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Cassidy Margt Mrs – Catholic Benevolent Legion Institute
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  Rose Hatten

Cassidy Margt Mrs. 714 Forrest e
Cassidy Martha Mrs, 1203 e Lafayette av
Cassidy Mchl F. lab, 930 Harford av
Cassidy Philip, glassblwr, 813 Scott
Cassidy Robt V, mariner, 18 s Bond
Cassidy Robt V jr, clk, 18 s Bond
Cassidy Rose, teacher, 123 e fort av
Cassidy Thos, porter, 715 e {ratt
Cassidy Thos F, liquors, 1001 Hillen, h 437 n Exeter
Cassidy Thos R, police, 132 Aisquith
Cassidy Walter J, bkbndr, 922 Boyd
Cassidy Wm, clk, 1423 e Lexington
Cassidy  Wm, lab, 913 s Curley
Cassidy Wm jr, lab, 1423 e Lexington
Cassidy Wm W, soldier, Ft Mc Henry
Cassilly John, driver, 902 Eastern av
Cassilly Rebecca Mrs, 902 Eastern av
Cassilly Thos, driver, 902 Eastern av
Cassin Jas, soldier, Ft McHenry
Cassine Geo W, driver, 604 Peirce
Cassio Philip, frniterer, 327 clay
Casson Geo E, driver, 226 s 1st e
Casson Geo R, watchman, 226 s 1st e
Casson Robt, genl auditor, W M R R, 503 e 23d n
Castel Louis P, student, St Mary’s Sem
Castelberg Henry, jeweler, 330 w Lexington, h 2203 Bolton av
Castelberg Jacob (J Castelberg & Son), 1810 Madison av
Castelberg Jos (J Castelberg & Son), 1810 Madison av
CASTELBERG J & SON (Jacob and Jos Castelbert), Kewe;ers. 106 n Eutaw
CASTELBERT’S NATIONAL JEWELRY Co. J Castelberg & Son, Proprietors, 106 n Eutaw
Castelberg Simon, salesman, 1810 Madison av
Castell Philip Q, waiter, 316 Myrtle av
CASTER ISAAC, Oysters, Families supplied, 1209 Winchester, h 1350 n Fremont av
Castian Philemana Mrs, 507 Hughes av
Castiglione Henry, clk, 2138 w North av
Castigilone Menotti A, 2138 w North av
Castine Chas, driver, 1000 e Balto
Castine Emnl M, mngr, odeon Theatre,
Castine Wm M, treas, Odeon Theatre, 1632 Druid Hill av
Castle Alfred, lab 503 Hargrove al
Castle Chas L, ctr, 810 Madison av
Castle Edwd, mariner, 1737 Thames
Castle Edwd H. painter, 1616 Baker
Castle Frances Mrs. 730 e Preston
CASTLE HALL (Knights of Pythias), 129 n Gay
Castle Henry plumber, 1616 Baker
Castle Jacob, lab, 205 McElderry’s whf
Castle Jas T. mnfrs’ agt, 34 Mnfrs’ Record Bldg, h 708 n Howard
Castle Pleasure Club, ft Marshall av
Castle Sarah Mrs, 235 Roland av
Castle Thos M, shoes, 808 n Howard, h 810 Madison av
Castle Wm S butter, 1314 n Stricker
Castner Wesley W, 1431 w Lanvale
Castor Isaac, lab, 1350 n Fremont av
Castor James A. lab, 310 Belt
Castor John, lab, 926 w Saratoga
Castor Josephine Mrs, 1025 Booth
Castor Joshna, 862 Stockholm
Castor Maria, laund, 719 Ensor
Castor Robt, lab, 862 Stockholm
Castor Wm, lab, 1135 n Woodyear
CaswellBenj O. ship carp, 134 e Fort av
Caswell Florence, 1426 Fairmount av e
Caswell John J, gripman, 46 e Williamson al
Caswell Minnie M. shirtmkr, 134 e Fort av
Caswell Robt b. ship carp, 134 e fort av
Catalano Agostino, cigarmkr, 324 n front
Caranese Jos (Jos Catanese & co), 1332 n Fremont av
Catanese Jos jr (Jos Catanese & Co), 1332 n Fremont av
Cantanese Jos & Co (Jos, Vincent, Saml and Jos Cantanese jr), fruits, 1-7 Lafayette mkt
Catanese Saml (Jos Catanese & Co), 1332 n Fremont av
Catanese Vincent (Jos Catanese & Co), 1332 n Fremont av
Catanzaro Aug (Jos Catanzaro & Bro), 211 w Conway
Catanzaro Jos (Jos Catanzaro & Bro), 211 w Conway
Catanzaro Jos & Bro (Jos and Aug Catanzaro) fruit, City Mkts
Catch On Clasp Co. 1237 s Sharp
Cate Horace A, Abbotston, Waverly
Cate Isaac M, Abbotston, Waverly
CATHCART A ROSZEL, President Fire Commissioners, Cith Hall, also president American Fire Insurance Co of Baltimore, 6 South, h 1620 Linden av
Catheart Bettie D. Teacher, 2417 n Calvert
Catheart Cath R Mrs. 406 n Fremont av
Cathcart Claude A, lineman, 1126 Argyle av
Cathcart Fannie A, treas and mngr W C T U. S s Gay, h 1923 Guilford av
Cathcart Henry A, sew mach, 1529 Pa av
Cathcart Jas e, painter 1702 Ramsay
Cathcart Jennie Mrs, furn rms, 202 w Fayette
Cathcart Jos W, mngr, 1126 Argyle av
Cathcart Kate R Mrs, 406 n Fremont av
Cathcart Louisa E Mrs, typewriting, 411 Equitable bldg, h 852 w North av
Cathcart Martha C, teacher, 852 w North av
Cathcart Nannie E. 2417 n Calvert
Cathcart Wm A, clk, 1529 Pa av
Cathcart Wm T A, clk, 1126 Argyle av
CATHEDRAL CEMETERY (R C ), Hammond J Dugan, secretary, Old Fuk rd, office 16 e Lexington
Cathedral Council No 338 (C B L), 18 w Saratoga
Cathedral (R C) Ch. Cathedral c Mulberry
Cathedral (R C) School, 7 w Mulberry
Caathell Chas, boilermkr, 1421 Patapsco s
Cath-ell D Webster, physician, 1636 e Balto h 1308 n Charles
Cathell Jas E, student, 621 w Lombard
Cathell Jas R, carp 111 w Barney
Cathell Mitchell K, boilermkr, 1022 Riverside av
Cathell Robt V, boilermkr, 111 w Barney
Cathell Wm E, molder, 111 w Barney
Cathell wm H, 1734 e Fayette
Cath-ell wm T. physician, 1636 e balto, h 1308 n Charles
Cather Chas E, lab, 2851 w Lanvale
Cather Robt E, driver, 2851 w Lanvale
Cather Robt W. carp, 2851 w Lanvale
Cather Wm J. carp, 2851 w Lanvale
Cather Wm J jr, brklyr, 2840 w Lanvale
Catholic Benevolent Legion Institute 11 n Front

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