Baltimore City Directories
Wrine Wm. - Zwisle Pius
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Wrin Wm grocer, Water st betw Grant and Light sts
Wrightson John, ship carpenter 63 Alice Anna st
Wrotten David, shipwright, near cor Starr al. & Gough st
Wyatt Rev. Dr. Saratoga st oppostie Liberty
Wyatt Wm. brickmaker, Spring st n of Gough
Wyeth Charles, n charles st 3 doors s of Pleasant
Wyeth and Norris, fancy dry goods mts. 173 1/2 Baltimore st
Wylie Wm. weaver, Cove street e of Franklin
Wyman Edward, Gay street e of Mott
Wyman John,         do              do
Wyman Samuel & co. domestic warehouse, 214 Baltimore st dw Pleasant near aCharles
Wyrough John, shoemaker, 38 Thames st
Wysham John, hay weigher, 17 Thomsen st
Wysham Ezekiel C. flour merchant, Fayette st w of Eutaw store, se corner Paca and Baltimore sts
Wynn Christopher, watch and clock maker, 222 1/2 Balto. st
Wyvill M.D. merchant tailor, 111 Baltimore st

XANPI rev. H. St Mary's College. Penn avenue n of Franklin stret

YAGER Elizabeth, se corner M'Elderry and Canal sts
Yager Joseph, granite worker, 19 Park st
Yamm Wm pilot, alice Anna st e of Ann
Yaten Henry, shoemaker, Aisquith st n of Holland
Yates John, hardware and iron dealer, 30 e Pratt street, dw n w corner Pratt and High sts
Yates G. W. 113 Gay st ot
Yates Dr. John L. 74 Exeter st
Yeakel Conrad, baker, 42 South st
Yearly Alexander, of Bank of Baltimore, 77 Green st
Yearly Wm. cabinet maker, Gough st e of Strange alley
Yearly Wm. H. cabinet maker, Caroline st s of Bank
Yearly Wm. cooper, Wagon alley near Park st
Yeatman John W. saddler, corner Pitt and Exeter sts
Yenrick Jhn, sugar refiner, Zell aley n of Mulberry st
Yeo alexander, printer, Strawberry alley n of Bank st
Yost Wm. shoe store, Pratt st 3d door e of Eutaw, dw rear of three tuns tavern
Younce George, carpenter, Hillen st e of Potter
Younce John P. 29 Exeter st
Young Joshua A. ship joiner, over 55 Centre Market space
Young Wm. Jr. commission merchant, 72 Bowly's wharf, dw 31 Harrison street
Young Wm Henry, combmaker, Eden st s of Orleans
Young Archibald, cordwainer, Lee st bet. Light and Charles
Young Thomas, tavern keeper, w side Patterson st 2 doors s of Pratt
Young Men's paper, Baltimore, office over n e cor Sharp and Baltimore sts
Young Samuel, 30 St Paul st
Young Jehu, proprietor hand tavern, Paca st n of Lexington
Young Melinda, Green st n of Paca
Young John jr. carpenter, 7 Temple st
Young Wm. G. tinner, 44 Franklin st
Young clark & Carpenters, Baltimore st near cove s side
Young James, printer, Eden st s of gough
Young John J. lieutenant night watach, 147 Bond st
Young Wm. carpenter, Ausquith st n of Orleans
Young mrs Sophia, midwife, 103 Camden st
Young charles M. tailor, Garden st near Howard
Young Stephen, carter, Eager alley near Mulberry st
Young Mary, 15 Saratoga st
Young mrs Rebecca, Argyle alley n of Lancaster st
Young William, mate, Argyle alley s of Bank st
Young Rebecca, milliner, High st n of Water
Young John sen. carpenter, 8 High st shop Plowman st
Young James L. carpenter, 8 High st          do
Young Wm. com. mt. Bowly's wharf, dw 14 Albemarle st
Young Perry, porter, Mulberry st near Park
Young Jacob, white washer, Douglass st e of East
Young Lucy, seamstress, Jefferson st 2d door c of Short
Young Benjamin, brickmaker, Eutaw st opposite Barre
Young Martha, huckster, Low st e of Aisquith
Young Stephen carter, Sarah Ann st w of Cove
Younger mr. bailiff, Sarah Ann st w of Cove
Younger Henry labourer, Park lane extended
Younger Daniel, seaman, Montgomery st near William
Younger Richard, n Howarad st near Monument
Youngman John, labourer, Ross st s of St Mary
Younker Albert, chair maker, 32 Water st e of commerce
Younker Elizabeth, s w corner Pitt and East sts
Youse George, carpenter, chamberlain alley n side

ZACHERY alexander, pilot, Fleet st e of Washington
Zachery Wm. pilot, Bond st s of Gough
Zane Peter, cooper, Commerce st near Cable
Zeagler John, 86 conway st
Zeagler Mary, 84 Conway st
Zell mrs. Susquehannah rail road near city limits
Zell Peter, victualler, w end Baltimore st
Zell John, constable, Long alley s of Saratoga st
Zeigler Elizabeth, upholsterer, 48 n Frederick st
Zentz Andrew, grocer, Lexington st e of Green
Zimmerman George, cedar cooper, Peirce st e of Cove
Zimmerman Jocob, wheelwright, Franklin st w of Eutaw
Zimmerman Isaac, grocery and feed store, n w corner of Baltimore and Cove
Zane Sophia, grocer, Camden st near Hanover
Zinkand Joseph, shoe maker, Strawberry al n of Alice Anna
Zody John, Green st. s of Franklin
Zwisle Pius, grocer, s e corner Douglass and Potter sts

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