Baltimore City Directory
Wysham E.C. - Zoon Mary
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Wysham E. C. flour merchang, SW corner Baltimore and Eutaw, dw Baltimore S side of Green
Wyvil Marmaduke, merchant tailor, 124 Baltimore, dw Lexington near Charles

YAGER JOSEPH, bacon merchant, Baltimore S side W of Eutaw, dw Park W side of N of Fayette
Yager John, engineer, Pitt N side of N Eden
Yam Thomas, Wolf W side of N of Lancaster
Yandell mrs Elizabeth, Ann near Gough
Yants mrs Frances, Smith's alley E side near Water st
Yater Henry, cordwainer, Aisquith E side of S of Orleans
Yates mrs Ann, milliner, Ensor N side E of Potter
Yates & McIntyre, lottery and exchange brokers, 172 Baltimore
Yates John, nail factor and tavern keeper, NW corner of Wilk and Exeter
Yearly Edwarad, cabinet maker, SE corner Bond & Bank
Yearly Henry, academist, Pearl E side N of Franklin
Yearly Alexander, accountant in the Bank of Baltimore, dw 77 Green N of Lexington
Yeates John L. (MD) 74 N Exeter
Yennick John, sugar boiler, Green W side N of Mulberry
Yerkes mrs Elizabeth, Straight lane W. of Aisquith st
+Yerber Amos, cordwainer, Cross N side E end
Yewell Solomon, accountant, Mulberry between Green & Paca
Yock Francis clerk, 28 New Church at (formerly Vulcan alley)
Yokely & Crozier, sail makers, over NE cor Pratt & Grant
Yokely Thomas, (firm of Yokely & Crozier, ) dw Light at extended
Yoner mrs. Conway S side near Sharp
Young Hugh, (firm Young & Pochon.) dw Paca near Mulberry E side
Young mrs Elizabeth, shoe binder, 44 S Frederick
Young Wm. 76 Sharp
Young mrs Mary, huckster, Hill S side W of Charles
Young mrs 103 Camden W of Howard
Young mr. millwright, conway N side E of Howard
Young Wm G sea captain, Argyle alley N of Wilk st
Young mrs Sarah, Guilford alley S side E of Charles st
Young Samuel, justice of the peace and bookseller, 27 N Charles
Young Samuel A, ship carpenter, Argyle alley E side N Lancaster st
Young Wm. carpenter, 8 N High
Young Richard, weaver, York av W side N of E Madison
Young Wm. carpenter, Baltimore S side E of Harford run
Young M'Clintock, attorney at law, Courthouse lane W of Calvert st
Young Wm. sea captain, bond W side N of Wilk
Young Wm. jr. collector, Bond W side N of Wilk
Young Jacob, tailor, Granby S side W of Albemarle
Young Peter, rigger, Lancaster N side W of Bond
Young & Pochon, grocers, 270 baltimore
Young mrs Eliza, boarding house, W Pratt W of Hanover
Young Larkin, house carpenter, W Baltimore N side E of the bridge
Young Joseph, blacksmith, S Howard E side S of Conway
Young John, proprietor of the Hand Tavern, Paca W side N of Lexington
Young Nicholas, cordwainer, 15 Saratoga E of Park
Young Ann, Conway W of Howard
Young Benj brickmaker, Conway N side E of Howard
Young Perry, Labourer, 13 Mulberry E of Howard
Young John labourer, Starr alley
Young Jacob, sawyer, Douglass S side W of Aisquith
Younger Edward, house carpenter, Caroline W side S of Pinkney
Younker Francis, chair factory, 32 Water E of commerce dw SW corner of East and Pitt
Youse J. Proprietor of Franklin tavern, 41 N Howard

ZACHARY mrs TERESSA, N sharp E side N of Lexington
Zachery Wm pilot, Harford run E side S of Gough
Zane Joseph, cooper, McElderry's wharf
Zell George, victculler, Penn ave W side near Cove
Zigler ____, victualler, Park lane

Zigler Winslow, victualler Pratt N side adjoining the run
Zimmerman Jacob, wheelwright and blacksmith, Franklin S side W of Eutaw, dw Franklin  S side W of Park
Zimmerman John, carpenter, 3 Franklin S side W of Park
Zimmerman Jonathan, currier, 11 Water E of Calbert
Zody John, shop keeper, SW corner Barre and Howard
Zoon mrs Mary, 90 Exeter S of N Gay

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