Baltimore City Directory
Hoffman, Chas. - Hoffman, Robt.
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page 635
(left-hand column)

Hoffman Chas. clerk, 88 Somerset
Hoffman Chas. lab. 317 s Charles
Hoffman Chas. shoemkr, 23 Myrtle av, dw 25
Hoffman Chas. 427 Park av
Hoffman Chas. rags, 29 Harmony la
Hoffman Chas. engineer, 2 Clinton
Hoffman Chas. A. paperhanger, 509 Saratoga
Hoffman Chas. A. jr. clerk, 509 Saratoga
Hoffman Chas. C. (C. C. H. & Bro.) 53 s Arlington av
Hoffman Chas. E. huckster, 417 Lexington
Hoffman Chas. E. carp. 79 Thames
Hoffman Chas. F. 509 Saratoga
Hoffman Chas. H. canmkr, 35 Abey al
Hoffman Chas. S. dentist, 361 Canton av
Hoffman Chas. T. carp. 379 McHenry
Hoffman Christian, butcher, 331 s Eutaw
Hoffman Christian, lab. 14 Hull
Hoffman Christian, carp. 6 Holtzman ct
Hoffman Christopher, butcher, 776 Penna av
Hoffman & Co. (W. and F.B.Hoffman) printers, over 278 w Baltimore
Hoffman & Co. (Wm.A. Hoffman) proprs. Baltimore preserving co. 247 Frederick av
Hoffman Conrad, grocery, 76 s Luzerne
Hoffman Conrad, driver, 114 s Exeter
Hoffman Conrad, clerk, 226 e Chase
Hoffman Danl. tailor, 88 Somerset
Hoffman Danl. fireman, 41 Wilkens
Hoffman Danl. jr. carp. 60 s Payton
Hoffman Danl. E. huckster, 58 n Poppleton
Hoffman Dr. Danl. P. physician to jail, dw 279 w Fayette
Hoffman Danl. P. jr. 279 w Fayette
Hoffman Danl. R. (C.C.H.&Bro.) 53 s Arlington av
Hoffman David, carp. 5 s Monroe
Hoffman Dora, 40 Franklin
Hoffman E. E. sec’y and treas’r Monongahela gas coal co. and Matthai manufg. co. dw 748 Madison av
Hoffman Edmund M. supt. Shaw Bros. dw 1411 n Gilmor
Hoffman Edw. F. harness, 315 w Pratt, dw 146 n Fremont
Hoffman Edw. J. police, 379 Lexington
Hoffman Edw. N. clerk, Bartlett av nr Quaker la
Hoffman Edwin R. painter, 266 w Pratt, dw 127 s Sharp
Hoffman Eliza. 283 w Lanvale
Hoffman Eliza J. wid Chas. H. 309 Mulberry
Hoffman Mrs. Ella, 152 s Charles
Hoffman Emily, 40 Franklin
Hoffman Ephraim, 748 Madison av
Hoffman Ernest, lab. 238 Hanover
Hoffman Frank, cigarmkr, 76 Druid Hill av
Hoffman Frank, lab. St. Joseph nr Bond
Hoffman Frank, upholsterer, 56 King
Hoffman Frank J. engineer, U.S.N., York rd nr Waverly
Hoffman Frank M. tinner, 76 Druid Hill av
Hoffman Frank S. cigarmkr, 76 Druid Hill av
Hoffman Fred. stonecutter, 86 s High
Hoffman Fred. bricklayer, 55 n Mount
Hoffman Fred. bristlewkr, 62 s Monroe
Hoffman Fred. A. clerk savings bank of Balto. dw 439 Linden av
Hoffman Fred. B. (H.&Co.) 74 s Greene
Hoffman Fred. L. stonecutter, 86 s High
Hoffman Fred. R. piano tuner, 11 Rock
Hoffman G. L. & Co. (G.L.Hoffman) leather, 98 w Lombard
Hoffman G. L. (G.L.H. & Co.) 229 n Fremont

(right-hand column)

              PROPERTY OWNERS,
Your attention is invited to the Com-
pressed Asphalt Paving Blocks and
Tiles of the International Pavement
Company; Blocks 12X4X5 inches, weight
21 lbs; Tiles 8X8X2 ½ inches, weight 14
lbs.; Materials, Crushed Limestone and
Pure Asphaltum, subjected to pressure
of 3000 lbs. to square inch while heated
to 250* F.; presenting a handsomer ap-
pearance than any other asphalt pave-
ment; noiseless; non-absorbent and
hence sanitary.  Less costly than stone,
or artificial stone, and especially adap-
ted to streets of light traffic, roadways
in private grounds, sidewalks, carriage
houses, stables, yards, areas, courts,
railway stations, cellars, alleys, &c.
 Copyrighted 1885 by International Pavement Co.

      Licensees for Baltimore and vicinity,
No. 5 Chamber of Commerce, Baltimore, Md.

Hoffman G. W. clerk Hamilton Easter & Sons, dw 85 Somerset
Hoffman Geo. cabinetmkr, 56 Mulberry
Hoffman Geo. lab. 5 Pleasant
Hoffman Geo. florist, 186 Penna av
Hoffman Geo. lab. 268 s Caroline
Hoffman Geo. blksmith, 36 Cross
Hoffman Geo. basketmkr, 215 s Bond
Hoffman Geo. tinner, 159 Hollins
Hoffman Geo. confec’y, Hollins and 33 Lexington mkts, dw 548 w Baltimore
Hoffman Geo. carp. 261 s Wolfe
Hoffman Geo. cabinetmkr, 94 Park av
Hoffman Geo. bristlecomber, 39 e Biddle ext
Hoffman Geo. brewer, Bruce nr Pratt
Hoffman Geo. fireman, 88 Otterbein
Hoffman Geo. rags, 23 n Chapel
Hoffman Geo. lab. 139 e Biddle ext
Hoffman Geo. A. mariner, 38 Cross
Hoffman Geo. A. butcher, 761 Penna av
Hoffman Geo. C. tinner, 197 Johnson
Hoffman Geo. F. shipbuilder, 17 Abey al
Hoffman Geo. G. lab. 159 L. Greene
Hoffman Geo. J. messenger N. C. R. dw 267 n Dallas
Hoffman Geo. W. engineer, Jefferson pl nr Sixth
Hoffman Geo. W. clerk, 481 w Lanvale
Hoffman Geo. W. photographer, 7 Hamilton
Hoffman Geo. W. lab. 111 Eastern av
Hoffman Geo. W. clerk, 88 Somerset
Hoffman Geo. W. S. (Wm. H. H. & Sons) 682 Madison av
Hoffman Gottlieb, shoemkr, Monument nr Duncan al
Hoffman Gottlieb, shoemkr, Pratt nr Smallwood
Hoffman H. K. 451 Eutaw pl
Hoffman Harriet, wid. Robt. 499 w Fayette
Hoffman Harry, fireman, 754 s Charles
Hoffman Harry L. engraver, 17 Lexington, dw 283 w Lanvale
Hoffman Harry P. cigarmkr, 28 s Calhoun
Hoffman Helen M. wid. Thos. 439 Linden av
Hoffman Henry, lab. 261 s Wolfe
Hoffman Henry, shoemkr, 587 Hanover

page 636
(left-hand column)

     177 and 179 W. Pratt Street,
       Between Charles and Hanover Sts.
      Please call and get Estimates before
                    ordering elsewhere.

Hoffman Henry, plumber, 224 Frederick av
Hoffman Henry, lab. 36 e Pratt
Hoffman Henry, fireman, 545 Light
Hoffman Henry (Green & H.) 161 George
Hoffman Henry, fireman, 14 s Patapsco
Hoffman Henry H. bakery, 101 Canton
Hoffman Hiram B. builder, Calverton
Hoffman Ida, 168 McCulloh
Hoffman Isaac R. currier, 28 s Calhoun
Hoffman J. Harry. salesman Rouse, Hempstone & Co. dw 42 n Liberty
Hoffman Dr. J. Homer, 279 w Fayette
Hoffman J. Latimer, judge appeal tax court, dw 9 Franklin
Hoffman J. Latimer jr. clerk. 9 Franklin
Hoffman J. Leonard, salesman, 318 Franklin
Hoffman J. T. lab. 70 s Monroe
Hoffman J. Wm. clerk, Arthur Emory, dw 23 McMechen
Hoffman Jacob, harnessmkr, Bartlett av near Quaker la
Hoffman Jacob, lab. 188 s Dallas
Hoffman Jacob, paperhanger, Battery av near Fort av
Hoffman Jacob, bricklayer, 116 Argyle av
Hoffman Jacob, machinist, 280 Battery av
Hoffman Jacob E. boilermkr, 19 Randall
*Hoffman James, waiter, 4 Elder al
Hoffman Jefferson D. clerk 5 s Monroe
Hoffman John, candymkr, Preston and Druid Hill av
Hoffman John, driver, 60 Rose, F. P.
Hoffman John, liquors, 39 Essex
Hoffman John, huckster, 226 e Chase
Hoffman John, basketmkr, 244 Canton av
Hoffman John, lab. 107 Hudson
Hoffman John, bartender, 23 McMechen
Hoffman John, plumber, 203 Aliceanna
Hoffman John, porter, 152 s Charles
Hoffman John, canmkr, 60 Short
Hoffman John, grocery, 30 Vincent
Hoffman John, lab. 75 Addison al
Hoffman John, shucker, 411 Aliceanna
Hoffman John, lab. 33 Bouldin
Hoffman John, lab. 350 Cross
Hoffman John, shoemkr, 120 Hare
Hoffman John, blksmith, Lancaster nr Second
Hoffman John, blksmith, 36 Cross
Hoffman John A. saddler, 91 n Bond
Hoffman John A. shoemkr, 71 Union
Hoffman John A. capt. No. 13 engine, dw 362 Penna av
Hoffman John B. clerk, Adams Bros. dw 67 s Ann
Hoffman John C. lab. 170 ½ n High
Hoffman John C. lab. e Woodberry
Hoffman John C. saloon, 66 Forrest
Hoffman John F. leather inspr. 7 s Fulton av

(right-hand column)

Hoffman John G. canmkr, 60 Short
Hoffman John H. clerk, 152 s Charles
Hoffman John H. lab. 456 Light
Hoffman John H. corkcutter,  96 Gough
Hoffman John J. brick manufr. 486 Light
Hoffman John T. blksmith, 70 s Monroe
Hoffman John V. clerk, 244 Canton av
Hoffman Dr. John V. 748 Madison av
Hoffman John W. tinner, 13 n Pine
Hoffman John W. (W. H. H. & Sons) Balto co
Hoffman Joseph, electrician, 422 e Federal
Hoffman Joseph, lab. 104 Second av
Hoffman Joseph, tailor, 212 e Eager
Hoffman Joseph, shoemkr, 13 Chestnut al
Hoffman Joseph, cooper, 224 s Ann
Hoffman Joseph H. salesman, 42 n Liberty
Hoffman Josiah, bricklayer, 408 n Stricker
Hoffman Julius, tailor, 14 Getz av
Hoffman Julius, driver, Seond nr Aliceanna
Hoffman Kate, confectionery, 261 s Wolfe
Hoffman Kunigunda, wid. John, 78 Albemarle
HOFFMAN, LEE & CO. (Robt. G. Hoffman,C. O’Donnell and Columbus O’D. Lee) coffee,wholesale, 11 and 12 O’Donnell bldg
Hoffman Lewis, brewer, Belair and North av
Hoffman Lewis P. stonecutter, 86 s High
Hoffman Lipman, 196 Gough
Hoffman Lorenz, saloon, Eutaw and Cross
Hoffman Louis, paperhanger, 440 Mulberry
Hoffman Louisa, wid. Albert, 233 s Sharp
Hoffman Magdalena, wid. John, 411 Alicenanna
Hoffman Maggie, wid. Conrad, 78 Somerset
Hoffman Margt. rear 148 Eastern av
Hoffman Margt. wid. Nicholas, laund. 4 West al
Hoffman Margt. wid. John, 8 Monmonier ct
Hoffman Mrs. Margt. baskets, 217 s Bond
Hoffman Mrs. Margt. 88 Otterbein
Hoffman Mrs. Mary, grocery, 72 Park av
Hoffman Mary, wid. John, Homestead
Hoffman Mary, wid. Valentine, 127 s Sharp
Hoffman Mary, wid. James, 1 Perry
Hoffman Mary, wid. Charles, 125 Peirce
Hoffman Mary, wid. Geo. W. 43 Eastern av
Hoffman Mary A. wid. John, 8 Slemmer al
Hoffman Mary E. wid. Geo. W. 197 Johnson
Hoffman Mary M. wid. Joseph, 544 Division
Hoffman Michl. jr. currier and hides, 249 Frederick av, dw 3 s Fulton av
Hoffman Michl. lab. 393 Division
Hoffman Nicholas, driver, 201 w Preston
Hoffman Oscar, drug clerk, 11 n Eutaw
Hoffman Otto, matriculate Johns Hopkins university, 266 n Howard
Hoffman Paul, tailor, 260 e Lombard
Hoffman Paul, plumber, 244 w Pratt
Hoffman Paul, saloon, 15 Druid Hill av, dw 172 n Eutaw
Hoffman Peter, butcher, 565 n Fremont
Hoffman Peter, harnessmkr, 4 West al
Hoffman Peter, butcher, Penna av nr Retreat
Hoffman Peter C. dentist, 361 Canton av
Hoffman Philip C. chemist, 213 Franklin
HOFFMAN PHILIP H. (Elliott & H.) com.of deeds and conveyancer, n e cor Fayette and St. Paul, dw 551 Druid Hill av
Hoffman Philip J. tailor, 373 Orleans
Hoffman Philip W. shoemkr, 75 Division
Hoffman R. C.&Co.(R.C. Hoffman, Jas. Moore) iron and iron com. 21 s Frederick
Hoffman R. Curzon (R.C.H.& Co.) 285 St. Paul
Hoffman Robt. G. (H., Lee & Co.) 77 Franklin and Balto. co


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