Baltimore City Directory
Koch, John G -  Koenig, Ernest
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(left-hand column)
                CALL ON
           F. X. GANTER,
         177 and 179 W. Pratt Street,
       between Charles and Hanover Sts.

Koch John G. glassware, 164 Franklin
Koch John H. painter, 486 Penna av
Koch John H. cutter, 182 e Lombard
Koch John H. jr. clerkJohn A. Hambleton & Co. dw 182 e Lombard
Koch John P. turner, 373 w Lombard
Koch Julius, bkprWm.Rittler & Co.dw444Cross
Koch Julius, lab. 301 s Charles
Koch Julius A. lithographer, 301 s Charles
Koch Leonard, shoemkr, 21 Elliott
Koch Louis, slater, 11 Poultney
Koch Louis jr. mariner, 11 Poultney
Koch Louisa, dressmkr, 183 Hanover
Koch Mary, seamstress, 139 Low
Koch Mary, wid. Aug. notions, 231 Mulberry
Koch Michl. lab. 89s Castle
Koch Michl. shoemkr, 89 Johnson
Koch Moritz, notions, 739 w Baltimore
Koch Moses, jeweler, 14 e Baltimore
Koch Paul, woodturner, 373 w Lombard
Koch Paul, artist, 2 n Stricker
Koch Peter, cook 40 Light
Koch, Richd. J. H. collector, 254 e Eager
Koch Simon, driver, 38 Bank
Koch Sophie, paints, 486 Penna av
Koch Wm. jeweler, 330 w Pratt
Koch Wm.(Rogge & K.) 358 Hollins
Koch Wm. lab. 152 Canton av
Koch Wm. lab. 88 Second
Koch Wm.F.clk W.Stewart Polk,dw330w Pratt
Kocher Heinrich, butcher, 244 Clinton
Kocher Joseph, (Schoeler & K.) 94 w Hoffman
Kochler Chas. student, 919 w Barre
Kochler Fred. sliverbeater, 919 w Barre
Kochler George, 919 w Barre
Kochler Wm. jr. pianomkr, 919 w Barre
Kochner C. A. liquors, 72 Thames
Kock Henry, driver, 24 President
Kocka John, cabinetmkr, 291 n Durham
Kocka Vaclav, tailor, 300 n Durham
Kocowek Andw. tailor, 52 n Chapel
Kodish Angeletta, wid.John O., Heath nr Light
Kodrofski Joseph, lab. 248 s Bond
Koebel Michl. lab. 3 Jones ct
Koebler Geo. paver, 396 e Chase
Koebler John, paver, 396 e Chase
Koebler Leonard, paver, 396 e Chase
Koebrich Conrad, machinist,67 n Whatcoat
Koebrich Wm. clerk, 25 Granby
Koechling Julius F. J. 69 Pearl
Koeck Michl. lab. 339 ½ n Central av
Koehler Bertha A. dressmkr, 9 s Greene
Koehler Mrs. Cath. 152 Canton av
Koehler Conrad, baker, 342 s Bond
Koehler Conrad, lab. 20 s Bruce
Koehler F. X. engraver and die sinler, 38 German, dw 135 w Fayette

(right-hand column)

Koehler Mrs. Elizab. vestmkr, 289 Aisquith
Koehler Francis teacher, 536 w Baltimore
Koehler Francis X. jr. engraver, 135 w Fayette
Koehler Fred. painter, 321 Canton av
Koehler Geo. clerk, 3 Camden la
Koehler Geo. A. teacher, 374 Harford av
Koehler Henry, shoes, 536 w Baltimore
Koehler Henry, moulder, 304 e Fayette
Koehler Henry, tailor, 95 Mulberry
Koehler Herman M. saloon, 117 n Front
KOEHLER J. & SON, (John and Moses Koehler) manufrs. exterminating powders, 214 w Biddle
          J. KOEHLER & SON
                MANUFACTURERS OF
For the Speedy Destruction of Roaches, bed-
        Ants, Moths; also Washing Blue, Shoe
                     Dressing and Rat Poison,
        214 W. BIDDLE STREET,
       Between Druid Hill and Penna. Avs.
      Orders By Mail Promptly Attended to.
Koehler John,(J. K. & Son) 214 w Biddle
Koehler John, messenger, 289 Aisquith
Koehler John, cooper, 35 Bank
Koehler John, saloon, 44 Lee
Koehler John C. gilder, 44 Lee
Koehler Joseph, tailor, 95 Mulberry
Koehler Joseph L. butcher, 81 Belair mkt, dw 374 Harford av
Koehler Julius, cabinetmkr, 360 s Sharp
Koehler Kilian, cooper, 61 s Chapel
Koehler Kunigunda, saloon, 3 Camden la
Koehler Louis, tobacconist, 249 s Broadway
Koehler Moses.(J.K.& Son) 214 w Biddle
Koehler Thos. H. porter, 396 Saratoga
Koehler Wm. cooper, 304 e Fayette
Koehler Wm. tailor, 20 n High
Koehler Wm. cabinetmkr, 56 McElderry ext
Koehler Wm. jr. cabinetmkr, 56 McElderry ext
Koehlerschmidt Geo. basketmaker, 568 w Baltimore, dw 34 Dewberry al
Koehlerschmidt Julia, wid. Geo. 34 Dewberry al
Koehlert Henry, saloon, 468 Penna av, dw 149 Argyle av
Koehlert Herman, bkpr Rogge & Koch, dw 149 Argyle av
Koehnlein Barbara, tailoress, 275 s Sharp
Koehnlein Geo. lab. 141 Henrietta
Koehnlein J. Matthias, carter, 141 Henrietta
Koehnlein John, tailor, 275 s Sharp
Koehnlein John J. grocery, 143 Henrietta
Koehnlein Wm. F. carter, 143 Henrietta
Koellman Herman, clerk, 57 President
Koellner Aug. carpetweaver, 144 Orchard
Koeneke Aug. shoemkr, 619 n Gay
Koeneke Chas. baker, 619 n Gay
Koeneke Geo. tailor, 363 s Eutaw
Koeneke Wm. lab. 100 Thames
Koenick Herman, 476 n Washington
Koenig Aug. butcher, 26 Abott
Koenig Mrs.Cath. 34 s Regester
Koenig Elizab.wid.Andw. saloon, 128 Gough
Koenig Emil, butcher, 157 s Castle
Koenig Ernest, barber, 229 s Broadway, dw 280


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