pratt.
____George N., of firm, h. 94 Pitt st.
____Wm., 87 S. Green st.
____Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 41 Centre st.
____Philip W., com. mer., 24 commerce st., h. 74 St. Paul st.
____Mary, 24 Potter st.
____Francis, meal seller, 10 s. bond st.
____John, ship carpenter, 62 Lancaster st.
____Robert H., teller in Union bank, h. 38 Courtland st.
____Wm. L., clerk, 100 Wilk st.
____John, inspector of customs, h. 99 Wilk st.
____Enoch M., clerk in Merchants' bank, h. 78 e. Pratt st.
____John D., ship joiner, 10 Argyle alley.
____Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 20 Lloyd st.
____Thomas, tailor, 311 N. Gay st.
Lowther Wm., machinist, 64 N. Cove st.
Lucas Charles Z., att'y, 19 North st.
____Fielding, Jr., bookseller and stationer, 170 W. Balto. st., h.c. Saratoga & St. Paul sts.
____Edward B., 39 N. Frederick st.
____& Deaver, book and job printers, c. Calvert st. and Lovely lane.
____James, of firm, 98 N. Exeter st.
____Samuel, brewer, c. Hanover & conway sts., h. 99 Hanover st.
____Peter b., constable, 196 s. Caroline st.
____Peter, stevedore, 264 S. bond st.
____Thomas W., painter 136 Orleans st.
Lucchesi Frederick, prof. of music, 64 Holliday.
Luckett James H., firm of Neale & Luckett, h. 21 Franklin st.
Ludden Lemuel, hardware mer., 301 w. Balto. st., h. 73 N. Liberty st.
Ludeking J. Philip, saddler, 8 N. Paca st.
Ludlow, Parshall & co., exchange brokers, 214 W. Balto st.
____R. M., of firm h. 91 S. Sharp st.
Lugman Mrs. C., shopkeeper, 6 St. Mary st.
Luke Francis, painter, 290 e. Monument st.
Lukens e., patent washing machine manuf., 74 N. Front st.
Lupton Wm. H., carpenter, 31 Pearl st.
____Mrs. Martha, 56 Pearl st.
Lurman Gustav W., firm of Oelrichs & Lurman, h. 63 Franklin st.
____Moses, pedler, 211 s. Bond st.
Lurtz John, 76 Cross st.
Lusby John D., carpenter, 119 bank st.
____Misses, 96 s. Paca st.
____Wm., mer. tailor, 7 South st.
____Henry, letter carrier, 17 St. Paul st.
____Mrs. Patience, 133 e. balto st.
Lusk John, carpenter, 141 s. Caroline st., h. 73 S. Eden st.
Lutheran Book Co. publication rooms, 7 S. Liberty st.
Lutts John F., tavern keeper, 33 W. Pratt st.
____Mrs. Eliza Ann, confectioner,  18 s. Sharp.
Lutz Charles, grocer, 77 Mulbery c. Tyson st.
____John, shoemaker, 15 fish Market sp.
____Nich., Venitian blind maker, 116 N. Front.
____Mrs. Catharine, 35 N. Canal st.
____John J., carpenter, 26 e. Monument st.
____John, carpenter, 260 E. Monument st.
Lybrand Henry, R. road agt., 77 Hollins st.
____Samuel, laborer, 20 N. Amity st.
Lycett Edward, bookbinder, 122 W. Balto st.
LyellJohn, machinist, 183 Light st.
Lyeth John, carpenter, 26 Marion st.
____Samuel, carpenter, 314 Franklin st.
____John, stone cutter, 484 W. Balto st.
Lyford Wm., prop. Balto. Price Current, 3 S. Gay st., h. 33 Holliday st.
Lyle Samuel, shopkeeper, 111 E. Balto. st
Lynch John, grocer, 46 Cross st.
____Daniel, blacksmith, 141 N. Eutaw st.
___James, laborer, 157 N. High st.
____Stephen, carpenter, 276 fleet st.
____& Craft, oil & paint store, 23 Cheapside.
____Joseph S., paver, 135 N Spring st.
Lyon John, clerk, 86 Park st.
Lyons Saml., veterinary surgeon, 57 N. Exeter.
____John, ship carpenter, 7 Perry st.
____Frederick, confectioner, 111 Penna. av.
____Richard H., carpenter, 177 Columbia st.
____John, grocer, 247 Franklin st.
____Bridget, tavern keeper, c. MarshMarket space & Swan st.


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