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Carter Miss Ellen - Catherall Elizabeth
Submitted by:  Rose Hatten


Carter Miss Ellen, Sugar al w of Light st
Carter John w. grocer, Camden st w of Hanover
Carter r. G. paper manufacturer, n side Lombard st between Light and Charles sts
Carter Wm. plaisterer, cor Gough st and Apple al
Carter R. & A. mts. over 74 Bowly's wharf, dw 117 s Sharp st
Carter Wm. H. collector, 74 Bowly's wharf, dw 117 Sharp st
Carusi Lewis, dancer academy at assembly rooms, cor Fayette and Holliday sts to be seen at S. Carusi's store
Carusi Samuel, music store, 84 baltimore st
Carvill John r. com. mt. Light st wharf, dw Hill st w of Light
Cary Wm. F. brace, belt and stock maker, 41 1/2 n Gay s
Cary Mrs. corset maker, 41 1/2 n Gay st
Casey Wm. flour and meal dealer, cor Eutaw and Perry sts
Casey John H. plumber, Eden st s of Gough
Cashman Wm. baker, e side Exeter st s of French
Caskey Samuel, boiler maker, Montgomery st w of Light
Caskey Joseph, carpenter, Pearl st n of Saratoga
Caskey Wm. labourer, L Hughes st w of Light
Casper Mrs Henrietta, Chatsworth st s of Franklin
Cassady Edw. accountant, 11 Mulberry st
Cassady B. watchman, Mulberry st e of Cove
Cassard L. & co. bacon mts. 67 s Calvert st
Cassard Lewis, firm ditto, dw Monument st e of Ensor
Cassard George, dw Hilen st w of East
Cassard Gilbert, bacon dealr, Hillen st w of East st
Cassard Gilbert, jr. grocer and comm. nt. McElderry's wharf, dw 81 s High
Cassas A. fruit dealer, cellar s w cor Gay and Baltimore sts
Cassell Joseph, carpenter, Saratoga st 1 door w of Pine
Cassell Abr. bricklayer, Pine st s of Lexington
Cassell Samuel, bricklayer, Eutaw st n of Lombarad
Cassell J. F. dentist, w side Liberty st 1 door s of baltimore
Cassel Leonard, carpenter, Fayette st w of Poppleton
Casseres Mrs. over No. 5 Harrison st
Casidy John, porter, Perry st w of Eutaw
Cassidy Luke, grocer, e side High st s of Low
Cassidy Owen, marble polisher, cor Pearl and Pierce sts
Cassidy Mrs M. Holland st e of Aisquith
Cassilly Thomas, grocer, e side Spring st so of Pratt
Cate Ammon, "American House," 28 Thames st
Cate Ammon, Market n of Wilk st
Cate Ammon, keeper of "Fulton House," 24 w Pratt st
Cathal Mitchel, Schroeder st n of Lombarad
Cathcart R. & W. block & pump makers, Thames st w of Ann
Catheart Wm. firm ditto, dw Ann st 2 doors n of Wilk
Cathcart Robert, firm ditto, dw fleet st w of Ann
Catheart John, ship joiner, Granby st w of Canal
Cathell Mrs. Pratt st w of canal
Cather Wm. carpenter, Columbia st w of cove
Catherall Elizabeth, Philpot w of Thames

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