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Peabody Conservatory of Music - Pearl-St Perpetual Savings and Bldg Assn

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Put in Under Guarantee by Our
        Contract Department.
Send Postal and Our Representative Will
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21 W. FAYETTE ST., near Charles.
Telephone 1714 (Largest Manufactures in Md.
Peabody Conservatory of Music, Harold Randolph,
director, Mt Vernon Pl @ Charles
Peabody Council No. No. 576 (R A ) 18 w Saratoga
Peabody Fire Insurance Co of
Baltimore, Richard R. Post, President
Griffith Feelemyer, Secretary, 415 Water
Peabody Graduates Preparatory and High
School of Music, 17 e Center
Peabody Hall, St Paul e 26th n
Peabody Heights (R C )Academy, Charles ne 27th n
Peabody Institute, Philip R.
 Uhler, Provost and Librarian, Mt Vernon pl e Charles
Peabody Lodge No 34 (O G C). 1 w 20th n
Peace Chas F. clk, 2112 n Calvert
Peace Jas S. clk, 2112 Calvert
Peach Cath R. Mrs 2222 Wilkins av
Peach Edwd, much 1633 w Pratt
Peach Geo A. clk, 2222 Wilkens Av
Peach John F. clk, 529 n Stricker
Peach John R. 2632 Francis
Peach Jos A. mach. 320 e Fulton av
Peach Kate, seamstress, 2222 Wilkens av
Peach Sidney J. tinner, 320 n Fulton av
Peach wm M draftsman, 223 n Calhoun
Peach Wm O. foreman 223 n Calhoun
Peachey Benj H. 826 Burgundy al
*Peaco Jas, waiter, 543 w Hoffman
Peacock Annie, boarding, 316 n Greene
Peacock Chas , buckster, 23 Jenkins la
Peacock Chas A, tinner, 700 Potter av
Peacock Chas A jr, carp 523 Oliver pl
Peacock Edgar B, 1047 Hopkins av w
Peacock Edwd L. eng, 415 w Fayette
Peacock Frank A huckster 1761 Carlyle pl
Peacock Geo, lab, 608 s Washington
Peacock Jas, ship carp. 2400 e Fayette
Peacock Jas, huckster, 2030 Pa av
Peacock Jas M. driver, 23 Jenkins la
Peacock John lab 517 Callendar al
Peacock John E K, gardner 5th av, nr Greenspring av
Peacock Jos, huckster, 23 Jenkins la
Peacock Jos L, shoemkr. 768 w Cross
Peacaock  Louis J, folder, 502 n Central av
Peacock Margt J. Mrs, 1818 n Patterson-pk av
Peacock Mary A Mrs, 905 n Caroline
Peacock Mary A, nurse 945 w Lexington
Peacock Mary J, Mrs W Arlington
Peacock Milton W, clk, 1300 w Lombard
Peacock Philip, fire dept, 608 s Washington
Peacock Rachel J. Mrs. 53 s Fulton av
Peacock Sam'l huckster, 618 s Central av
Peacock Sam'l huckster, 1203 n Washington
Peacock Saml A, driver, Arlington
Peacock Saml A, lab 2704 Huntingdon av
Peacock Wm, clk, 1320 Myrtle av
Peacock Wm, shoemkr, 313 e 30th n
Peacock Wm, soliciter, 23 Jenkins la
Peacock Wm jr, driver 23 Jenkins la
Peacock Wm E. prod, 728 w German
Peacock Wm H. insp, 1047 Hopkins av w
Peacock Wm H, lab, Arlington
Peacock Wm R. 217 n Patterson-pk av
Peacock Wm W, lab, 2704 Huntingdon av
Peak Eugene B, salesman, 1810 Falrm't av e
Peak John D, driver 1810 Falrm't av e
Peake Albert P, carp, 1146 s Striker
Peake Ann B Mrs, 1110 Clifton pl
Peake Frank P, carp 2615 P:a av
Peake Wm H, carp, 2615 Pa av
Peaker Alfred, lab, 517 Biddle al
Peaker Edwd H, hostler, 1106 Druid Hill av
Peaker John W, lab 1235 Druid Hill av
Peaker Jos T, hostler, 1108 Druid Hill av
Peaker Lewis, lab, 505 Oxford
Peaker Philip O, driver, 1337 n Calhoun
Peaker Thomas F, butler, 1506 Eutaw pl
Peaker Wm, waiter, 307 n charles
Peal Danl, lab, 227 n Arllington av
Peal Edwd, lab, 909 Peach al
Peal Robt, lab, 227 n Arlington av
Peale Isaac H, porter, 1024 Druid Hill av
Peanuckel Geroge, mariner, 432 Short
Pear Wm, lab, 752 St Peter
Pearce Adam J, dairy, 1238 Greenm't av
Pearce Annie W, solicitor, 110 w Mulberry
Pearce Chas, 612 e Fayette
Pearce Chas E, packer 1743 n Bond
Pearce Chas P, 2021 e Eager
Pearce Chas S, eng, 1612 e Fayette
Pearce Chas W...., saloon, 605 e Lombard
Pearce Chas ?W, stonectr, 20 ?Railroad av
Pearce Chas W jr, lab, 20 Railroad av
Pearce Emerson W, dentist, 1408 Pa av
Pearce Frank, lab, 110 w Conway
Pearce Geo, laund, 1500  n Regester
Pearce Geo L, driver 280 Cedar av
Pearce Geo W, lab, 32 Clipper av
Pearce Jas H, painter, 1813 e Eager
Pearce J Crawford, umbrella mnfr, 802 Greenm't av
Pearce Jas D, carp, 1918 Pa av
Pearce Jefferson, supt, 1619 n Fulton av
Pearce John, lab, 806 Healy ct
Pearce John B, brakeman, 280 Cedar av
Pearce John E, clk 1203 n Bond
Pearace John E jr, driver, 1203 n Bond
Pearce John T, 1500 n REgester
Pearce Marion S, electrician, 12 n Chester
Pearce Mary, laund, 554 St Mary
Pearce Mary Mrs, 207 e 23d n
Pearce Merryman A, lab, 20 Railroad av
Pearce Morris, tailor, 817 e Pratt
Pearce Nellie, boarding h, 617 n Calvert
Pearce Richd B, foreman 235 Old Fdk rd
Pearce Rufus T, carp, 410 Colvin av
Pearce Saml M, eng, 30 s Pulaski
Pearce Thos L, lab, 1500n Regester
Pearce Thos T C, clk, 1203 n Bond
Pearce Thos V, weaver, 32 Railroad av
Pearce Wallace J, brakeman 280 Cedar av
Pearce Wilbur M, physician, 1238 greenm't av
Pearce Wilbur fire dept, 1203 winchester
Pearce Wm E, blksmith, 1938 McHenry
Pearce Wm E. dentist, 1008 Pa av
Pearce Wm H, clk, 102 e Franklin
Pearce wm H, mach, 1610 Baker
Pearce Wm H, physician, 2111 Oak
Pearce Wm S, condir, 19 Hill n
Pearce Wm T, police, 1119 n Bond
Pearce Wm W, clk, 921 Ensor
PEARD FRANK F, Business Manager
  and treasurer Heerald PUblishing Company
  Fayette e St Paul, n 2116 Mt Royalter
Pearey Jas K, student, 403 w Saratoga
Pearl Geo W, supt, 331 s Fulton av
Pearl Jas T, lab, 1008 Druid Hill av
Pearl Jos, lab, 610 Spring Garde  av
Pearl Mary Mrs, 1008 Druid Hill av
Pearl Peter, prod, 258 fell's l't Mkt
Pearl Saml T, eng, 306 s Mount
Pearl Saml T jr, helper, 324 s Mount
Pearl Steam Laundry, 220 s Bdway
Pearl-St Perpetual Savings and Bldg Assn  (The), 114 Pearl

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