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The directory is helpful in several ways.
1)You can find out the address and job of an ancestor before they ask occupation on the census.
2) Often father and sons lived together for a time period.
3) In census's that were not indexed, they can help you find the ward to search.
4) Some indexes, especially the 1880 missed people that were in enumerated in the census and appear in the directory. That tells you on what street to look for them in the actual census.
5) If you look in consecutive directories, you can determine approximately when someone died by when they drop out of the directories.


Gardner, Wm-Gibbs, George

1814 1819 1821

Gibson, James-Gill, John

Cranmer Addie P-Craven David

1824 1827 1829

Gibson, Affy-Gillespy, Edward

Wysham E.C. - Zoon Mary

 Jordan Henry - Kanash Wm
    Yants Frances - Zigler W
1833 1835 1837
Lucas James - Madden Tobias Jones Mrs - Kall John T Jordan William - Kauffman Margaret J
Young Rebecca - Zwisele P Wrine Wm. - Zwisle Pius Wyman John B. - Zimmerman Wm.
1842 1845


Carter Miss Ellen - Catherall Elizabeth Clendenin-Cook  Pages 28 & 29 Carter Wm. - Castle Mitchel
Yellman mrs M. - Zimmerman Jacob Cassiday, Luke - Childs, Thomas Jorden William - Kalbfus William
  Johnson, Elisha - Judefind, John

Lucas Peter – Lynch John

  Long Mrs. Mary - Lyons Samuel Yeates Dr. John - Zimmerman John
1851 1852 1853

Getty, David A-Gill, Henry


Jones Wm. - Kachler Christian

Keys John - Kimberly Elizabeth




Luding Charles – Lynch John


Barton Ezekiel – Bond Emery

1855 1856 1858

Cassady Bernard-Caughey John H.

Catholic Churches


Jordan Ann - Kalvelach Henry

Carter Matilda–Caufman John H

Dutton, John - Easter Dr. John
 Easter, John jr - Edgar, William
Starr, Henry - Stein Brothers 

Ludwick Michael – Lynch Ruth C

Jones Susannah H-Kaeser Geo D


Yearly – Younker John

Lowther James-Lyeth Andrew H.


Wroth Wm. G. -  Zerwick John

    Block Henry-Boehm Dr. Ad
      Hutchinson, Thomas - Ijams, Jacob
    Miller, Christopher - Miller, Jerome
    Miller, John - Miller, Wilhelmina
    Stebbins Wallace - Steinkamp J.
    Herring, Origonal - Fields P.S.
    Fleming, John Perkins - Sappington Thomas
    Scarff, Wm. T - Ward, John
1864 .
Engel, John - Ernst, Geo    

Hodges, Robert -  Hohlbine, John


1864 Baltimore City Directory

Thomas WW-Thomson Wm. J.    
1873 1874 1875


Echemendia Diego - Edie Margaret Yeaton Jacob – Zamoiski John

Fisher Wm. A. – Fitzpatrick Wm


Jory Mrs. Wm. M – Just Chas


Malloney James - Manion Wm



Hoffman, Gilore - Hofman, Philip

Hoffman, Chas. - Hohman, Henry



1880 1881  
Hoffman, Edward - Hogg Mrs. B.A. Hoen, Geo. H. -  Hoffman Curzon  
Fallon, Mrs Margaret - Farran, Daniel Hofmann, Barbara -  Hohlbein Edward    
Plummer, Lewis-Polhein-Wm    
1883   1886
Hoffman, Paul - Hogan, Arthur   Hofmann, Jacob - Hogg, Barbara A.
      Hoffman, Chas. - Hoffman, Robt.
    Koch, John G -  Koenig, Ernest


1887 1887

Doon John G – Dorr Peter

Joseph, Esther - Jubb & Tibbals Malanney Jas - Managan Michael P

  Fisher Wm J. – Fitzhugh Geo W.

Kidwell, Mary - Killalea Mary Scharff ,Wm W. - Scheer, Peter
Papyrograph Printing - Parker Lewis Lusk Wm F - Lyeth John McF Yingling Ephraim - Zamoiski Edward
1890 1891 1899
    Cassidy Margt Mrs – Catholic Benevolent Legion Institute


Comfort, Maxiel G, - Frames, Rebecca Mrs. Clifton Republican Club - Clough & Malloy

Fort McHenry

  Clougherty Hugh-Coates Geo R


  Donovan, Stephen - Dorn Geo
Orphanages        Doud, Martin J - Douglas, Jas L.  
Veterinary Surgeons     Enders, Geo. - Englehardt, Edwd


Englehardt Fredk - Engler F. Irving


  Fitzberger Thos F - Fitzpatrick Francis J
1899 1899 1899
Joyce, Turner - Kulier Wm J McIntyre, Margt T.- McKenna, Jas E. Yiugling, Jacob - Young, Albert J.
Kaufman Jos & Son - Kavannaugh Lawrence J    Robertson, Fredk W - Robinson Building Young, Albert W. - Young, Geo jr.
Kavanaugh, Maria - Kearney, Stewart Robinson CN & Bro - Robinson Geo W Young, Geo A. - Young, Jos P.
Kissner Maggie Mrs-Klavanske Jas Robinson Geo W jr - Robinson Laura V Mrs. Young, Jos T - Young, Thos H.
Luther, Wm J. - Lyeth, Andw H. Robinson Lawrence - Robinson Wm Young, Thos I. - Younker, Geo J.
Kidd, Wm C. - Kilbourn Sarah Robinson, Wm - Rochester, Wm Table Of Contents
Maley, Mary - Malone John E. Schaper, August - Schaub, Fredk 1   2   3
Malone John J - Manel Lewis Silverman Saml-Simmons Lydia M Mrs Churches
       Pages 2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2008
Plumer, John - Pohl Geo
Peabody Conservatory of Music-Pearl-St Perpetual Savings & Bldg Assn  
1905 1905 Yost, Wm O - Young Frank A
Dashields, Jos - Daughton, Jos D. Kieffer, Geo S. - Kille Chas L Young Frank F. - Young, John
Donohue, thos J. - Dorman, John S. Luthy, Emil - Lydon, Patk Young, John - Young, Randolph
Fisher, Wm - Fitzgerald, Caroline Mrs. Malloy, Louise - Manas, Nich Young, Rebecca - Younger Thos A.
Fitzgerald, Cath - Fitzpatrick, Jas E. Pancoast, Chas F. - Parker, Arthur W  
Joynes, Wm - Jung, John Schapperle, Christn - Schauermann, Edwd 1912
    Schapiro, Saml. - Scbaub, Elizab.
Cranska Thread Co  Churches   1   2   3   4   5   6   7 Schmidt, Geo H-Schmidt John
  Donovan, Rudisell - Dorman, Roy Silverman David-Simering Kate M
                             Lutz, Louis - Lynch, Bennett B. Younder, Mary Mrs. - Young, Ellsworth
                           Lyness, Arthur A. - Lyons, Martin  Young, Emily F Mrs. - Young, Jas.
                                Joyce Jas M. - Juchno, Casper Young Jas - Young Mens Dem Org Club
                          Kidwell E S & Co - Kilchensteon Michl G   Young Men's fourth Ward Dem Orgn Club - Young, Wm J
1913 1913 1913
Close Harry A-Coale Fredk S

Lutsch, Marie M - Lydard, Armond F

  Yost, Levi - Young, Edmd
Donohue, John T - Dording, Chas Scharf Wm J - Schaubode, Oscar Young, Edwd - Young, Hugh H
Fitzberger, Kunigunda Mrs - Fitzmaurice, Chas  Schmidt Young, Ida G Mrs. - Young Men's Athletic Assn
Joyce, John - Judefine Bros Silver Jos-Sima Chas E  Young Men's Bohemian Dem Club - Young, Wm
Kidwell, Geo - Kildis, Jos   Young, Wm - Youse, Antonio
1918 1918 &1919
Fitz, Valentine Rev - Fitzpatrick, Alan Lutz, John - Lynch, Carl V Cranwell Fredk-Crawford Amos
Joyce, Bessie M - Jubb, Annie B. Mrs Mallory, Henry C - Malooly, Thos V  
Jubb, Arthur - Jumb, Maude H Schapiro Saml - Schaub, Jacob  
Kidstan, Ella - Kight, Richd Youchas, Anthony - Young, Florence M  
1920 1921 1922
Misc C's

Cranmer Addie P-Craven David

Cransom Sterrett R-Crawford Albert

Green Jesse-Thos    


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