Baltimore City Directory
 1918 & 1919


Submitted by:  Mary

Cranwell Fredk lab h 920 e Balto
Thos G (Thos G Cranwell & Co.) 2 e German
Thos G & Co (Thos G Cranwell (Syracuse N Y) Jacob Salzman) canned gd-
brokers 2 e German
Wm N purch agt h 2929 Clifton av
Craplency Alex cabtmkr 521 Wolfe
Crapo Clifford M slsmn h 3302 Clifton av
Crapper Isaiah* lab 1429 Mullikin
John* calker h 1429 Mullikin
Crapsey John F mngr h 1821 Harford av
And Editor The Daily Record, Lawyer
15 e Saratoga, Phone St Paul 2472
h 3112 Presbury
Hannah Mrs 3 w Va av
Crass Chas P police 402 n Montford av
Henry W h 2318 Orleans
Crasty Mary Mrs* laund h 304 e Worsley
Crate Chas A carrier p o h 1527 Gorsuch
Fredk carp h 403 n Payson
Fredk T h 1112 n Bond
Geo A brklyr 3110 Montebello av
Ida milliner 3110 Montebello av
Mary E clk 3110 Montebello av
Geo p h 1525 Gorsuch av
Henry carp h 3110 Montebello
Theresa Mrs 936 Greenmt av
Crater Alice M tchr 2128 Bolton
Crauf Fred W 1019 s Paca
Wm F collr 819 s Paca
Craumer Harry L mngr h 1814 n Monroe
Harry L jr clk 1814 n Monroe
Mary E boarding 710 n Fulton av h do
Richd L brakeman 408 Fawcett
Thos C brklyr 1238 n Gay
W C cashr Towson National Bank h Towson Md
Wm D millhd 3428 Roland av
Wm W watchman 717 e Preston
Craven Dye Works Co Jas F Thrift dying
1501 w 36th n

Geo dyer h 4105 Falls rd
Geo W mngr Craven Dye Works Co
9 Krebs av
Harriet tchr 2411 n Charles
Harry clk 1618 e Balto
John J fire dept 240 s Wolfe
Louis (Boltax & Craven) 313 e Fort av
Mary student Tensal Hall
Thos lab 644 w Fayette
Wm* lab h 419 St Mary
Craver Harry lab 116 Addison al
Lena Mrs h 116 Addison al
Wm F lab h 112 Addison al
Crawford Alfred printer h 1734 Thomas av
Alfred S* waiter h 2026 Etting
Alice 100 n Bdway
Amos W lab h 2535 Boyd

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