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Yost, Levi - Young, Edmd
Submitted by:  Rose Hatten


Yost Levi, 2d-hd furn, 1029 Hillen
Yost Louise, 2022 w Fayette
Yost Magdalena Mrs, 1077 w Fayette
Yost Minnie E, milliner, 927 Bennett pl
Yost Mollie, 741 w Fayette
Yost Philip J, lab, 1576 Clifton av
Yost Rosalia, h Bellona av nr Lyman
Yost Sabina Mrs, h 1725 n Patterson-pk
Yost Walter A, harnessmkr, h 1703 Woodyear pl
Yost Wesley, clk, 419 w Belvidere av
Yost Wm, lab, 722 s Port
Yost Wm B, bkpr, h308 Stricker
Yost Wm F bkpr, 211 w Madison
Yost Wm H, painter, h 419 Belvidere av
Yost Wm R, driver, 715 n Central av
Youch John, tailor, h 113 Scott
Younder Mry Mrs, 1619 Ludlow
Young A Ervin, bkpr, h 10 Rosebank av
Young A Klotz, real est, 3415 Gough
Young  Aaron W, lab, 1516 e Monument
Young Abraham, lab, 1315 Lemmon
Young Abraham, lab, 620 Warner
Young Ada L Mrs, 2618 Cedar av
Young adam, grocer, 515 n Central av
Young Albert, h 705 Hanover
Young Albert, baker, 569 Laurens
Young Albert Lab, h 233 n Dallas
Young Albert, lab, h 902 Shuter
Young Albert, lab, 830 Tessler
Young Alberta B, h 422 e 23d n
Young Aldridge, 2015 n Charles
Young Alex D, driver, 426 w Henrietta
Young Alfred Rev, 618 Dolphin
Young Alfred, barber, 2 s Amity, h 3 n Calhoun
Young Alfred W, lab, h 69 forest-pk av
Young alice Mrs, h 1800 Eagle
Young Alice M, tchr, 3302 Presstman
Young Amelia Mrs, h 144 Dolphin
Young Andw D. h 803 Hamilton ter
Young Andw D, student, h 800 Madison av
Young Andw J (Andw J Young & Co), h 1208 Linden av
Young Andw  J & co (Andw J and Andw J jr), real est, 14 e Lexington
Young Anna P Mrs, 920 Greenmt No 1
Young Anna R. nurse, 2131 Hollins
Young Annie Mrs, h 1428 n Bruce
Young Annie Mrs, h 507 n Grove
Young Annie Mrs, h 837 Vine
Young Arthur, lab 219 n Dallas
Young Arthur, lab, 638 Haw
Young Arthur, lab, h 1315 Lemmon
Young Arthur J, bkpr, h 407 Patterson-pk av
Young Barbara Mrs, 2212 Orleans
Young Benj. foreman, h 2100 Westwood
Young Benj. lab, 106 Colvin
Young Benj. lab, h 813 w Ostend
Young Benj  C, barber, 2686 Dulany
Young Benj C,  slsmn, h 510 Ethelwood la
Young Benj C, slsmn, 1409 York rd
Young Benj F. ironer, h 2537 w North av
Young Benj F, waiter, 528 McMechen
Young Benj G.  mach, 1113 w Lombard
Young Bernd A. diesetter, 1832 n Dallas
Young Bertha A. tchr, 134 Richmond
Young Bessie, clk, 641 n Calhoun
Young Baline, lab, 551 w Lafayette av
Young C Mervyn, treas Mercantile Security Co. h 1526 Park av
Young Calvert, lab, h 400 Burgundy
Young Calvin, lab, 837 Vine
Young Carrie E Mrs, h 641 n Calhoun
Young Cath Mrs 417 s Central av
Young Catholics Friend Society, 408 s Charles
Young Chas, h 1747 n Castle
Young Chas, h 502 w West
Young Chas, carp, h 1145 w Hamburg
Young Chas, clk, 305 n Carey
Young Chas, com trav, 1805 s Charles
Young Chas, lab, h 432 w Cross
Young Chas lab, 322 Federal
Young Chas, lab, h 3738 Gough
Young Chas, lab, 822 McDonogh
Young Chas, lab, 2030 Olive
Young Chas, lab, 1117 Race
Young Chas, lab, h 236 s Spring
Young Chas, lab, h 1444 n Vincent
Young Chas, lab, h 667 vine
Young Chas, lab, 7 w York
Young Chas, mach, 1822 Byrd
Young Chas, painter, 924 w Lombard
Young Chas jr, lab, 667 Vine
Young Chas A, distiller, h 1110 w Hamburg
Young Chas A, lab, h 635 Bankard al
Young Chas A, student, 1403 Bloomingdale rd
Young Chas B, lab, 816 China
Young Chas B, lab h 831 Leadenhall
Young chas B, mach, h 1125 Scott
Young Chas C, molder, h 26 n Hare
Young Chas D, foreman, 317 s Monroe
Young Chas D, printer, 501 w Lombard
Young Chas D, printer, h 331 s Parrish
Young Chas E Rev, dean Morgan College, h 601 n fulton av
Young Chas E, driver, 26 n Hare
Young Chas E, janitor, h 2216 Etting
Young Chas E, lab, h 202 n Bradford
Young Chas F, com trav, h 418 n Glover
Young Chas H, carp, h 3112 Dillon
Young Chas H, carp, h 908 n 9th e
Young Chas H, lab, 1527 n Carey
Young  Chas H, lab, h 741 George
Young Chas L, com trav. H 1403 Bloomingdale rd
Young Chas M, lab, h 802 n Wolfe
Young Chas S, civ eng, 1120 n Monroe
Young Chas T, grocer, 2000 Wilkens av
Young Chas W, physician, The Highland
Young Chas W, prod, h 539 Wolson
Young Chas W, watchman, h 1114 McCulloh
Young Chester, lab, 1 Glenwood av n w
Young Christ, saloon, 901 e Charles, h do
Young Christn, saloon, h 1223 w Lombard
Young Christn E, diemkr, h 2131 Fairtmt av e
Young Clara Mrs, 901 s Charles
young Clarence, lab, h 719 n glover
Young Clarence, musician, 638 Stirling
Young Clarence, prod, h 539 Wilson
Young Clarence P, driver, h 735 Harford
Young Clark F, lab, h 940 Stafford
Young Conrad, electrical supplies, 905 e Lexington, h 2208 Orleans
Young Curtis, lab, h 1214 s Paca
Young Danl, waiter, h 526 w Preston
Young David, 1002 McCulloh
Young David C, U S Asst insp of boilers, C H, h 1737 Ashburton
Young Delancy B. com trav, 1945 w Lafayette av
Young Dennis, fruit, h 136 w Hill
Young Dennis, lab, 1421 Md Av
Young Douglas E, student, 309 e Oakdale rd R P
Young Edgar K, sec-treas Victor K Butler Co, h 924 w Lombard
Young Edgar W, lawyer, B & O bkdg, h 1401 Ellamont
Young Edmd Mgr, 926 n Madeira


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