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                      "The Baltimore Directory and Register for 1814-15.
The Names, Residence and Occupation of the Citizens; the Constitution
and Government of the United States; the Government of the State of
Maryland, and of the City and County of Baltimore, &c.&c."

By James Larkin
Printed by J. C. O'Reilly 1814

[F.P. is Fell's Point; O.T. is Old Town]

Page 40.
BETTON, Jane, widow, 64, Bond st. F.P.
BETTS, Enoch, cut nail manufactory, Queen, near Pratt st. bridge, O.T.
BETTS, George W. constable and one of the coroners, 23, Fayette st.
BETTS, Solomon, merchant, 93, Bowley's wharf, dwelling St.Paul's lane,
near Chatham st.
BETTS, Stephen, sea-captain, 70, Ann st. F.P.
BEVAN, Richard, grocer, 87, Hanover st.
BEUNS, Peter Marie de, Barre, near Sharp st.
BIAYS, James, merchant, 25 Thames st. F.P.
BIAYS, Joseph, jr., merchant, 12 Fell-s st. F.P.
BICKERTON, Wm., stone-cutter, 61 S. Frederick st.
BICKHAM, James, 97 N. Howard st.
BICKLEY, Henry, 44 S. Howard st.
BIDDLE, Abraham, cordwainer, 59 S. Frederick st.
BIEHR, Peter, mariner, 42, W. Allisanna st.
BIER, Jacob, cashier of the Marine Bank 44 Market st. F.P.
BIER, John G. distiller, Aisquith st. O.T.
BIGEO, Paul, 48 S. Calvert st.
BIGGART, Samuel, carpenter, Pitt st. near Hart... run, O.T.
BIGGER, Gilbert, watchmaker, 115, Baltimore st.
BILLINGTON, James, cabinet-maker, Granby st., O.T.
BILLMEYER, Jacob, cordwainer, East st. O.T.
BILLUPS, Robert, sea-captain, 50 S. Charles st.
BILSON, John, plaisterer, Pearl, near Fayette st.
BINGAN, Thomas, carter 66 Happyt alley, F.P.
BIRCH, David, butcher, Happy alley, F.P.
BIRKHEAD, Solomon, physician, Chatham st.
BIRELY & METZGER, curriers, 18 S. Liberty st.
BISCOE, James, hardware merchant, 186 1-2 Baltimore st.
BISHOP, Elizabeth, widow, 24 Ann st. F.P.


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