Baltimore City Directory
Comfort, Maxiel G, - Frames, Rebecca Mrs.
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Baltimore City Business Directory - 1891 - 1901
Page 327
Reference:  Balto Business Directory Film located at Maryland Historical Society-Monument St.
(Sorry I don’t have the film #)

Comfort, Maxiel G. saloon,  W. Lexington
Comfort, Wilhelmina   n Mount
Comfort, Wm H confectr, 1000 block n Mount
Comia Bassano, organ grinder, 400 block s Central av
Cominski, Robt, lab, 1700 block Lancaster
Command, John 1700 block e Pratt
Command, Michl B. police, 1700 block e Pratt
Command, Thos, driver, 1700 block e Pratt
Commerce Fire Ins. Co. (Albany, N.Y.) 19  PO ave
Commercial and Farmers’ National Bank of Baltimore, Lawrence ? Kemp, Pres, Wilson Keyser, Cashier, s w c Howard and German (see ad Special Bank dept)
Commercial Bldg, n e c Gay and Lombard Sts
Commercial Camp No 5 (F L), 9 e Camden Av
Commercial Gazette, Norman S. Smith, Mgr, 33 s Gay St
Commercial Lodge #2 (O.G.C.), 18 w Saratoga St
Commercial Prntg House, Joseph L. Dunn, Mngr, Printers, Lithogrph & Engravers, swc Balto & Howard
Commercial Union Assurance Co., London Eng, 34 South
Commercial Wharf, ft 1700 Thames
Commings, Susie L, teachr, 106 e 25th n
Commissioner Insolvent Debtors, Court House, Balto
Commissioner of Street Cleaning, Office, City Hall, Balto
Commissioners for openg streets, City Hall Annex, Gay nr Lexington Sts
Commissioners of Health, City Hall Annex, Balto
Commissioners of Public Parks, Court House, Balto
Commons, Albert, lab 823 Shuter St
Commons, Jos, lab 1000 block n 3d e
Commons, Matthew, 1100 block Hollins
Commons, Sue L. teacher, 106 e 25th n
Commonwealth Bank, at 126 n Paca
Commonwealth Bank, James R. Wheeler, Pres, John R. Hooper, cashier , s e c Howard & Madison Av
Commonwealth Club, 18 w North Avenue
Commonwealth Land Co, 15 s Charles St
Commonwealth Stables, 409-413 Orchard Av
Comodore, Jos, driver, 907 Cedar ct
Compt, Wm A, gardenr, Park Heights Ave
Compton, Alfred R, paperhangr, 1725 Presbury St
Compton, Barbara L, Mrs. 1100 block Bolton
Compton, Barnes, jr, clerk, 516 n Charles St
Compton, Chas, E, tinner, 19 w West Av
COMPTON, EDWD V, dairy, 1000 block n Stricker St
Compton, Elmer E, blacksmith, 1000 block s Canton
Compton, Elmer H, clerk, 36 e 27th n
Compton, Jas W, blacksmith, Arlington
Compton Jeptha A, managr, 36 e 27th n
Compton, John H S, casher, B&O Central Bluilding
Compton, Lawrence, salesman 1100 block Bolton
Compton, Lemuel O, dairy, Arlington Av
Compton, Lewis, clk 1700 block n Mount
Compton, Lewin, W, butcher, 1300 block n Fulton av
Compton, Lula, dressmkr, 2000 block n Charles
Compton, Nellie, M, 303 n Fulton Ave
Compton, Nellie, S, 122 w 23d n
Compton, R Keith, civil engineer. 1417 Linden av
Compton, Theo N, Rev. 908 Harlem Avenue
Compton Wm., blacksmith, 1000 block s Canton
Compton, Wm. lab 876 McKim Court
Comptrollers Office, City Hall, Balto
Comstock Wm, C, doctor, 16 w Franklin
Comygers, Benjamin S, mariner 64, w Fayette St
Comygers, Hayes, mariner, 64 w Fayette St
Conan Saml, clerk, 329 s Stricker St
Conant, Grace P, teacher, 125 e North Avenue
Conaway, Clayton A, mariner, 42 Division ??
Conaway, Geo W, oysters, 315 n Schroeder, h 1000 block Rollins
Conaway, Margt Mrs., 1000 block Enso?
Conaway, Oliver C, ironer, 1500 block Henry
Conaway, Peyton H, condtr, 1600 block Covington
Concannon, Bernd T, lab, 130 Hughes Avenue
Concannon, Jas H, janitor, 20 n Liberty St
Concannon, John M, saloon, 118 south Carey
Concannon, Mary, 223 Slemmer al
Concannon, Timothy, clerk, 212 n Paca
Concord Club, 12 north Carey St
Concord Society America (CSA) 1318 e Balto St
Concordia Bldg, 1200 block e Fayette
Concordia Chapter #1 (RAM) Masonic Temple
Concordia Charpter #5 (OEH) Heptasophs Hall
Concordia (Evang Lutheran Church), Franklin nr Arlington av
Concordia (German Lutheran) Chapel, Walbrook av nr Payson
Concordia Loan & Savings Assn, 1718 Canton av
Concordia Lodge #13 (AF and AM) Masonic Temple
Concordia Lodge #13 (AOUW), 1630 Bank
Concordia Lodge #24 (K of  M) 129 n Bay
Conda, John, musician, 804 Eastern Avenue
Conden, John lab, Valley c Preston Sts
Condiff, Albert, mariner, 23 s (?)Spillington Avenue
condit, Robt J, salesman, 181 Oakley St
Condit, Theo, cabinetmkr, 1526 Covington
Condon, Benjamin. F, brakeman, 41 w 24th n
Condon Bros (John F. & Geo H Condon) shoes, 339 n Charles
Concon Bldg. 110 St.Paul St
Condon, Chas, clerk, 1112 Guilford Avenue
Condon, Chas C, student 937 Madison Avenue
Condon, David P, lab 13 s Central Avenue
Condon, Edwd H, physician, 1002 w Fayette Street
Condon, Frank H, carp, 118 e Montgomery Avenue
Condon, Geo H, (Condon Brothers), 518 e 23d n
Condon, Geo W, lab, 1004 Riverside av
Condon Hotel, 419 w Fayette
Condon, John, lab, 902 Somerset
Condon, John H, (Condon Bros), 18 Albemarle
Condon, John J, car insp, 702 e Chase
Condon La?v and Collection Agency (The) H. Clay Folger, Manager, 12-12 1/2 Condon Bldg, 110 S. Paul
Condon, Levi Z ,real estate, 110 St. Paul, h 1122 w Lafeyette av
Condon, Mary E, grocer, 118 e Montgomery
Condon Mary E Mrs. 1112 Guilford av
Condon, Rchel L Mrs, 805 e North av
Condon, Walter, motorman, 2825 n Fulton av
Condon Wm, clk, 831 w Saratoga St
Condon Wm. H. stenogr, 1509 w Pratt St
Condon, Wm J. clk, 1112 Clifton place
Cone, Arthur N, clk, 1200 block John
Cone, Chas M. clk, 1200 block John
Cone, Claribel, physician, 1500 block Eutaw pl
Cone DeWitt, tinner, 800 w. Saratoga St
Cone Helen Mrs. 1616 Eutaw place
Cone, Joseph M. Proprietor The Severn Apartmt Hse, Mt. Vernon pl c Cathedral
Cone, Melvin J., clerk, The Severn
Cone, Solomon, 1600 block Eutaw pl
Cone, Sydney M, physician, 1600 block Eutaw pl
Conelious John, lab, 1300 block Hillman
Conely, Mary j, waitress, 1200 block e Madison
Coneo, Laurence, lab 917 Eastern Avenue
Coner, Jas E, clk, 1900 block Oak Hill Avenue
Coney, Wilford V, clk 601 Roland Avenue

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Advertisements on page: 327

Third National Bank
R. M. Spedden, President, Robert H. Smith, Vice Pres., John F. Skipp?, Cashier

Patents and Trade Marks
Obtained by F. W. Barnaclo
809-811 Equitable Bldg.

The American Distributing Co.
Alcohol, Cologne Spirits
A. L. Webb & Sons, Branch
Pratt and Commerce Sts.

 Baltimore City Business Directory - 1891 - 1901
Page 509
Reference:  Balto Business Directory Film located at Maryland Historical Society-Monument St.
(Sorry I don’t have the film #)

Fox, Margt, 2 w Madison
Fox, Martha A, Mrs 1333 w Lafayette av
Fox, Mary A 2323 Caroll ave n w
Fox, Mary E Mrs, 102 Bloomsberry
Fox, Matthew, lab 1825 Aliceanna
Fox, Matthew, mariner, 108 Young ct
Fox, Matthew K, lab 716 n Durham
Fox, Mag, 215 s Maetrl?
Fox, Maxwell, lab 2311 Portugal al
Fox, Michl, lab 48 Centre-Mkt ap
Fox, Michl J, (Michl J Fox & Co) 57 Jackson n
Fox, Michl J & Co (Michl J and Jas B. Fox), butterine, 204 n Grene
Fox, Morris, tel opr 907 Woodley
Fox, Morton H, salesman 217 n Calhoun
Fox, Moses, livery, 326 n Clavert and 511 Wilson, h 3013 Eutaw pl
Fox, Meyer, livers 5 n Paca, h 1837 Madison av
Fox, Oliver K, lab 901 McDonogh
Fox, Robt (M Fox & Sons), 1924 Eutaw pl
Fox, Rebecca Mrs, sec hd furn, 9 n Pine
Fox, Robt (M Fox & Sons) 1924 Eutaw pl
Fox, Rosa Mrs, sec hd clothing, 1016 e Lexington
Fox, Rore Mrs 8 n Bond
Fox, Saml, cigarmkr, 513 w Lombard
Fox, Saml, clk 8 n Pine
Fox, Saml, driver, 103 s High
Fox, Saml, live stock, Union Stock Yards, h 423 n Bdway
Fox, Sarah M, dressmkr, Arlington
Fox, Seperd, grocer, 19 Albemarle, h 30 s Light
Fox, Stephen, lab 1605 Young ct
Fox, Stephen J, lab 22 Portugal al
Fox, Susan J Mrs. 2145 w Lexington
Fox, Theo B, tchr, 820 Alsquith
Fox, Thos H, lab, 904 McDonogh
Fox, Timothy, lab 1525 Nicholson
Fox, Walter H, clk, 21 n Stricker
Fox, Walter V, driver, 1215 w Lexington
Fox, Wm, clk 20 s High
Fox, Wm, cir, 4 s Caroline
Fox, Wm E, driver, 901 Milton pl
Fox, Wm E.F, trimmer, Lansdowne
Fox, William J, Manager (Wm H. Bixler & Co also Balto Copper Paint Co), 500 Hughes av, h 2269 Madison av
Fox, Wm N, clk, 1626 w Mulberry
Foxcraft, John A, clk, 29 n Caroline
Foxcraft, Lavina W, grocer, 2050 e Fayette
Foxcraft, Nich, coll, 2050 e Fayette
Foxman, Geo, clockmkr, 718 Cannon
Foxman, Morris, tailor, 433 n Eden
Foxman, Saml, designer, 433 n Eden
Foxwell, Chas E, pkr, 1915 Bank
Foxwell Chas J, ins, 629 n Schroeder
Foxwell, Clara H, tchr, 627 n Fulton av
Foxwell Edgar A, pkr, 629 n Schroeder
FOXWELL EDWIN B. (Barton & Foxwell) Dairy Lunch Rooms and Restaurant, 328 w Balto and s e c
 Camden and Charles, h 730 n Carrollton av (see advt)
Foxwell, Fannie, elocutlonist, 403 e Biddle
Foxwell, Francis A Mrs, 3340 e Fayette
Foxwell, Geo W, fire dept, 1911 Bank
Foxwell, Geo W, lab 1600 ?farshat
Foxwell, Heffenger P, mach, 629 n Schroeder
Foxwell, John E, eng, 1915 Bank
Foxwell, John L, clk, 424 s Paca
Foxwell, Martha A Mrs, 3125 Dillon
Foxwell, Mary E Mrs, 1600 Marshal
Foxwell, Sarah Mrs, 403 e Biddle
Foxwell, Solomon, mariner, 1717 e Oliver
Foxwell, Somerfield H, mngr, 603 n Fulton av
Foxwell, Vernon, student, 608 n Fulton av
Foxwell, Webster H, mariner, 1925 Federal
Foxwell, Wm, lab 399 Eastern av
Foxwell, Wm Z, lab 919 s Fremont av
Foy, Chas H, clk, 1123 Patterson av
Foy, Dillard, clk, 304 s Sharp
Foy, Edward L (Edward L. Foy and Co) s Hanover
Foy, Edward L & Co, Edward L. Foy, Coal Tar Products, Roofers and Roofing, 1 w Camden (see advt)
Foy, Ella B Mrs, 1189 York rd
Foy, Ella M, dressmkr, 235 s Madeira
Foy, Ella V, 30 e 20th n
Foy, Frank P, lab, 235 s Madeira
Foy, Geo W, salesman, 2607 e Fayette
Foy, Harry I, prod. 743 n Chester
Foy, Jas H, real est, 411 Warren av
Foy, John, baker, 9 s Castle
Foy, John H, huckster, 2046 Keyser
Foy, John H, shoemkr, 920 n Wolfe
Foy, John P, ironer, 124 s Eutaw
Foy, Mary A, bkpr, 235 s Madeira
Foy, Mary E Mrs, 235 s Madeira
Foy, Thos E, varnisher, 235 sMadeira
Foy, Wm C, lab 439 Etting
Foy, Wm H, prod, 2226 McElderry
Foyer Club, 107 w Franklin
Fraction Frank, porter, 1624 Presstman
Frahley, John F, mariner, 115 e Bond
Frahley, Margt Mrs, 115 s Bond
Frahm, Simon, cigarmkr, 906 e Pratt
Fradin, Jacob, (Nachlas & Fraidin) 18 s High
Frailer, Edwd H, glasswkr, 2050 Hanover
Frailer, Wm, eng, 2050 Hanover
Frailer, Wm, H, glasswkr, 2050 Hanover
Frainie, Chas, prod, 935 Linden av
Frainie, Chas R, carp, 1206 e Lanvale
Frainie, Frank H, draftsman, 935 Linden av
Frainie, Geo H, clk 935 Linden av
Frainie, John G, bkpr, 2102 w North av
Frainie, Lawrence, driver, 236 n Poppleton
Frainie, Peter, oil, 1558 n Fremont av
Fraking, Bertha Mrs, 807 Light
Fraking, Minnie Mrs, Falls rd nr Cold Spring la
Fraley Andw, cigars, 1318 Hull
Fraley, Howard W, porter, 1055 w Fayette
Fraley, Jas H. janitor, 1055 w Fayette
Fraley, Thos J, clk, 1318 Hull
Fraley, Wm H, janitor 1055 w Fayette
Frallinger, Cath Mrs 2100 Hughes av
Frallinger, John J. glassblwr, 200 Hughes av
Fram, Chas, tailor, 810 s Balto
Frame, Geo, (Frame, Knight & Co), 2227 n Calvert
Frame J. Stewart, bkpr 2227 n Calvert
Frame, Knight & Co (Geo Frame, Wm M. Knight, John B. Mahool), com ?? 123 Light
Frame Mary E, tchr, 107 n Carey
Frame, Paul, clk, 2227 n Calvert
Frames J. Fuller, (Jas P Frames & Son), 601 n Gay
Frames James P & Son (J Fuller Frames) Druggists, s e c Gay and Alsquity
Frames, John H, s e c Globe Publishing and Printing Co, h 1703 St. Paul
Frames, Rebecca Mrs. 1326 Greenmt av

Advertisements on Page 509

Edwin B. Foxwell’s Dairy Lunch Rooms, 328 W. Baltimore Street and s.e. Cor. Charles and Camden Sts - Unexcelled Coffee, Cocoa, Milk and Butter Milk. All kinds of Sandwiches, Pies, Cakes, etc.

Patents in United States and Foreigh Countries, MANN & CO
Equitable Bldg. Established 25 years

Hunter Baltimore Rye
10 Years old - The best whiskey

Thomas & Evans, Printers, 600 Water St. - Print Everything, Directories Included

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