Baltimore City Directory
Hoffman, Paul - Hogan, Arthur

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page 478
(right-hand column)

Hoffman Paul, fire dept. 263 w Biddle
Hoffman Peter, lab. 102 Boston
Hoffman Peter, butcher, Penna av ext
Hoffman Peter C. dentist, 361 Canton av
Hoffman Philip H. (Elliott & H.) com. of deeds, n e cor Fayette and St. Paul, dw 551 Druid Hill av
Hoffman Philip J. tailor, 373 Orleans
Hoffman Philip W. shoemkr, 283 Franklin
HOFFMAN R. C. & CO. (R. C. Hoffman) iron and com merchts, 21 s Frederick
Hoffman R. Curzon, (R.C.H.& Co.) 1 Cathedral
Hoffman Robt. B. 9 Postoffice av
Hoffman Robt. G. (H., Lee & Co.) 77 Franklin and Balto co
Hoffman Robt. M. bookkpr, 515 w Fayette
Hoffman Saml. butcher, 267 Frederick av
Hoffman Saml. K. lab. 486 Saratoga
Hoffman Sarah, wid. John P. 58 St. Paul
Hoffman Sarah, wid. Jos. H. 313 Hollins
Hoffman Thos. fireman, rear 201 Montgomery
Hoffman Thos. shoemkr, 88 Otterbein
Hoffman Thos. M. clerk, 3 s Fulton
Hoffman Valentine, lab. 22 Abey al
Hoffman Veit, basketmkr, 217 s Bond
Hoffman Violet, wid. Levi, dressmkr, 588 w Baltimore
Hoffman Werner, tinner, 53 s Arlington av
Hoffman Wiley, fireman, 120 s Fulton
Hoffman Wm. cigarmkr, 151 Barre
Hoffman Wm. cigarmkr, 168 Cross
Hoffman Wm. carpet weaver, 76 Holland
Hoffman Wm. lab. 409 McHenry
Hoffman Wm. A. (H. & Co.) 3 s Fulton
Hoffman Wm. E. attorney, 42 Lexington, dw 53 n Carey
Hoffman Wm. E. printer, 277 Hollins
Hoffman Wm. E. (Wm.H.H. & Sons) Balto. co
Hoffman Wm. F. conductor, 5 Tenant
Hoffman Wm. G. paperhanger, 335 e Baltimore
Hoffman Wm. G. jr. clerk, 77 Franklin
Hoffman Wm. G. 77 Franklin
Hoffman Wm. G. 9 Franklin
Hoffman Wm. H. butcher, 139 e Biddle ext
Hoffman Wm. H. lab. 17 Abey al
Hoffman Wm. H. (Wm.H.H.&Sons) Balto. co
Hoffman Wm. H. & Sons, (Wm. H., G. W. S., Wm.E. and J.W.Hoffman) paper manufrs. 83 North
Hoffman Wm. J. paperhanger, 335 e Baltimore
Hoffman Wm. S. driver, 355 Penna av
Hoffman Wm. T. clerk, 486 Light
Hoffmann August, shoemkr, 17 Heath
Hoffmann August C. carp. 159 L. Greene
Hoffmann Dr. Carl, 57 Aisquith
Hoffmann Chas. A. teacher, 421 Eastern av
Hoffmann Chas. F. lab. 70 s Monroe
Hoffmann Henry, tailor, 267 n Dallas
Hoffmann I. L. wid. Henry F. 219 n Bond
Hoffmann John P. jr. driver, 267 n Dallas
Hoffmann John P. musician, 267 n Dallas
Hoffmann Jos. 238 O’Donnell
Hoffmann Julius, cook, 152 n Pine
Hoffmann Louis, grocery, 24 Granby
Hoffmann Mary A. wid. John, 29 e Pratt
Hoffmann Mary C. wid. Fredk. 29 e Pratt
Hoffmann Philip, clerk, 21 Hollins
Hoffmeister Aug. grocery, Frederick av nr Millington la
Hoffmeister Henry, butcher, 59 Cross-st mkt, dw Frederick av nr Millington av
Hoffmeister John, watchmkr, 54 n Greene

page 479
(left-hand column)

Hoffmeister Joanna, wid August, Belair av opp Schuetzen park
Hoffmeister Wm. cigarmkr, 434 n Central av
Hoffmeister Wm. M. cigarmkr, 54 n Greene
Hoffmeyer Geo. cabinetmkr, Cross and Paca
Hoffmeyer Henry, carp. 47 George
Hoffmeyer Herman, fireman, 3 Hollins al
Hoffmyer Frank, papercarrier, 101 McElderry
Hoffmyer Fred. papercarrier, 101 McElderry
Hoffsynder Wm. shoecutter, 9 Spring ct
Hofheimer Emanuel, clerk, 223 w Lombard
Hofheimer Zachariah, 223 w Lombard
Hofheinz Ludwig, dairy, 10 Washington av
Hofler Geo. cigarmkr, 278 s Broadway
Hofman Anne, wid. John, 23 Somerset
Hofmann Andrew, mercht. tailor, 136 Bank
Hofmann B. tailor, 136 Bank
Hofmann Barbara, wid. John, 38 n Durham
Hofmann Chas. carp. 63 n Eden
Hofmann Chas. shoemkr, 7 s Eden
Hofmann Chris. confec’y, 95 Druid Hill av
Hofmann Chris. 89 Division
Hofmann Conrad, grocery, 58 Ridgely
Hofmann Edwd. clerk, 58 Ridgely
Hofmann Edwd. N. saloon,York rd and Second
Hofmann Fred. A. shoemkr, 22 Etting
Hofmann Geo. lab. 19 Clarkson al
Hofmann Geo. C. tailor, 136 Bank
Hofmann Henry, shoemkr, 7 s Eden
Hofmann Henry, locksmith, 119 German
Hofmann Henry jr. locksmith 119 German
Hofmann Henry, cabinetmkr, 63 n Eden
Hofmann Jacob, musician, 266 n Bond
Hofmann John, clerk, 38 n Durham
Hofmann John, lab. 350 Cross
Hofmann John,clerk, 89 Division
Hofmann John, tailor, 282 n Bond
Hofmann John B. clerk, 136 Bank
Hofmann John G. saloon, York rd nr Second
Hofmann John M. lab. 19 Clarkson al
Hofmann Julius, diamond setter, 330 s Sharp
Hofmann Leonhard, tailor, 85 Granby
Hofmann Nicholas, tailor, Wilcox nr Biddle
Hofmann Oscar, clerk, 572 w Baltimore
Hofmann Oscar, clerk, 240 w Lombard
Hofmann Philip, tailor, 2 Anthony
Hofmann Rosina, wid. Leo. 22 Etting
Hofmann Saml. T. bacon, McElderry ext
Hofmann Wilhelmina, wid. Nicholas, 817 w Pratt
Hofmann Wm. locksmith, 119 German
Hofmann Mrs. Z. 240 w Lombard
Hofmeister Mrs. Barbara, confec’y, Elliott and Streeper
Hofmeister Chas. baker, 155 s Eden
Hofmeister Chas. W. lettercarrier, 170 s Bond
Hofmeister Geo. cooper, Elliott and Streeper
Hofmeister Henry, shoemkr, 216 s Bond
Hofmeister Jacob, shoemkr, 134 Camden
Hofmeister John, cigarmkr, 216 s Bond
Hofmeister P. H. bakery, 155 s Eden
Hofmeister Wm. liquors, 251 Eastern av
Hofnagle And. lab. 11 Stirling
Hofsass John, shoe uppers, 210 s Charles
Hofschneider Henry, shoemkr, 119 n Washington
Hofstetter Antone, instrumt. mkr, 813 w Lombard
Hofstetter Jos. machinist, 404 w Lombard
Hofstetter Jos. V. huckster, 595 n Gay
Hofstetter Lewis, clerk, 404 w Lombard
Hofstetter Philip, grocery, 168 Peirce
Hofstetter Wm. H. huckster, 595 n Gay
Hogan Arthur, lab. 217 n Front


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